Welcome to a Christmas kitchen tour!

Christmas in the Kitchen
The idea of using a simple shelf for Christmas

The decor is something to be taken into consideration. You should consider all the possible options for how you want to transform your room. You should not make absolutely all the changes that you might have seen on any site or on any social network. Any fashionable thing that has met on the site can turn out to be a bad taste in the end. When it comes to decorating a house, this implies a thoughtful approach in everything. It’s also worth remembering that you need to pay attention to all rooms. It’s not worth it to decorate richly only the living room and to make the rest of the rooms a modicum of changes or nothing at all. Christmas is that holiday which should decorate your whole house and give a Christmas mood.

It is worth noting a very important detail about the decoration of the house for both Christmas and any other holidays. Make a minimalist decor for the whole house. Match each room with each other. This will help to create a minimalist and matching decor. If you focus only on one room, then any other room will look unfinished. This is the same as an unfinished room repair. So let’s get acquainted with how you can transform your home into a wonderful holiday place and give the house a touch of atmosphere.

Christmas in the Kitchen
The combination of red color with calm tones

For example, let’s take one of the symbols of the winter holidays — a statue of a deer. They come in many forms. You can notice how brownish and white deer are combined not only with the interior of the room but also with each other. This is an example of a great balance between objects.

Christmas in the Kitchen
View of a figure on a background of dark objects

One of the symbols occupies a central position on the table, thereby combining harmoniously with everything. It doesn’t look superfluous, but rather gives a certain zest. The deer in the background and red petals of the plant complements the overall picture even better. A large black watch and other details of the same color don’t darken the atmosphere. Perhaps this is not the most typical color for the holiday, but in this situation, it fits perfectly into the entire interior. If you want read Himalayan Salt Scrub.

Last year it was in the living room on the shelf in the hall  and this year it’s taking center stage on the kitchen table. Between this large statue on the kitchen table, the reindeer on the vintage record player cabinet below the big clock, and the new red reindeer above the kitchen cabinets, I seem to have a theme going on that I didn’t even try for.

Christmas in the Kitchen
Santa Claus wall suspension and Christmas message

Vintage decor is a great addition to the room. It looks monotonous but at the same time gives a certain cozy atmosphere to the room. Vintage details can be combined with many things and this is a great advantage.

Christmas in the Kitchen
The «Believe» block letters and Santa’s picture

Printed letters with an excellent message and a carted image of Santa Claus are perfectly combined with a time countdown. This is a whole logical chain that not everyone can see. The red berries in the basket betray even more magic to the existing picture. Berries go well with cones. Some cones are covered with artificial snow and look quite realistic. You can create any composition using these simple details. You just need to turn on your imagination.

Christmas in the Kitchen
The mix of kitchen items with Christmas decorations

You can combine Christmas decorations with anything and even with dishes. Here is a striking example of how red deer with white spots are combined with plain white dishes. Although the color of the deer looks like not a standard, this color gives an unusual look. Cones with berries in a jug improve appearance much better. Also, the way of arranged objects is a very important step. A contrast must be observed which doesn’t lead to a glut of objects and a palette of colors in one place.

Christmas in the Kitchen
Generalized picture of a combination of all colors

Look at how each detail complements and improves the overall look of the kitchen. Red decor details with subtle green small bushes dilute the white tone of the room. The room does not look cluttered at the same time. Each thing is standing in the right place. This is a great example of how you can give a Christmas atmosphere and comfort to a kitchen room without taking up a lot of space.

Christmas in the Kitchen
«Merry Christmas» wall suspension

This wall pendant perfectly suits the rest details of the interior. It doesn’t look like unusual detail but at the same time, it harmoniously complements the overall picture.

Christmas in the Kitchen
Cozy general view of the kitchen

This is another view of the finished kitchen interior. Furnishing with a minimum number of details still gives a festive cozy atmosphere of the upcoming holiday.

Christmas in the Kitchen
An example of the design of the kitchen shelf

Classic is one of the best decoration options. It is not necessary to focus only on bright objects to give the atmosphere of a holiday. For example, consider a given kitchen shelf which was taken as a basis for decoration. It combines the same colors that things were mentioned. However, everything does not look intrusive because every detail is correctly selected. Each detail is combined and at the same time looks very beautiful.

You can make your own Christmas decorations design. The most important thing is the approach. The furnishing of the room is also a kind of important matter that needs to be treated with awareness. However, don’t overdo or oversaturate the room with a large number of objects. Don’t forget about the simple and beloved by many classics. It relaxes and gives a touch of sophistication to the whole look.