Everyone knows vitamin C, or ascorbic acid in another way, which is very necessary for our organisms. They get it primarily through food or through additives that enhance immunity, well-being, collagen production, and many other benefits.

However, the whole process of obtaining vitamin is not so simple, because the vitamin obtained by way of food, for example. It is engrossed in the bloodstream. If a high dose was taken, then most part of the vitamin enters and remains in the intestine, and then is excreted from the body.

Liposomal vitamin C was recently created to eliminate different problems of our body.Familiarization with the Liposomal Vitamin C

In general, liposomes are not large particles having an outer layer, which in turn consists of fat. The inner layer is protected by a bilayer, which is filled with water filled with vitamin C that is a very important fact. There may be some doubt because there vitamin C is in another place, but in this case, this effect allows vitamin C to dip and merge in the intestines.

What is the peculiarity of Liposomal Vitamin C?

The peculiarity of this formula is that it allows you to get better bioavailability, that is, vitamin C will be absorbed in larger amounts in tissues, the body, blood flow and half will not be used in vain. A lot of researches was conducted, which ultimately could see such a result. For example, in one experiment 11 volunteers decided to take part. The final result showed that in adult participants, the bioavailability was two times higher than with conventional tablets, but there is one drawback. With intravenous administration, the result was recorded in a slightly smaller amount.

What are the components of Liposomal Vitamin C?

Basically, Liposomal Vitamin C contains the following components:

  • Sterile water;
  • The Liposomes;
  • Vitamin C.

All these components are recognized as safe by the United States Food and Drug Administration. The compositions may differ, because each manufacturer can add any of their own components, for example, natural connectors (medium-chain fatty acids), but the above list is basically stable (therefore, read the composition carefully before buying Liposomal Vitamin C and focus on the fact that we wrote to you).

If we talk about the composition of conventional tablets/powders of vitamin C, it may include the following additional components:

  • Flavors;
  • Stabilizers;
  • Excipients (for example, hypromellose).

All of these components are considered safe at the doses in which they are used for the manufacture of additives.


Usually, the dosage for men and women is different. The use above is not recommended, the exception may be diseases that require numerous vitamins that can be achieved eating food. It is better to use products like citrus fruits, vegetables (spinach, red pepper, cabbage), berries.

The liposomal vitamin can be used just for the treatment of diseases because it has an effective feature. It is not necessary to use every day.

The Advantages of Liposomal Vitamin C

Liposomal Vitamin C enters the body by absorption in the intestines (when it is taken orally, for example). The following step is to achieve the vitamin cleaved in the cells, converted to hydroxyproline. Hydroxyproline acts as a producer of collagen, connective tissue.

After its actions, it stabilizes and begins to perform the following functions:

  1. Acts in the cells of the body as an antioxidant, which has the ability to neutralize poorly oxidizing compounds.
  2. Reduces oxidative stress.
  3. Assimilation of nutrients.
  4. Maintaining metabolism.
  5. Increased immunity, which is better at fighting infections.
  6. Participates in the creation of proteins/lipids.

Liposomal Vitamin C has not been thoroughly investigated in detail due to the lack of high-quality studies and, on this basis; many facts have not been released or released under the sign of question and doubt.

The reverse side of the vitamin:

  1. Breast Cancer.

The effect of vitamin C on the aforementioned disease still causes a lot of controversies. Some believe that eating vitamin C or administering it intravenously can cause breast cancer. A lot of research has been done that has shown that over-saturation with vitamin C can increase cancer. In this regard, doctors advise using vitamin in certain quantities (for pregnant and for lactating is completely different!).

  1. Kidney stones.

In one study, it was found that if a person uses a very small part of the dose, for example, 70 milligrams per day, then this does not contribute to the appearance of stones. However, a big amount of dose can provoke the disease (especially in the male population). Others argue that even the smallest quantities have a % occurrence (small %, but still there).

  1. The interaction of amphetamine, estrogen and copper with vitamin:
  • One of the studies has shown the following result: it has revealed that amphetamine levels were reduced in the rat because of its interaction with Vitamin C. But this does not mean that everyone will have such an effect. For example, if you want to use amphetamine for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, then you should definitely consult your doctor before use; do-it-yourself decisions may end in a poor outcome.
  • The level of estrogen hormones can be increased. The reason is a considerable amount of vitamin C. There are no concrete solutions due to insufficient research.

