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New Deck Space | Deck Decor On A BudgetI'm super excited to share with you all our new deck space and how we furnished it (thus far) on a budget. Deck and patio furniture and decor can be so expensive and when you live in the upper midwest the time spent on your deck or patio can be iffy. We don't spend loads of money on anything (besides ground beef - I refuse to buy ground beef unless it's 100% grass-fed and finished), so like everything else I purchase, I shopped around. 

Retailers make it very easy to walk in a store or shop online and purchase entire outdoor seating sets with everything you need including coordinating pillows, outdoor rugs, drink glasses, end tables, decor and anything else you can think of to make your outdoor space welcoming. That can get so expensive - and I definitely don't shop like that. I prefer to shop the sales and trust myself when it comes to coordinating everything. And for this space, I decided to go in a completely opposite direction of the decor in our home and use bright modern colors. I also forbade myself from using anything rustic, aged, or vintage. 

New Deck Space | Deck Decor On A BudgetThe largest expensive for this space was of course the modular seating set. Modular seating can get really pricey depending on where you shop and if you want seating for a lot of people, it can get really, really expensive. I just about gave up on finding affordable modular seating until I found this ARHOLMA series at IKEA. This is true modular seating where you can change up the sections in countless ways since each piece is separate. I also like that the cushion covers are removable and machine washable like my IKEA EKTORP living room furniture. We were fortunate enough to be able to purchase this set when everything was 15% off making the cost right around $700. That price even included the seat cushions and back cushions that are sold separately giving you color options. After all was said and done, it was still the most affordable set of this size. And just like our EKTORP living room furniture, this modular outdoor seating is sooo comfortable. A few naps have already occurred on this set! 

New Deck Space | Deck Decor On A BudgetThe biggest difference (besides price) between this IKEA set and other sets you can find at other retailers is that each piece has to be assembled. For those of you that don't have any experience shopping at IKEA, they keep labor and shipping costs down with condensed packaging and products you assemble at home and they then pass those savings to the consumer by offering a lower price than most big box stores. 

In the future we plan on purchasing a small propane fire pit so we'll move the stools that are currently being used as a coffee table to one of the ends of the sofa to make a chaise lounge. I'll only have to add the seat cushions! We know fire pits are deeply discounted at the end of the season so that is one item that we will wait on to purchase. 

New Deck Space | Deck Decor On A BudgetOn the coffee table I have LED lanterns that I purchased at Menards for under $5 each on sale. We recently ordered a huge Suncast vertical deck storage box for cushion storage so my plan is to move the lanterns to the top of the deck box since it is flat and bar height. The large tray was only $8 at Shopko during their recent friends and family sale. This tray will come in handy to place drinks on. 

New Deck Space | Deck Decor On A BudgetFairy gardens seem to be the trend right now, and as adorable as they are, I prefer gnomes. One of my favorite books as a kid was "Gnomes" by Wil Huygen (I still have this book too!) and I used to read this book over and over. So when I saw this adorable Tiny Forest Friends Gnome Garden Statue Collection from Design Toscano, I had to add it to our deck space because it added just the whimsy I was looking for! Right now you can get it for 20% off when you go here and use promo code CJMEMO16 thru 5/30. If you missed this date, don't worry, just visit the Design Toscano site and I'm sure there will be a new discount code for your purchase! 

New Deck Space | Deck Decor On A BudgetThis Tiny Forest Friends Gnome Garden is a lot larger than I thought it would be and my favorite part is that you can move each gnome wherever you want. I plan on leaving it right there on the coffee table for when my friends come over with their little ones so they can play with it. The base (log) measures 15½"dia. x3½"H and weighs 9 lbs so I'm not worried about it being bumped or falling off the coffee table.New Deck Space | Deck Decor On A BudgetI do plan on adding a few draping succulents because any plant that thrives on neglect, I can rock. ;) 

This Tiny Forest Friends Gnome Garden set is a Design Toscano exclusive so it's a great addition to your porch, deck, or garden space if you are looking for something unique. Design Toscano has a huge selection of garden statues too so be sure to peek around their site. 

