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Clean Home Habits


Check out these simple CLEAN HOME HABITS! http://www.whatroseknows.comI'm not sure if it's the way I was brought up, or if I was simply made this way, but for my entire adult life I have always kept a very clean home. Some may argue that the reason my home is so clean is because I work from home and my kids are older. However, when I was working a full-time job outside of the home and my kids were babies and toddlers, my home was still clean. I honestly don't know any other way to live. And before you go thinking that all I ever do is clean, I assure you that I probably spend less time cleaning my home than most people, simply because I am in the habit of doing it every single day and it takes very little time. 

I don't believe there are "secrets" to a clean home, instead I believe there are simply clean home habits

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Five Ways To Use Essential Oils When Cleaning Your Home



5 Ways to Use Essential Oils for Cleaning Your Home

How to Use Essential Oils When Cleaning Your Home

Many people find essential oils to be, well … essential. That’s because these naturally derived serums have many soothing and healing properties. They smell pretty good, too.

Fortunately, the benefits of essential oils don’t begin and end with our bodies; surprisingly, they can also be used when cleaning your home. Below you’ll find five ways to incorporate essential oils into your cleaning routine. When you’re done, take a deep breath and enjoy an even sweeter smell of success. 

1. Freshen the Air

Sometimes, the air in your home can smell a bit stale, and rain or cold temperatures might make cracking a window an impossible option. In that case, try creating your own air freshener with the help of essential oils. 

First, you’ll need to find an aromatherapy diffuser that releases just enough of the oils’ scent into the air. Then, all you have to do is find the right scent(s) for you. For example, you might try lemon oil in your kitchen or lavender in the bathroom. Alongside lemon and lavender, my favorite air fresheners are ylang ylang, Roman chamomile, peppermint and lemongrass

2. Scour Power

You probably already have a go-to cleaner, but there’s a good chance it’s full of chemicals and other unnatural substances that you don’t want around your family. Luckily, essential oils make it easy to make a home cleaner that’s both effective and fresh-scented. 

In a spray bottle or other container convenient for cleaning, combine one cup of distilled white part vinegar and three cups of water. Then, add about five drops of lemon or wild orange essential oil. You can add more or less depending on the strength of scent you desire. No matter what, the concentrated state of essential oils means you won’t need too much to make a delightful-smelling solution. 

3. Beat Bathroom Build-Up

No matter how often you clean your bathroom, you still might have pesky, dingy build-up on your shower curtain. This scum isn’t just unsightly — it’s mold, and you don’t want it in the air while you’re in the bathroom. To eliminate it, simply fill a spray bottle with warm water. Then, add four drops each of eucalyptus and tea tree oil. Together, they fight off mold and keep your shower clean, just like it keeps you clean! 

4. Dust Be Gone

Unfortunately, essential oils won’t do your vacuuming for you. They will, however, help you rid your vacuum of its dusty smell. Simply put a few drops of lemon essential oil onto a tissue. Then, suck the tissue up with your vacuum. Once inside of the machine, the essential oils will work their magic, sweetening the smell of the air with just enough of a scent. Goodbye, dingy vacuum!

5. Peppermint Your Pests

Spiders, mice, and rodents, oh my! It turns out many of the most common household pests have an aversion to the smell of peppermint. Use this to your advantage! All you have to do is drop some peppermint oil onto cotton balls or put a few drops into a spray bottle with water. 

Place the cotton balls in areas that you have pest problems. Use the spray near doorways that lead to the outside or even on window screens. 

You can also use peppermint oil to mask the scent rodents leave behind to signal their fellow mice where to go. Then, make sure that you re-spray or replace the cotton balls once a month so the scent stays strong. 

BIO: Ali Lawrence blogs over at Homey Improvements about DIY projects and good ol’ fashion home advice. She has been using essential oils for over 3 years. Connect with Ali on Twitter @DIYfolks.


DIY Coat Rack for Open Space or Closets


Easy DIY Coat Rack for open spaces or existing closets. #DIYorganizing #DIYCloset #DIYcoatrack #homeorganization #organizedhome

Living in Wisconsin, having a place to hang coats for 9 months out of the year is important. You will not walk into my house and find coats, purses, or backpacks hanging on kitchen chairs or thrown on the couch. That. Drives. Me. Nuts. 

When we originally built our house, the area above was supposed to be a coat closet. I did not like the idea one bit. Closets are dark, become messy, and things tend to get lost in them. So at the last minute we decided to leave it an open space.

Easy DIY Coat Rack for open spaces or existing closets. #DIYorganizing #DIYCloset #DIYcoatrack #homeorganization #organizedhome

For years the space had a shelf unit with coat hooks and a matching bench underneath. Problem was, the unit only had 3 hooks and the shelf was pretty much useless. Plus the bench was small and there was lots of wasted space. I found it to be more decorative than anything and it has since moved into it's new home in my office (image above). 

