The outstanding actress of the top-rated NBC series “This Is Us”, Chrissy Metz (the role holder for Kate Pearsons), is known to hundreds of thousands of females all over the United States and the whole world. They all are of a different sizes, ages and life creeds, but still, all of them find something to take from Chrissy and her character, Kate.

The long-lasting history of Chrissy planning to get rid of unwanted pounds and doing that had become an inspiring tale for many. The very best case here is that the author of the series, Dan Fogelman, stands for support to Metz. There are no obstacles for Chrissy to lose her weight as she wants. In addition, she has the opportunity to earn funds, dedicated and believing fans, and nominations for Emmy prizes.

It is critical for all people willing to lose excessive pounds to feel they are not lonely, to know HOW they should do it and to see an example of someone who kept going regardless of circumstances. So, we’ll review Chrissy Metz’s approach, ideas, the diet itself and her mental “settings” for losing weight. It is extremely useful to stay calm and controlled in our times. Tricky dieting programs overwhelm the media space here in the US and all over the world, and many of them aim towards earning money on your problems, not towards helping you reach your goals.Childhood: Chrissy Metz’s Weight Loss Difficulties

The best solution here is to check the experience of someone who already passed through that way. Chrissy Metz was one of those. Let’s see her life story, how she made it previously and what she is going to do now.

Let’s roll!

Childhood: Chrissy Metz’s Weight Loss Difficulties

Chrissy is not different from the most part of people facing problems caused with their plus-sized shapes. Metz was made to deal with obesity since her early childhood. During one of the interviews, she noticed that chubbiness was a part of her since the day of birth. During various parts of her live, shapes and weights might change a little bit depending on activities and sports, but the point is that Metz looked chubbier than most children did all the time.

The people she used to know more or less close, her friends and others mostly weren’t required to choose their diets and meals to eat, their choice was not limited. However, even in a child’s age, Chrissy understood the point: eating particular things will cause her to gain even more pounds. There was the need for her to be absolutely aware and defined about meals she chose to eat.

Additionally, Metz once revealed that the world she knew as a child was not always friendly. And of course, everything began with relatives, with family. Chrissy’s mother, without a doubt, was a loving parent for her daughter. Nevertheless, Chrissy felt it all the time that mom preferred going in for shopping and choosing new clothes with other family members: two younger sisters of Chrissy, who just were slimmer than her.

Most probably, that was a very tough experience for a young girl. And it is also the reason for Chrissy to identify herself with her most famous character from “This Is Us” so closely, too. Metz once said that she remembered visiting Weight Watchers back in her age of eleven and being the youngest in the entire room. Chrissy described her feelings as “awkward”. Her mother sincerely made some attempts to figure out things, but those all were a process.

The character, Kate, also wishes to make her mother happy with her. The “This Is Us” mother for Kate Pearsons, Rebecca, only wishes happiness to her daughter along with usual life full of fun. Someone would be going to pick on everyone for something particular, in any case. The complexed, dynamic and multi-leveled nature of the excessive weight problem is exactly what makes it be so touching and breaking hearts.

Accidental Acting: Life-Changing Weight Loss Turn

Previously to becoming an actress and starting that successful career, Chrissy Metz worked as a teacher for preschool children. In a dialogue with Marie Claire magazine representatives, Metz remarked she once led her sister to the casting, and then accidentally met the elder teacher encouraging Chrissy to try herself in casting there, too.

Deep inside her soul, Metz definitely loved trying that, regardless of the fact that the unknown experience was very, very frightening. Nevertheless, the challenge had been accepted, and Chrissy won it. Next day, they called her. Throughout that year, she moved to LA to go through the pilot season casting process. As her mother then mentioned, Metz told that she was going to live her dream.

Weight Troubles and Career Challenges

So, she came to Los Angeles and visited many castings just to be made to work as an assistant for her agent. That sounds sadly, doesn’t it? Of course, the job allowed paying all the bills, but as Metz later said to the same Marie Claire, she felt it was unfair. Her goal when coming to another city was different. Still, the agent position was a safe harbor for Chrissy during some time. She then noticed that planning and inviting other actresses for casting was a hurtful experience.Weight Troubles and Career Challenges

Previously to getting the popular and outstanding role of Kate Pearsons, Chrissy went on losing significant 50 pounds of her weight just to gain additional hundred later. As the star later said, depression became her mental state then and started feeling that she was eating her emotions up. Emotional eating was her issue causing much weight to appear again. Right on the day of her 30th birthday, Chrissy faced a panic attack which led her to the local hospital on a rush. After that, there was a time to take a pause, to fall backwards a little bit and to reconsider the strategy of losing excessive pounds that Chrissy had been using earlier.

Losing a Hundred Pounds: Experience Guide by Chrissy Metz

Next to dealing with the consequences of a panic attack she faced, Chrissy decided to become more responsible and serious in perceiving her troubles. The diet of 2000 calories was her choice.

The most part of unhealthy meals had to be avoided, and everyday walking for at least twenty minutes became her exercise. The power of will and the correctly chosen method became reasons to change her both mental and physical state significantly. 5 months later, Chrissy weighed 100 pounds less. The process was time-taking and required a lot of effort to put. Still, the mental state she gained was significantly calmer and better after that.

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The Contract or Not?

Multiple rumors and speculations appeared saying that it was a contract that Chrissy signed making her go on for weight loss. Nevertheless, it has never been true. In a dialogue with People, Metz remarked that there is no contract making her lose excessive pounds.

However, striving for a healthier lifestyle is absolutely the choice both for her and Kate Pearsons nowadays.

This Is Us: Critical Point of Weight Loss

For Metz, “This Is Us” came to her life at the very right time. According to her, this series has an educational purpose among all other points. It shows everyone that overweight persons do not simply eat too much.This Is Us: Critical Point of Weight Loss

In most cases, the food is not the reason but a symptom of something different, something bigger and more serious. And of course, the series lets people carrying too much weight know that they are not lonely with their problems.

To sum up the experience of Chrissy above, we can say that she definitely inspires many women fighting the excessive weight issues. She says that it is only your call whether or not you are comfortable with the body you have at the moment. In case you want things to change, don’t wait for too long, consult your medical specialist and treat your organism attentively and seriously. With time, you’ll feel better and become healthier for sure. Most likely, it won’t happen at once, it will require patience, but you’ll definitely be happy with the final result if you prevail.