Millions of Americans are in a constant struggle with excess weight. Physical exercises and healthy lifestyle sometimes seem to be of no use. As for restrictive diets, they can even be dangerous for physical and mental health. Many people start dieting without proper supervision and simply deprive themselves of essential nutrients. So why are all these measures often inefficient? In fact, the answer may be hidden inside your body, that’s what Bioleptin supplement producers say. Before you learn how it works, let’s dig a bit deeper into the problem.

What are leptin and CRP?

Leptin is a hormone that normalizes and controls energy balance. It is produced by fat cells and is responsible for feeling “full”. As a person consumes a necessary amount of food, leptin “travels” to the brain. The latter then sends a signal that the person has consumed enough and it’s time to stop eating.

However, you have probably noticed that sometimes you still feel hungry even if you’ve already eaten enough. You simply can’t stop. That means that something is out of order with this leptin. This is why you keep eating and consequently gain weight instead of losing it. Many people fail like you and don’t even know the culprit.Panalean Review

This disorder is triggered by a dangerous chemical called CRP or C-Reactive protein. It is produced in the liver. This compound, figuratively speaking, takes leptin hostage. It doesn’t let it reach the brain. So, the brain doesn’t receive a signal and “believes” that you still are hungry. That’s why it begins storing fat in the body. That’s a natural stress reaction to the starving.

There’re many reasons why CRP level is raised. Mainly, it is a signal of some inflammation. However, there are ways to flush this harmful protein out of your body.

3 tips for weight loss

Before we move to Bioleptin formula, it’s important to have a look at some tips that help lose extra pounds without dieting. The producer states that they are as follows.

Step 1. Food and sleep routine

First of all, check your lifestyle and food routine. It’s extremely important that you have your meals at set time every day. For example, you should always have your breakfast at 7 am, or at 9:15 am, or at 6:48 am, whenever it’s convenient. The same is for lunch, dinner, etc. Always eat at set time, on weekends too. It may seem difficult at first, but this is very important for your food routine, body weight, and overall health.

Also, keep an eye on your sleep routine. It’s easier to eat at set time if you wake up and go to bed at set time. This will help you normalize your circadian rhythms. If you neglect these natural body rhythms, CRP level skyrockets, causing weight gain and many other health disorders.

Step 2. Try 12-hour diet

According to a research, conducted by Dr. Mercola, an efficient way to burn fat is to eat whatever you want during 12 hours. Then you should fast for another 12 hours. And so on. The results of the experiment were astonishing: those who kept this diet managed to decrease CPR by 50% and body mass by 25%.

Step 3. Eat one particular product

There is a delicious tropical fruit, and probably you’ve never heard its name. Its seed extract does miracles when it comes to reducing CRP level. However, it’s not that simple to get hold of it. This is where Bioleptin comes to help.

About Bioleptin

This revolutionary dietary supplement was created specifically to help people lower CRP and thus suppress hunger. The efficiency of its components is proven by science. With Bioleptin, you will finally have the body you’re dreaming about. It’s simple:

  1. You take this supplement.
  2. CRP is reduced and flushed out.
  3. Leptin safely and easily reaches the brain.
  4. The brain understands that you’ve eaten enough.
  5. You stop eating without efforts.
  6. You lose weight, no dieting and hunger pangs.


But what makes this supplement so potent? Now it’s time to reveal this particular ingredient in its composition.Ingredients Bioleptin

A secret plant

It’s called Irvingia gabonensis (IG). It grows in Southeastern Asia and Africa. The fruit is as well called wild mango or African mango. The product is delicious, but it’s especially valued for its seeds rich in healthy fats and proteins.

Also, IG includes:

  • Water.
  • Fiber.
  • Calcium.
  • Iron.
  • Zinc.
  • Vitamin C.
  • Healthy acids.

Irvingia is applied in many ways. Its pulp is food product and is also used to make wine and juice. Seeds are consumed raw or extracted for supplements. As for bark and leaves, they are widely applied in folk medicine.