We need lots of hanging space for coats and purses not only for our family, but for when the kids have friends over or when we have family and friends over for birthdays and holidays. The solution I came up with was taking simple 1x4 boards, cutting them to size, and then screwing them to the studs. It's a simple solution as well as frugal. 

Easy DIY Coat Rack for open spaces or existing closets. #DIYorganizing #DIYCloset #DIYcoatrack #homeorganization #organizedhome

We went with a double layer coat rack because it allowed us to get more hooks into the space. We made sure to alternate the hooks so when coats or purses get hung up, they would not overlap. Now when we have a big crowd over, everyone's coats and purses get hung up and everyone knows where to find their stuff. 

Easy DIY Coat Rack for open spaces or existing closets. #DIYorganizing #DIYCloset #DIYcoatrack #homeorganization #organizedhome

Since this back hall leads right into my farmhouse style kitchen, we used cedar boards with the rough side out stained with Minwax Classic Gray to resemble the barn wood I have in the kitchen. I wanted all of the boards to be uniform in shape and size and with barn wood, that can sometimes be difficult. 

I use baskets on some of the hooks for items like sunglasses and miscellaneous things. 

This style coat rack could also be done inside of an existing closet and would probably create a more organized space for hanging things than the traditional style closet.

If you are in need of more hanging space, this is an easy project that doesn't take any sort of carpenter skills. Just measure the area, cut your boards to size, and screw them right into the studs on the walls. Attach the coat hooks to the board AFTER the boards are attached to the walls because this way you will have a better idea of how to space the hooks and if the hooks will be in the way of something like a light switch. 


Dog Bunk Bed Idea


Dog Bunk Bed #doghouse #dogs #DIYdogbed

Note: Because all crates are different sizes, and dogs are different sizes for that matter, this is not exactly a how-to post. For anyone that is interested in making a dog bunk bed like this, it's as simple as cutting a few 2x4 boards and nailing them together. No fancy cut jobs or anything like that! You can use the pictures in this post as a guide.

Awhile ago on the What Rose Knows Facebook page, I shared a picture of my dog Sam on his unfinished bunk bed. I wanted your opinions on paint/stain colors and finishes. So in honor of National Dog Day, I'm finally getting around to showing you the end result! 

Dog Bunk Bed #doghouse #dogs #DIYdogbed

My husband built this dog bunk bed to save space in our office area. Sam really enjoys looking outside like most dogs, and this bunk bed allows him to do that. It works out real nice because his "area" is all in one space. He's never been the type of dog to roam around the house, and still has never made it to our basement. I truly believe he feels safe on top of his bunk bed, or in his crate underneath. We've experimented a few times leaving him out of his crate at night or during the day when we would leave for 10 minutes or so and he was a nervous wreck. He's definitely the type of dog who needs his crate and designated space. 

Dog Bunk Bed #doghouse #dogs #DIYdogbed

I wanted to address a two questions/comments from that Facebook thread because I never did get around to answering or responding before. 

A few readers asked how he gets up there. He simply uses the step on the front and jumps up. He actually doesn't even need to use the step because he can jump pretty high. I could always take a video of him doing it if you want. 

A few readers were concerned about the paint or stain being toxic. We are fortunate to have a dog that does not chew, lick, or gnaw on anything other than his treats and toys. 

Dog Bunk Bed #doghouse #dogs #DIYdogbed
So I ended up using Minwax Classic Gray simply because I love the color. A big thanks to the readers who suggested the paw print stencil on Sam's bunk bed! It turned out really cute and it was a great idea! 

Dog Bunk Bed #doghouse #dogs #DIYdogbed

We rescued Sam from the Ozaukee County Humane Society one year ago and his original papers say he is from Tennessee. He's a Mountain Cur mix (possibly Black Mouth Mountain Cur), yet does not exhibit any of the characteristics of a treeing or hunting dog. Our theory is that he was given up at almost 2 years old because he did not make it as a hunting dog. If anything, he's just about the kindest, most subservient, patient, friendly dog you will ever meet! 


Organize Your Bathroom for Under $6


Organize Your Bathroom for Under $6 on

Unless you are a hard core minimalist, chances are you and your family use quite a few products in the bathroom. Whether you share a bathroom with 1 person or 6 people, you probably run into storage and organization issues. And if you rent or have limited bathroom storage space, it's even more difficult to get organized.

My husband and I share a bathroom and even though he uses a handful of products, our vanity was messy, unorganized, and products were getting lost in the drawers and under the sink (mostly because I use so many). That would lead me to buying products I already had and running out of products I use on a regular basis.

If you run into these problems as well, here is a solution to organize your bathroom for under $6.

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