Simple Hot Chocolate Bar Bribery (+ Adorable New Hallmark Ornaments at Walmart)


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Walmart has ADORABLE Hallmark ornaments this year! #SendHallmark #cbias [ad}Christmas sure is going to be different for my family this year. This is the first year we are away from friends and family and it feels so odd, especially since I've been homesick for my friends lately. This is the first year I'm not attending my friend Kari's cookie exchange. The first year we're not attending the high school holiday choir concert. And the first year we're not making hundreds and hundreds of Italian chocolate cookies (<-- recipe there).

On the flip side though, this is the first year we don't have to juggle schedules. The first year we don't spend more time away from home than at home. The first year it's just going to be us. And ya know what? I am totally looking forward to it!

Sure, I'm going to miss watching our nieces and nephews open gifts, and I'm really going to miss stopping by our next door neighbors for their open house on Christmas Day, but I'm also going to enjoy how relaxing this Christmas is going to be. More relaxing to me means more time I get to spend watching all of the Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel. The holiday movies on the Hallmark Channel suck me in every time. I love that they are family friendly and I don't have to check to see if they are appropriate for my kids to watch. Now that they are getting older though, I have to come up with ways to convince them to sit and watch these movies with me.

Walmart has ADORABLE Hallmark ornaments this year! #SendHallmark #cbias [ad}In other words, I bribe them. Yep, that's right, I bribe my kids. I have no shame in it either. And what better way to bribe your kids into watching sappy holiday movies with you than a simple hot chocolate bar. I'm sure you have seen the extravagant hot chocolate bars on Pinterest, and gosh, they are so beautiful. But they also seem like a heckuva lot of work. I prefer simple. Easy.

Walmart has ADORABLE Hallmark ornaments this year! #SendHallmark #cbias [ad}Especially when it doesn't take much for me to shock my kids with a treat like this. Candy, cookie, and sugar related items make it into our house very, very seldom so something as effortless as this simple hot chocolate bar easily does the trick on them. Muahaha.

Walmart has ADORABLE Hallmark ornaments this year! #SendHallmark #cbias [ad}Suddenly, not only are they open to watching a sappy holiday movie with me, they are also helpful toward each other. Kinder. Nicer. 

Walmart has ADORABLE Hallmark ornaments this year! #SendHallmark #cbias [ad}They even have normal conversation with each other. (And now I have proof.)

For this simple, bribe your kids to watch holiday movies with you hot chocolate bar, I included peppermint sticks, chocolate pieces, and mini marshmallows. To really entice them, I baked chocolate chip cookies and made sure I had a can of whipping cream to top the hot chocolate. 

Walmart has ADORABLE Hallmark ornaments this year! #SendHallmark #cbias [ad}Or to just eat from the can.
Whatever works.....

Walmart has ADORABLE Hallmark ornaments this year! #SendHallmark #cbias [ad}Really though, before the sugar hit them, I showed them the newest addition to our Christmas tree; this adorable little "New Home 2015" Hallmark ornament from Walmart. I was so excited when I found this ornament at Walmart because of course, we are in a new home this year! I was browsing for Hallmark holiday cards at Walmart to send to friends and family and I came across a HUGE selection of Hallmark ornaments at Walmart......

Walmart has ADORABLE Hallmark ornaments this year! #SendHallmark #cbias [ad}Have you seen this HUGE selection of the new Hallmark ornaments at Walmart yet? There are just so many! Be sure to look for it in the card section. They had a great selection for gift giving with coordinating greeting cards. I thought they would make great gifts for those that might be hard to buy for. This Hallmark ornament selection include 16 Walmart exclusives, resin figurines, Holiday Barbie, Star Wars, Disney Frozen, new deco figurines and more!

Walmart has ADORABLE Hallmark ornaments this year! #SendHallmark #cbias [ad}I'm still partial to this New Home 2015 ornament though. It was the perfect addition to our Christmas tree, our first Christmas tree here in Minnesota. :) 

Hot Chocolate Bribery Recipe

Step #1 Make hot chocolate mix according to package directions

Step #2 Add whipped topping

Step #3 Add chocolate morsels, peppermint sticks, marshmallows or any other topping of your choice

Step #4 Casually mention the sappy holiday movie you will all be watching

Step #5 Laugh to yourself how easily the movie caught their attention while sipping the hot chocolate

Step #6 Enjoy your family time

Do you add a special ornament to your tree every year? 

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1.0   Nicole
11/24/2015 10:38:32 PM
Rose, I happened across your blog tonight from your Italian chocolate cookie on pinterest. I am sorry you won't be making your cookies, I could feel the love in your post about them. I hope you are all enjoying your new home and pray for your blessings this Christmas. Enjoy your relaxing time with your family, we have a huge one and always spend more time away from home than I like and have dreamed about being able to stay home more.
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