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Halloween Party Idea - Dirt Cake Graveyard


Halloween Party Idea - Dirt Cake Graveyard!

Here is a super fun Halloween Party Idea that everyone will love - a Dirt Cake Graveyard! 

I was able to find all of the props at either Walmart or Michael's Craft Store. I used a basic dirt cake recipe and Milano cookies. For the writing on the graves (Milano cookies) I used the Wilton Black Sparkle Gel from Walmart. I also found the Wilton Gummy Mummy Cupcake Toppers and the Wilton Ghost and Candy Corn Cupcake Toppers at Walmart. The Monster Finger Puppets are from Michael's and are the only items on this Dirt Cake Graveyard that are not edible. But I'm thinking the kids will still have a great time playing with them! Use a dab of frosting on the edges of the monster puppets to attach to the pumpkins. 

Halloween Party Idea - Dirt Cake Graveyard!

I really like the monster finger puppets coming out of the dirt! I think it gives this Dirt Cake Graveyard an extra added spooky effect! I'm sure the kids will love it also and I can't wait to bring this to the Halloween party we were invited to! 

Halloween Party Idea - Dirt Cake Graveyard


Halloween Themed Scrapbook Paper Wall Art


Halloween Themed Scrapbook Paper Wall Art

What Rose Knows

Decorating with scrapbook paper can be so easy, and incredibly affordable. My original Scrapbook Paper Wall Art needed a makeover for Halloween and for just a few dollars, I was able to get creative and transform the wall.  You can go here to see the original Scrapbook Paper Wall Art that I keep up all year long except when I change it up for Christmas

Halloween Themed Scrapbook Paper Wall Art

I bought a Halloween themed scrapbook paper set from Michael's when it was 50% off. I also purchased a Halloween themed banner set. I did not use everything in the set and plan on using the rest of it on other projects. Another idea to do if you arleady have a wall like this, or plan on doing one is putting the letters H-a-l-l-o-w-e-e-n on each frame. Just like I did for Christmas

Halloween Themed Scrapbook Paper Wall Art
The hardest part was adding the faux cobwebs. Even though it was difficult, I think it added the right touch making the wall spooky. When my husband came home from work he informed me that I missed a spot when I was cleaning. You can find faux cob webs at Dollar Tree. 

I really like how this ended up being subtle and not so in your face or cheesy like some Halloween decor! 


Rustic Witch's Broomstick Halloween Decor


Make your own Rustic Witch's Broomstick for zero cost! #halloweendecor #rusticdecor #halloweencrafts #halloween

Here is a no-cost Halloween decoration that is easy to make and gets the kids involved! If you have access to a wooded area, go for walk and collect downed tree branches and sticks! The kids will have a great time gathering the best looking branches. Your dog may even want to get involved like my Sam Witwicky did!

Your only other supplies needed are duct tape and twine. Most of us have those supplies at home already making this a no-cost project.

It's really that easy. Just gather the branches and sticks that would work well for the broomstick. You will need a branch long enough to be the handle. Definitely try to look for one that has a Y at the bottom! Cut the rest of your branches to the appropriate length to make the broom head. I cut up strips of duct tape and then taped each branch to the broom "handle". Once it resembles a witch's broomstick, cover the duct taped area with twine! And that's it! 


How to make an Owl Wreath


With just a few supplies from a craft store, anyone can make this simple owl wreath!

I have to admit, I'm patting myself on the back for this idea. Walking down the fall crafts and floral aisle at Hobby Lobby inspired me after I started to notice how many different items could be used to create an owl wreath. I searched the net, Pinterest, and Etsy to see if there was something similar out there. As of right now, I don't think there is. And every time I look at this owl, he makes me giggle! 

If you hit up Hobby Lobby during their 40% off Fall Decor, Crafts, Floral, and Party sale, this guy doesn't cost much at all. And before you purchase a new twig wreath, check to see if you have one that could use updating. Or, make a stop at Goodwill where they always seem to have some. You can always rip off what is already on there like I did. 

So here is what I used:

  • Old twig wreath that needed a new life
  • (3) faux feather boas (depending on the size of your wreath you may need more)
  • (1) foam gourd 
  • (2) mini corn picks 
  • (2) long feather picks (you could easily get away with just one)
  • (2) foam pumpkin picks (any color you want!)
  • (1) round wood circle (found in the crafts aisle at Walmart for $0.97)
  • twine
  • paint, paintbrush
  • wire cutters
  • hot glue gun
  • felt for the eyes
  • paint pen

I started out by removing the stems from the pumpkins so I could give this guy eye balls with the felt. I twisted the wire from the pumpkins around the twig wreath and also hot glued them to the wreath and to each other. Careful that you use the glue on the pumpkins where it will not be seen. The hot glue will slightly melt the pumpkins. Then, hot glue the gourd (his beak) to the pumpkins and the long feather picks to the tops of the pumpkins. I simply twisted the wires from the mini corn (his talons) around the twig wreath but you can also hot glue them too. 

Finally, after all of the hot glue is dried, wrap the boas around the wreath and add eyeballs with the felt!

Originally, I was going to leave it at that because he sure looked good. But I did decide to add a little sign that says "Whooo's There?" just because it's so darn cute. Paint the wood circle whatever color you like, and use a paint pen to write on the wood. 

I'm not sure how this guy would do on an exterior door without a screen door. We have a screen door and replace the screen with glass during the cooler months here in Wisconsin. I will be hanging mine on the door so the wreath will be protected from the elements by the glass on the screen door. 

With just a few supplies from a craft store, anyone can make this simple owl wreath!

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Easy DIY Skeleton Wind Chime!


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Here is a super easy DIY Skeleton Wind Chime project that I came up with while at the Dollar Tree! Yup! Can you believe it! The Dollar Tree! 

I purchased (1) plastic skeleton skull and (5) plastic skeletons for a total of $6. The other items I needed to finish this project I already had on hand at home. 

Drill a hole through the top back of the skull so the face will be looking down (like the grim reaper) when hanging. Then another hole right below the chin. I used a metal skewer to pull the paracord through the skull. You can also use string, twine, or thin rope to do this. I used paracord because that is what I had at home. I then taped the end of the paracord to the skewer to pull it through the skull. Once you have the string, paracord, or twine through, tie a loop at the top (for hanging) of the skull and a knot at the bottom. Make the knot big enough so you can tie the twine from the skeletons above the knot.

String the skeletons on twine like shown above then pull both ends together and tie above the knot you made under the skull. 

I added some black cheesecloth to give it a spookier look. Plus, the cheesecloth will move with the wind! To add the cheesecloth, just pull the loop through! It's that easy! 

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