The product is a popular means to suppress hunger and prevent desperate food cravings. But there’re other nice benefits. According to Selfhacked, it:

  • Lowers blood glucose level.
  • Helps decrease body mass and dissolve fats.
  • Regulates blood cholesterol.
  • Normalizes blood pressure.
  • Has antioxidant properties.
  • Protects from parasites and fungi.
  • Relieves pain.

You may think that all you need now is to buy this fruit and eat its seeds on a regular basis. However, it’s not that simple. You have to consume only extra-pure and natural irvingia in order to get results. And you can hardly find it on the shelf in your local supermarket. But in Bioleptin dietary supplement, the purest and healthiest extract is used. That makes it so powerful.

A secret mineral

And the second key ingredient is cromax. This is the cleanest form of a mineral known as chromium. Together with IG, it destroys and flushes CRP out and releases leptin from hostage. It safely achieves the brain and let it do its job. Also, chromium is known to lower “bad” cholesterol and normalizes insulin level. Thus, your energy balance and metabolic rate are naturally regulated by your body.

Bioleptin effects

The product has a lot of positive effects. It:

  • Normalizes fat metabolism.
  • Suppresses hunger and you stay and feel full longer.
  • Helps dissolve body fat.
  • Raises energy level.
  • Promotes mental clarity, helps stay focused.
  • Decreases stress level and helps sleep better.

So, this is a natural cleanser and meanwhile fuel for your brain and metabolism.


As the producer claims, no side effects have been reported so far. Sometimes IG may trigger headaches or nausea, but in its natural form. As for the supplement, it shouldn’t have adverse effects. It is manufactured accordingly to the strictest quality standard. The components are carefully purified; no dangerous chemicals or preservers are used.

How to take Bioleptin

You have to take 2 pills daily, with a glass of water. The pills don’t have any odor and are easily-swallowed. 1 bottle lasts for a month. It’s advised that you take the capsules for 3 or 6 months. Maybe just in a few days you’ll be able to spot a difference. Maybe, it’ll take a bit longer, that’s highly individual. But keep patient, and you won’t be disappointed.

A special recommendation from the producer: while taking pills, don’t attempt to keep any diet. If you starve, the brain won’t properly respond to leptin. So, dieting may worsen the situation. Also, it’s not a good idea doing exercises, at least during the first month of treatment, as they demand a lot of energy. Later you may resume your physical activity.

How to buy it

The product may be ordered only on the official website of the manufacturer. Otherwise, you may get a fake that will do no good to your health. After you fill in your information and confirm the payment, the supplement will be shipped to you.How to buy Bioleptin

The price for 1 bottle is $59.95, and the shipping is $12.95. However, if you order 3 bottles, the price will be lower. Also, you may purchase 6 bottles with even better discount. The package will be delivered for free in this case. Finally, the producer has money return policy. You may send the bottles back, even empty, within 365 days, if it doesn’t work for you. So, it’s an absolutely risk-free purchase.

Bioleptin customer reviews

Jessica F.: “I like this supplement a lot! With Bioleptin, I feel more energized and strong. My appetite has reduced, and I’ve already lost 4 pounds. Besides, my shortness of breath is gone. I feel like a new person thanks to this product.”

Tomas H.: “I’ve been taking Bioleptin for 3 months, and it works great for me. My body weight has reduced by 18 pounds. I can walk longer distances without efforts and climb stairs easily. I do recommend taking this product if you have any weight issues.”

Alice-Ann J.: “Unbelievable results! I didn’t believe it would help, but now I’m totally happy. Even my cholesterol level has dropped back to normal.”


Bioleptin is a wonderful product for people who are struggling with extra pounds. It is produced from natural and well-tested components with proven efficiency. It destroys the primary reason for food cravings, CRP, and releases leptin that is responsible for hunger suppression. Order it today and in a few days you’ll see positive changes. And in a few weeks you may not even be able to recognize your reflection in the mirror!

Pr&Co Bioleptin


  • Lowered appetite.
  • Fat dissolving.
  • Better mental performance.
  • Fast results.
  • Natural components.
  • Absence of side effects.
  • 365-day money back guarantee.


  • The product is for online-purchase only.
  • The price may seem a bit high. But remember that you may save money if buy a bigger quantity.