Actually, the current human society evolved and passed through multiple changes when speaking of the perception of weight and body of a particular person. To say more clearly and precisely, people learned to accept a much wider range of bodies as “normal”, multiple big corporations refused overusing Adobe Photoshop and other photo correcting software solutions. In a turn, the widened acceptance led many persons to becoming less secret about themselves, their bodies, and self-confidence.

Nevertheless, fans and tabloids are still interested in the stars and their bodies. That is the reason for the weight and rapid success of Ariel Winter in weight loss became a discussion point for public and shows quite recently. Let’s dig deeper into the topic and see what the celebrity herself says of the way, results and changes it caused for lifestyle and world perception.

Ariel Winter: How She Came to Weight Loss Success

Any person that has been following Ariel for quite a while should be aware of her successfully getting rid of many unwanted pounds in recent times. Keeping in mind the point that this star actually grew up on the screens of our TVs throughout eleven seasons of the Modern Family series, noticing significant changes in her outlook is nothing but normal. Still, the fact that she successfully wiped out a lot of excessive weight throughout quite a short period is obvious and undisputed.Ariel Winter: How She Came to Weight Loss Success

What was the real reason for Ariel Winter to lose that much weight? How did she manage to go through that? One of her fans asked that question, and the answer is something everyone should hear, regardless of having weight troubles or not.

According to Ariel, the starting point of everything was pretty much of an old school reason. People around were shaming her because of her body quite regularly. And the visible weight loss didn’t end that heavy speech but gave additional space for speculations and gossips among fans and haters. Numerous toxic individuals in the web commented the situation explaining the point of weight loss for Winter with a single word: pills.

Nevertheless, Ariel herself killed the gossips through commenting some photos on Instagram sarcastically. Particularly, she also ironized pretending that her psychiatrist recommended her to stop using antidepressants due to weight gaining properties and prescribed consuming some forbidden substances. Like if it was an old good way for bringing metabolic reactions inside her body back to the normal mode.

Of course, that was only a black humor joke.

Speaking Seriously

In the “Question & Answer” session that took place on Instagram platform with her admirers, Ariel definitely went on some more reasonable and to-the-point comments. Answering the “Why so thin” question from the fan, the celebrity told more about the troubles she faced with AD medicine mentioned previously.

In that conversation, the star noted that she used to take antidepressants throughout years and those became the exact reason of her gaining weight. Moreover, that weight didn’t want to go off regardless of measures taken by her. Passing through frustration and the feeling of useless efforts wasted in vain, Ariel only had to accept the change in her body and go on moving forward.

Winter also commented her decision to continue taking old medication saying that she felt the real need in them for mental stability, despite the fact that they were the reason for her weight to increase and change the body and the entire organism. Nevertheless, everything ended up well: the girl was lucky to find the combo she needed: the new cure stabilized the depressive mood without causing weight-gain side effects. The single switch to the right pills was the game-changer: the rapidly gained weight went off the body because the metabolism process normalized.

What’s Up with Ariel Winter and Her Weight Loss Now?

The young celebrity looks quite satisfied with her current shape, although she did say once that there exists the wish for her to gain a bit of previously lost pounds back. Still, those pounds shouldn’t be made of fat but of muscles. Ariel wishes to squeeze more results of the workout process to improve her health overall and become stronger. And to bring back her butt.

Actually, those who noticed weight loss or gain problems in their bodies should be aware of possible side effects of antidepressant medicines. Researches also show that rapid weight changes (both upraises and downshifts) are among widespread depression symptoms.

Detailed Comments on Mentality and Weight

Ariel mentioned a bit more details about the mental problems and the quest she passed through to solve them. One of the solutions was regular visiting of the psychotherapy specialist within several years in a row.Detailed Comments on Mentality and Weight

Winter was much careful about the exact name of the medicine she used to take, because antidepressants have the property of working differently for various organisms. Things that were effective enough for her could cause severe harm on someone else’s body.

Ariel additionally noted that it was very challenging for her to find the exact medical solution working properly for both her mentality and weight. Throughout the course, she had to check and try more than ten different pills before success came.

What’s Next on Weight Loss for Ariel?

After all, there were also admirers who expressed angry thoughts on Ariel and her rapid transformation. In other words, they didn’t like the thinness of Winter much.

In a turn, others answered that criticizing a person for becoming “too thin” is far from being correct, especially when thinking of the fact that their entire story remains unknown to the public.

Ariel had to pass through criticism earlier, and in a talk for Seventeen (2016), she mentioned the problem of body shaming and stood versus people making that happen, too.

As Winter told, it can be really difficult to remain self-conscious while anyone in the world can comment how they actually feel about your personality, body and weight. Previously to the age of Instagram and Twitter, there was no real option for anyone to deliver hate and criticism comments to someone they weren’t familiar with. Nowadays, Ariel had to face shaming comments online right after waking up in the morning. Later she added that this caused significantly more serious effect on her back in the days when she was a child.

In addition to all the criticism and body-shaming issues for both too much and too little weight, Ariel faced hatred because of showing her body “too much”.What’s Next on Weight Loss for Ariel?

Another celebrity facing similar problems and going through the weight loss quest nowadays is Chrissy Metz (aka Kate Pearsons from “This Is Us” TV series). Chrissy remains body-positive and explains that her will to lose weight is a matter of health, not public acceptance. Check out more of her story online to get even more inspiration if you still need it.

What’s Up with Ariel?

Ariel feels great and looks hot nowadays. Actually, her next step after successful defense against that “too much weight loss” shaming and criticism was the photographic session with Pulse Spikes that was released without retouching it. In respond to a wave of hate speech raising up among some people, others noticed the abnormal obsession that haters have for the body of Ariel Winter.

And you know what? We guess they are right. Leave the girl alone.

For those who are on a trip to the new body at the moment (or those just deciding to begin), we can say one thing: don’t give up and remain persistent. The results will come.