Unfortunately, not every woman has natural big enough breasts. If in the past, just several decades ago women couldn’t do anything about it, now they have some options. One of the most popular options is, of course, breast plastic surgery. But it has huge disadvantages.

First, it is an invasive procedure which usually entails risks. There will be a long recovery period and something even might go wrong. Plus, have you seen the cost of the implants and of the surgery itself? Not too appealing.

Luckily, there are other options. Brestrogen is a cream that is designed to give your breasts a natural push up within several weeks. The good thing about such an option is that it is not invasive and it won’t damage your health. You won’t have to go through a long recovery, and you will feel more confident. Plus, no scars will uglify your skin.

About Brestrogen

As most of us know, estrogen is a hormone that is responsible for deeloping secondary sex characteristics. It means that if woman body produces more estrogen, your breasts are commonly bigger. Some ladies have no problems with that due to genetics, they have big breasts and they don’t have to do anything. While others need a little boost. This is what Brestrogen is supposed to do.About Brestrogen

It has only natural components that won’t damage your health and give you a safe push up. It’s non-invasive and a lot cheaper than a surgical boost to your breasts. It’s a cream that can make you look sexier in just several weeks.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

As it is mentioned in the product description, it can give a boost to your breasts so that you enjoy an enlargement effect. But how can exactly that work since it’s a cream? It’s not a medicine that you take, it’s not a surgical operation, etc.

In the list of the product ingredients, you can find Pueria Mirifica. It’s a plant that works similarly to estrogen. As it was mentioned, estrogen is responsible for developing secondary sex characteristics, like the bust. And this particular plant boost fat tissue inside your breasts. It also enlarges milk ducts so that the newly produced fat can fill in the inner space and make the breasts fuller, bigger, tighter.

The vitamin E included in the product is responsible for making the skin of your breasts more elastic and youthful. Vitamin E is one of the best moisturizers and it is an important cream component. As the Pueria Mirifica is enlarging the space around milk ducts for the fat to fill it, the moisturizing is essential. It will make your skin a lot more elastic and young.

Brestrogen Helps: Truth Or Myth

The results of testing Brestrogen shows that women gain more fat tissue in their breasts area in a few weeks. Some women might have to wait for a longer period to feel the effect, while others claim that it took them less than a month to see considerable results.

The Brestrogen reviews show that most women are satisfied with the usage of Brestrogen. First, it is safe and non-invasive. Second, because of the special plant that is added as an ingredient, the fat tissue is produced more rapidly. It is better than having to take estrogen since it does not harm your health.

You can see the photographs of ladies applying this method. It won’t make you look like Pamela Andérson, even if you use it for a long period. But it will make you a Pamela Andérson before she had had a breast plastic surgery. Before that she had big breasts but to pursue her career goals decided to make her boobs bigger.

Thus, when using Brestrogen you can expect significant changes. It works because of special ingredients that penetrate into your body and affect the fat tissue growth. In the result, the fat is produced more rapidly thus increasing your breast size. The vitamin E is responsible for making the skin of your bust more elastic so you won’t ever need to wear a push up bra. Your breasts will look tighter and have more volume.


The main 2 ingredients of the product are Pueria Mirifica and vitamin E. These are the two active components, in addition to which the cream includes several excipient substances that are responsible for maintaining the cream structure. All the components are safe and natural, they won’t damage your health and the environment. You will get your bosom moisturized and boosted in volume without any harm to your body and the eco system.Ingredients bestrogen

As for those who do the breastfeeding, it is not recommended to use it in this period. But it definitely won’t harm your child if you use the cream before getting pregnant. As you know, implants make it a lot more difficult for breastfeeding the child – you can read about that on Wikipedia. While the cream won’t make any difficulties since the fat inside your breasts will come naturally.

So overall, the components of the cream are safe and won’t do any harm. But if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

Is Brestrogen Safe?

