Calendula is a plant with rich yellow and orange shades or other shades, which, thanks to its beneficial properties (for example, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory), serves to treat skin and heal wounds. That is why calendula is so to the liking of many gardeners who grow in the spring. In their opinion, this is the best time to grow. In the end, a large crop is obtained, from which, for example, medicinal creams can be created.

Plant’s Origin

Many people wonder, is Calendula and Marigold the same flower? Everything is really simple. In fact, calendula is a kind of marigold, which in turn also has one variety called Taget (French marigold is a better known and more common name on the background of Taget). However, there is a 3rd name for the plant and this name is «Mary’s Gold». This name was received in honor of the Virgin Mary and suggests that it comes from this particular character. This is just one flower, and so many names and versions.Plant’s Origin

However, it is worth distinguishing the following: calendula is used for medicinal purposes, and Taget is used just for a beautiful garden both at home and in schools, for example.

Calendula’s Growing

This can be done by both an amateur and a professional for sure. So, you should follow these steps:

  1. Planting seeds in spring (the reason is mentioned above). Seeds, by the way, look like little worms, so don’t be alarmed. 2. Planting should be in an open space, which is completely under the sun. If this is not possible, then an alternative is a lamp for growing.
  2. It is advisable to complete the planting process after the risk of frost or within a few weeks before the last freeze.
  3. After the flowers have bloomed, cut them carefully so as not to damage anything (cutting will only increase the yield).

It is worth giving one more advice: plant the seeds yourself. Do not look in online or regular stores for ready-made flowers, which unfortunately can be processed with bad substances. Don’t take chances, please!

Calendulas’ Advantages

Perhaps, this is one of the few plants that have such a number of insanely useful benefits and at the same time having a minimum % of damage. After reading the benefits below, you will be surprised how unique and healthy this plant is. So, let’s get started.

Wound and Skin Healing

Let’s start with this plus, which was mentioned earlier. It is used for healing due to the predominance of anti-inflammatory properties and other beneficial properties. For example, it helps to stimulate the production of collagen, tissues. In this regard, it will help cure the same mosquito bite, for example, or help get rid of bruises or slightly reduce pain. Sounds amazing right? However, this is not all. We will also surprise you with experiments. For example, a study was conducted in 2004, the purpose of which was to see how it affects patients who have breast cancer. Ultimately, the following was revealed: calendula was able to alleviate the pain of dermatitis in these patients who were exposed to radiation.Calendulas’ Advantages

However, calendula helps not only people, but also animals. Thanks to calendula, the selected animals had seen a powerful healing of wounds. That is, the wound did not heal quickly, but rather rapidly, which is an insane fact.

Muscle Cramp Relief

Thanks to studies conducted by various scientists, it has been proven that calendula softens unexpected muscle contractions. If you encounter such a problem, then you should buy a lotion or cream created on the basis of calendula.

Helps against Cancer / Inflammation

Cancer is the evil that kills most people around the planet. Unfortunately, there are no tools, techniques that could fully help with the disease, but there are tools that can extend life or act as a protective glass. So, calendula can suppress the proliferation of cancer cells, increase the production of lymphocytes… It is so amazing, it seems to be an ordinary plant, but it has so many useful things and can help in the fight against even the most complex diseases!

In addition, the plant has linoleic acid and other components that will help in the fight against inflammation.

Antifungal / Antiseptic Remedy

Calendula not only fights against edema, diseases, but also is an antifungal agent, and also acts as an antiseptic. In this regard, it is used to treat:

  • Small skin infections;
  • General skin diseases;
  • Eye infections.

All this is real, because a lot of research was carried out, which ultimately confirmed the above.

Aids in Menstruation

In this situation, we will focus specifically on the disease of amenorrhea, which is associated with female problems. Speaking without the use of medical terms, in simple words this is the absence of a month period, which is abnormal for girls. To help resume menstruation, use calendula, this can also alleviate premenstrual syndrome. So, take this fact undoubtedly! BUT: contraindicated for pregnant women! The restriction of use is also for those who are allergic to the Asteraseae family. The restriction is due to the fact that due to the use of calendula in this situation, side effects can be caused. For example, an allergic reaction, which is manifested in the form of a rash.

If you fall under these categories, consult with specialists before use!

Calendula is useful not only for cramping, for pain, for female problems, but also for other things that are not related to medicine. For example, calendula petals are edible and that is why they can be used in light salads or you can simply decorate the dining table, which will take shape and smell pleasant notes. If you combine different colors, this gives the interior of your apartment/house a certain highlight.

Flower Applications

Here your eye will run away from a mass of options:

  1. Shampoo + conditioner;
  2. Lotion;
  3. Ointment;
  4. Soap that helps soothe irritated skin;
  5. Facial;
  6. Mouthwash (calendula tea);
  7. Baby powder;
  8. Diaper strap.

It is very simple to create such preparations for face and body care at home. Also, it can be used as a natural food coloring, getting rid of stretch marks, creating a salad and so on.

The list is actually large, but the most famous and best options are provided above. So, you can turn on imagination and create various personal hygiene products, or if you are not special in medical things, then you can simply decorate the house with beautiful blossoms.

We hope that the information was useful and many facts will be taken by you! Do not overlook this kind of information that can really help in the above situations. And if you had the opportunity to grow calendula at home, then share your experience and useful recipes!