The most important studies that have been achieved connected with Vitamin

As mentioned above, insignificant studies were carried out, which in the future will be done only more, but they, in turn, were able to provide information on topics that we will familiarize with below. So you should not believe in absolutely all the people/sites that provide you with information. Before using the vitamin, you must have a consultation that will escape bad results. A qualified person will definitely help you.The most important studies that have been achieved connected with Vitamin

  1. Strokes’ and Heart Attacks’ complications:

If aid blocked in the body, then against the background such diseases as a heart attack/stroke can make themselves felt (all cardiovascular diseases are dangerous). Let us say, after a stroke, not only certain parts of the body are damaged, but also the patient first of all experiences shock. Doctors are trying to use the method of revitalizing tissues by introducing new blood. But an introduction of the new amount of blood can be the push of the following emergence: there will be an unexpected stream of additional amount oxygen. The stream of new oxygen can give impetus to the damage already damaged tissue! Processed like that are called ischemia-reperfusion injuries.

You may be surprised, but vitamin C, which is administered intravenously, comes to the rescue. The doctors that took part in discovering this theme say that its introduction will help mitigate the damage caused to tissues. Liposomal vitamin C does not stand aside and also helps. Its help consists in preventing injuries.

Having received the first positive results, the specialists began to do more research. For example, participants with excess weight participated in the simulation of reperfusion injury on the arm. Ultimately, Liposomal Vitamin C showed its effect. Also, another study was made where not people, but rats took part. Liposomal vitamin C again showed itself in the best light: it was possible to make softer the damage that was given to the tissue.

This is only a small part of what has been done by scientists, doctors, but do not forget that they are specialists in their field, so if you come across these two terrible diseases, do not self-medicate and do not use the formulation yourself.

  1. The health of skin:

In this situation, we will talk about the most common skin disease, called melasma. Another minus is that it causes the appearance of dark pigmented brown spots on the face, which are very difficult to get rid of. Experts individually recommend resorting to creams/detergents, which include vitamin C.

There is also an iontophoresis technique. The essence of the technique is that they use a special painless mask that conducts the electric current. In this case, electric current is used to improve the transport of vitamin C.

This topic was also studied, in which only 1 man and about 30 women took part. Everyone came with a melasma problem and underwent the use of an electric mask. Eventually, the result was more than successful. Over 2 months of work, pigmentation has become brighter by 70%. Success was achieved not only thanks to this treatment method but also due to the following actions:

  • Avoidance of the sun.
  • The use of skincare products, which include malic acid, mandelic acid.

However, if at first, they were happy about success, then after the analysis, doctors began to doubt that the result was achieved through the use of vitamin C.

  1. Damage of using UV:

If harmful forms of oxygen are formed in the tissues of the body, which moreover do not act slowly, but rather actively spread, then, in this case, doctors resort to using ultraviolet radiation. However, the use of large amounts of ultraviolet radiation can cause various skin diseases (including even cancer). In this case, resort to the use of vitamin C, which can at least to some extent reduce the risk of having damage to the skin of the face and maybe even to other parts of the body. It has this ability due to its antioxidant properties. It is even better if Liposomal vitamin C is used since it has better permeability compared to regular vitamin C. A spherical vesicles having at least one lipid bilayer, are endowed with better properties for protection against ultraviolet radiation because it has a feature of stability. It also gives a really nice work of permeability.

Not only people but also animals are exposed to ultraviolet radiation. They have a slightly different process but the effect is also saved the quality of the skin and reduced the likelihood of developing cancer.

Research without evidence:

  1. Comparison of Liposomal Vitamin C with conventional tablets:

The most effective way to get vitamin C is through oral administration, but there is a minus. The downside is that the dose of the vitamin cannot be increased, because a certain dose has already been introduced and if to rise this doze it can have a bad effect in the end. In this case, it is better to resort to Liposomal vitamin, which has an effective absorption of the substance compared to tablets. So, it is really important to make more researches. They are necessary to find the final conclusion of this statement.Research without evidence

  1. Individual perceptions of the body:

It is worth remembering that all people are individuals with their bodies. If someone has acquired the same vitamin quickly and effectively, this does not mean that with your friend, for example, a similar effect will occur. However, scientists still cannot explain the individual characteristics of the body; if both people have the same state of the body, then why did one of them have better absorption.

  1. Cancer Control:

One of the methods to fight cancer is to use  a high dose of vitamin C + chemotherapy. Of course, using only this vitamin will not succeed, but scientists believe that it has the ability to improve the lives of patients with cancer.

  1. Fight with Tropical Parasites:

There is one of the most serious diseases that can even be fatal, called Visceral leishmaniasis. The disease is caused by parasites. One of the effective methods of control is the use of vitamin + the usual drug. However, it is worth trying the method, since vitamin C reduces only side effects.

Genes responsible for the work of Liposomal Vitamin C

There is a gene that is responsible for absorbing the vitamin in the intestines. Typically, healthy people have 2 copies of such a gene. If we are talking about animals, then let’s look at the work of the gene on the example of mice. In the absence of this gene, a small % of the vitamin fraction was absorbed.