Yes, Breastrogen is safe. As it was mentioned above, it does not harm you since it has natural components. The components are not poisonous and safe. Brestrogen is eco-friendly and it does not produce any poisonous residue, it does not pollute the environment.

If you compare the Brestrogen cream with the plastic breast surgery, it seems even more safer to use the cream. The surgery is an invasive procedure. All invasive procedures have some risk and might damage your health. The implants might get out of initial place and move a bit, plus you need to do the procedure only if the doctor is experienced.

Not to mention the long recovery period and the possibility of getting scars. Scars could be removed only by the laser procedure and it’s a risk too. Taking hormones is risky too since there is a high chance of damaging health. While the Brestrogen cream is completely safe.

What Effects Does It Have?

Brestrogen reviews show that it works as a push up, only the effect is real. It’s as if you are wearing a really good push up bra while you are not wearing a bra at all. It adds volume to your breasts within weeks while not harming your health.

In Comparison To Other Products

It has significant advantages over all other procedures. Just look below.


  • No need to endanger yourself with a surgery.
  • A cheap way to boos your confidence.
  • It has only Eco-friendly components.
  • You can use it as long as you want.
  • Makes skin look a lot younger.


  • You can’t make breasts look too big.

Every woman knows that she is beautiful when she is confident. But what if some of us needs a chest volume to feel better? Not every one of us is ready to pay a whole load of money on a procedure that is even risky. So using a cream is a great alternative. You don’t have to feel unhappy with how you look, now you can fix that.

Possible Effects

Some ladies claim that while using Brestrogen they experienced mild soreness of breasts. Others felt some slight tingling. It’s easily explained – when the fat tissue is produced more rapidly, these effects might be felt. But not every woman reports these effects, so it depends on the every individual case.

How To Apply Brestrogen

It’s easy, you can use it as any other cream. Apply it twice a day, better after shower so the cream will penetrate faster. Just pour some amount of cream onto your hand, then apply it to your breasts with gentle movements. Try not to overstretch your skin.How To Apply Brestrogen

Some women who had been using Brestrogen claim that they were using some massage techniques. You can find on the internet different breasts massage techniques that can actually boost the effect of the cream.

Precautionary Measures

It is recommended to use the cream on a small area of the skin and to wait 24 hours. It is less likely that you have an allergy to some components, but it is best to check before applying to breast skin. If nothing happens, use as recommended.

Brestrogen Contraindications

If you are breastfeeding, it is best not to use the cream just now. Other than that, there are no contraindications towards using Brestrogen. The components are safe and even helpful when it comes to making the breasts skin look younger and more moisturized.

Prices, Where To Purchase

It’s best to purchase Brestrogen on their official website since they offer discounts. One box will cost you less than 75 dollars, but buying more gives you better discounts. But you can also find Brestrogen in other online shops, and even in some beauty shops near you.

Brestrogen: Users’ Feedback

Most women claim in their Brestrogen reviews that they had effects within a month of using the cream. They claim that the boost is natural and is not looking as if you were a patient of a plastic surgeon. The skin is moisturized and elastic, the breasts are tighter and a lot more voluminous.

As a nice bonus, you get younger looking skin. Some women claim that after giving birth to a child their breasts were not looking as firm as they used to. The skin was more stretched and they have lost some volume. Brestrogen can help with that too. It gives a natural push up effect and boosts your confidence, even if you are not wearing a bra.


You should bear in mind that a cream is always better than the plastic surgery or taking some pills. It has natural effects and it’s not stressful to your body. While plastic surgery as well as taking hormones might be damaging to your health and more expensive, Brestrogen is a cheaper and safer way to have additional volume in your breast area.

The breasts look tighter and voluminous even without using a push up bra. It’s safe and the effects can be seen within a month of applying the cream. So, Brestrogen is a great way for women to add volume to their breast area. It’s the 21st century, this is not the time to endanger yourself by accomplishing some dangerous procedures. And Brestrogen can help you with that.