9 Tips for a Good Night's Sleep

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Raise your hand if you feel sleep deprived. Yikes, that's a lot of you. 

According to a 2016 CDC study 1 in 3 adults do not get enough sleep on a regular basis. I used to be one of those 1 in 3. I had a hard time falling asleep at night, I could never stay asleep, and I never woke up feeling well rested. I considered myself a "light sleeper" and I would almost never dream.

That is no longer me. Now I fall asleep easily, dream every single night, stay asleep all night long, and wake easily in the morning feeling well rested. I'm not telling you this to try and make you jealous, I'm telling you this because if what I share with you below helped me, it might help you too......

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How to Hang Deck Lights With Poles

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This post is sponsored by Enbrighten Café String Lights by Jasco. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

How to Hang Deck Lights on Poles #EnbrightenLife

As promised on Instagram, I'm finally getting around to sharing with you all how we hung our deck lights on our newly built deck space. I love the look of cafe lights strung outdoors (and indoors too!) and I have a feeling we are going to be using our deck space right up till winter. Sitting outside during the fall is more enjoyable anyways since you don't have to deal with mosquitos and other flying pests. Now if only burning leaves wasn't hazardous to your health and didn't contribute to pollution. I guess I'll just have to stick with my 100% beeswax or soy naturally scented candles instead. If anyone knows of a beeswax or soy naturally scented candle that smells like burning leaves, let me know! 

How to Hang Deck Lights with Poles #enbrightenlife

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DIY Glass Stove Top Cleaning Paste

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This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #ScotchBriteSponges #CollectiveBias

DIY Glass Stove Top Cleaning PasteI think glass stove tops get a bad rap. I know many, many people who swear by their gas cooktop and would never even consider an electric stove but we had a gas range in our last house for 10 years and I personally didn't find anything special about it. I did however hate cleaning the grates. It's just so involved and you have to take so much apart. Ok, ok, I know there are just two steps to taking apart a gas cooktop, but still.

When we built our new house here in Minnesota, we had the option of "upgrading" to a gas stove, but for a non-cookist (yes, totally made-up word) like me, I didn't think having a gas range was worth the extra cost. Plus, the thought of cleaning those grates again just made me ughhhh. 

The biggest complaint with glass cooktops is boil overs. But ya know what? We had our fair share of boil overs with our gas range so it's not like they don't happen on gas cooktops. 

DIY Glass Stove Top Cleaning Paste #ScotchBriteSponges #CollectiveBias
So if you have a glass cooktop, this probably looks very familiar. If you have the right tools though, it's actually a breeze to clean up. I swear.

The little bottle of cleaner that comes with your electric range is not part of the right tools. In my opinion it's useless and just makes a big smeary mess.

There is a cleaning paste made by a direct sales company that works awesome. However, it's so stinkin' expensive. Since the ingredients were easy to find and I'm all about DIY cleaners, I recreated the cleaning paste for a fraction of the cost. 

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DIY Wood Headboard (under $35)

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DIY queen size wood headboard for under $35It's a good thing my husband was on board with my desire for the majority of the furniture in our home to be upcycled or created by us because when we decided to move our full size guest room mattress into our son's bedroom and replace the guest room mattress with a queen size mattress, he was able to quickly build a simple headboard for under $35.

We've happily had more guests here in Minnesota than we thought we would so upsizing the mattress was a comfort we wanted to provide. I didn't want this to be a huge expense though so I was all for the simplicity of this headboard when I was told it would cost under $35. 

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State Fair Foods You Can Make At Home

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State Fair Foods You Can Make At HomeIt's been years since we've been to the state fair so this year we're hopefully going to get up to the Twin Cities for the Minnesota State Fair. Everyone just raves about the state fair here and now that we've been residents for over a year, I think we need to find out what all the excitement is about. I'm guessing it's all about the food though! 

Here are 10 State Fair foods you can make at home!

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