4th of July Red, White, & Blue Sangria & Dessert Cups


4th of July Sangria and Dessert Cups #MyPicknSave

Summer, summer, summer time
Time to sit back and unwind.

You can't get any more American than family and friends sitting around on lawn chairs sipping a cold one, while the burgers and hot dogs are cooking on the grill on the 4th of July. Being first generation American, the 4th of July is a U.S. holiday that I will never take for granted. My parents are immigrants from Sicily, so there could have been a chance that this would not be my country. There could have been a chance that I would not be living here; the United States of America, the greatest country on Earth.

Every 4th of July, I make it a point to celebrate with family and friends because life moves a little slower on July 4th. Moods are lighter and upbeat, everyone wants to unwind and relax, and in the back of our minds, we remember those who sacrificed for our freedom. A freedom that allowed my parents to immigrate so they could give their children a better life.

This year we are having friends and coworkers over for a BBQ and then heading to the fireworks. I'm going to make something for the adults to sip and the kids to eat and both of my creations are red, white, and blue making them festive and fun.

My favorite place to shop is Pick 'n Save because they always carry everything I need, including a great selection of wine and beer. If I decide at the last minute to make a few more treats, Pick 'n Save has me covered because they will be open all day.

Independence Day to a first generation American like me means opportunity. Would I have had the same opportunities that I have now if I lived in the country my parents were born? Probably not. They knew this, and that is why they immigrated to America. Thank goodness for that.

While some family members display their loyalty for our parent's native land, I am all American. The USA may have social, political, and cultural issues, but no matter what, this is still the greatest country on Earth. Hands down.

When you stop at Pick 'n Save to pick up your fresh burgers from the butcher and Klement's Beer Brats, don't forget to stop at the liquor department for some adult drinks. The liquor department at Pick 'n Save has everything you need, including all of the ingredients you see below for my red, white, and blue sangria.

4th of July Sangria Ingredients #MyPicknSave

This is a super easy sangria to put together. You only need a few ingredients and if you have an awesome mason jar beverage dispenser like I have, you can easily hang a little sign on it saying "Adults Only" since it does contain alcohol.

Red, White, & Blue Sangria Ingredients

  • ice
  • lemon lime soda
  • limeade frozen concentrate
  • fresh blueberries
  • red moscato (or any wine of your choice)

Wash your berries and thaw the limeade frozen concentrate. Add the wine, limeade, and soda to the container. Then on top of those ingredients add the ice. Last, add the fresh blueberries. Don't worry about mixing it all together, it will taste fabulous right away.

Now you can sit back and enjoy. 

4th of July Sangria #MyPicknSave

As you can see above, Pick 'n Save has a fabulous selection of wine for sangria. You can tailor this drink to your taste buds using red or white wine. Next time I make it, I may even use a sparkling wine!

However, it wouldn't be fair if the adults had a festive drink and there wasn't anything festive for the kids.

4th of July Dessert Cups #MyPicknSave

So here is a quick dessert you can either make ahead of time, or assemble right before it gets eaten. Better yet, the kids can put the final touches on with the whip cream and fresh blueberries, blackberries, or raspberries.

Simply make red and blue Jell-O gelatin according to the package directions and add to tall tumbler cups (found at Pick 'n Save) then allow to set. If you run out of room in your refrigerator, use a cutting board to stack them.

Use a Reddi-wip can of whip cream because it will be easier than spooning it in the cups. Finally, add the fresh blueberries, blackberries, or raspberries! It's a cool treat that the kids will love because who doesn't love whip cream!

4th of July Dessert Cups #MyPicknSave

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