New Deck Space | Deck Decor On A BudgetThese next two months we're going to have 2 rather large parties between my daughter's high school graduation party and also my 40th birthday party that my husband is planning (no surprises for me - I don't like them!) so the more seating we can get on the deck, the better. Shopko had these Newport Sling Stack Chairs for $19.99 and I purchased them during the Shopko Friends & Family sale saving an additional 20% off. The coordinating metal stool was on sale for $29.99 also. 

New Deck Space | Deck Decor On A BudgetI picked up this ceramic bowl at a thrift store for only $4 and added the mini succulents for only $1.99 each at Menards. $16 for a succulent garden isn't too shabby!

New Deck Space | Deck Decor On A BudgetAnother item that can get pretty pricey if you don't shop around is outdoor area rugs. Sure, you can pick up a basic plain black or green outdoor rug for around $20 but that's just not my style and I did want something with multiple colors and a pattern. Not only do outdoor area rugs look pretty when anchoring a seating area on a porch or deck, they make it more comfortable for bare feet when the hot sun is out. 

New Deck Space | Deck Decor On A BudgetI went with this Ikat Blue outdoor rug from Target and purchased it when it was on sale for $45. Of course I used my Target Red Card and saved an additional 5%. 

New Deck Space | Deck Decor On A BudgetI really lucked out when I found these Solarium outdoor pillow 2-packs at Costco for only $14.99. You can't get any cheaper than $7.50 for an outdoor pillow of this size (20"x20")! I wish I could guide you to these pillows on but I had no luck finding them so the next best thing is sending you here. 

So this is what we have so far for our new deck space. Since these photos were taken, we've added deck lights, also from Costco, and tonight my husband is putting together the massive deck box that we will be using to store the cushions. We're most likely going to be moving things around in order to find the best spot for the grill and deck box. Currently the grill is against the house and has to be pulled away from the house when it's in use. 

New Deck Space | Deck Decor On A BudgetHere in Minnesota, code requires a handrail that your hand can fit around so instead of using a traditional handrail, we decided on 1" galvanized pipe and I love the way it turned out! The poles that are holding up the deck lights are also the 1" galvanized pipe and I'll be sure to post about how we did that soon! 

New Deck Space | Deck Decor On A BudgetHere is a picture of our almost finished deck! I say almost finished because my husband already has plans on adding a small pergola on the front and hanging our hammock from it. 

New Deck Space | Deck Decor On A BudgetThis deck was only in our budget because my husband built everything by himself with the exception of a friend digging the holes for the footings. We're guessing if we had someone come in and build it for us, it would have cost $8 - $10,000. What you see here ended up being a little less than $3,000 with all materials purchased from Menards and it took him right around a week to complete. 

We used AC2 CedarTone Premium Pressure Treated Decking from Menards because we're completely ok with maintaining the wood over the years. We used composite deck boards on our last deck in WI and those boards still needed maintenance after a few years like power washing. Plus, a deck this size made of composite boards would have been way out of our price range.

My husband used the KREG Deck Jig to install the deck boards to give a hidden fastener look (this works on both both solid wood and composite decking). 

He also used the KREG 2" deck screws to attach the boards and also the spindles since they have a smaller profile head than a standard screw and are roughly the same price. One container of deck screws contains 700 screws is enough to do a 12’x12’ deck, but because our deck was a little larger we ended up using 2-1/2 containers.

He also used the KREG K4 Pocket Hole System to attach the boards between the posts and the railings to hide any screw heads / holes from sight on the deck.  With using the Kreg pocket hole system and deck system you have to look really hard to find any screw heads / holes on the deck. 

New Deck Space | Deck Decor On A BudgetRemember the farmhouse table and benches that used to be in the kitchen? It's now in it's new home on the lower deck. :) 

Thanks for coming by and reading about our new deck space and decor on a budget! I hope I was able to guide you to some retailers that can help you make your deck and patio space look pretty without overspending! 

New Deck Space | Deck Decor On A Budget

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