5 Health Trends You Should Know About


5 Heath Trends You Should Know About

Leading a healthy lifestyle is a trend that’s not going to end anytime soon. Eating more fruits and vegetables isn’t the only change people are making these days, though. People are taking it to the next level with essential oils, homemade beauty products, nutrition bars, non-GMO products and ancient grains. Learn more about them here to see if they would be a good addition to your lifestyle.  

Essential Oils for Natural Healing

Some of the most popular ones are tea tree, lavender, oregano, chamomile, peppermint and frankincense. These essential oils, which are actually fatty acids, can help heal wounds, improve mood, help indigestion and much more. Health conscious individuals who are weary of medications are embracing essential oils because of their effectiveness. 

DIY Beauty Products

Along the same lines of natural health care, people are making their own beauty products. Most of the products are food-based using castor oil, coconut oil and shea butter. Because of their antioxidants and natural antibacterial properties, people trust them much more than the chemical-based products found in retail stores. These items can be used for facials, deodorant, face cream and even skin conditions such as warts, acne and boils. 

Nutrition Bars

You’ve probably seen these bars in the specialty section of your grocery store. The industry has grown significantly the past couple of years, and now there are so many health bars that they take up one side of a small grocery store aisle. The attraction to these bars is because of everyone being on the go. They are small enough to fit into a purse or a briefcase and they only takes a couple minutes to eat. 

Non-GMO Products

In an attempt to produce bigger, better and more nutritious foods, many companies have started altering the genetic makeup of foods. This has led to serious health concerns that people have become aware of, which is why there has been a push towards non-GMO – genetically modified organisms – products. There are now non-GMO certified products, and many people are turning to an organic-based diet to ensure they are getting all-natural foods.  

Ancient Grains

A couple of years ago, not many people knew about Quinoa, but now most people have heard of it and tried it at least once. This high-protein grain has attracted people who are trying to lose weight or bulk up without eating a ton of chicken a day. 

Millet is also popular right now, but teff is making its way to the forefront of the healthy grain trend. Whole Foods Market culinary content editor Molly Siegler says that teff will be the next new old grain. 

Health trends come and go. The information you learn about them will be useful to you now and well into the future. Try out some of the trends mentioned here because you may find that they provide you with what you’re seeking as part of your healthy, active lifestyle. 

BIO: Ali Lawrence blogs over at Homey Improvements about DIY projects and good ol’ fashion home advice. She has been using essential oils for over 3 years. Connect with Ali on Twitter @DIYfolks.

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