Find out how Collagen Complex can stop aging processes and rejuvenate your body for good

The older you get, the more difficult it becomes for your system to produce one of its basic proteins, collagen. Collagen is included in all the body’s connective tissues that constitute about one-third of the human’s protein structure. Without collagen the skin starts wrinkling and sagging, the hair becomes thinner, bones and joints cease to be flexible – in short, all aging sings are developing at a relatively rapid pace that should be turned off sooner rather than later.

The slowdown in the collagen production begins in a human body in the early twenties, and ignoring this fact means jeopardizing the health further – since collagen deficiency affects nearly all vital physiological processes. Fortunately, the shortage can be compensated by the timely supply of collagen designed by Mother Nature itself.  Collagen supplementation is a reasonable measure that can help the body to restore its affected areas and organs back to normal.Find out how Collagen Complex can stop aging processes and rejuvenate your body for good

Collagen Complex is one of the most effective contemporary supplementary therapies for people wishing to improve their collagen levels. It will not only help you achieve correct collagen volumes but will also prompt the organism to produce its own collagen. With its divine assistance, your system can give a great battle to aging processes while making you feel revitalized and rejuvenated.

What makes Collagen Complex so effective?

Best collagen products are based on the virtue of simplicity concept. This is especially true when we talk about the Collagen Complex formula that uses the only like-named active ingredient, which supplies you the most craved after protein.  Hydrolyzed collagen not only helps to repair the disrupted connective tissues but also assist to produce the new ones.

Connective tissues that prevail in our body are found in skin, muscles, tendons, bones, teeth, and even in blood vessels. The main building material of connective tissues, collagen, works as an “elastic glue”, which binds all the body organs together and ensures their effective functioning and endurance. Collagen Complex provides the required amount of collagen into the areas of its shortage and lets the body do the rest of the work.

The molecular structure of collagen looks like a complex triple helix – as if three long ropes are entwined in a tight bundle. For the body, the proper absorption of such complex and the massive molecule is next to impossible. To enhance absorption, collagen molecules are split by the water into smaller parts, called hydrolyzed peptides, which makes them to be fully used by the body.

This is exactly what Collagen Complex does for your body. The product drives turbulent streams of bio-available hydrolyzed collagen peptides into your system, which are completely and quickly absorbed and used for your best advantage.

The product composition

Collagen Complex is mostly represented by one main ingredient, collagen complex, which, as its name implies, consists of two types of hydrolyzed collagen. These are type 1 and type 3 collagens, which comprise more than 90% of all the collagen found in the human body and which perfectly work together as a powerful biological team that improves all basic body segments.Collagen Complex is mostly represented by one main ingredient

  • Collagen type 1 is the most widespread type of collagen within the body. It also is the strongest and the thickest one. Type 1 collagen plays an important role in protein metabolism and synthesis. It strengthens cellular elasticity and hydration of the skin, muscles, bones, nails, hair, and even the body’s innards.
  • Collagen type 3 is also widely spread in our systems. It exists in abundance in blood vessels, muscles, uterus, and intestines. When it comes to its benefits, there is plenty of overlap of type 3 and type 1: it also provides plasticity, fights off wrinkles and fine lines, promotes circulation, and is even able to burn fat at night time.
  • Gelatin type B is a special hydrolyzed form of peptized collagen. Similarly to other basic bio-construction elements such as type 1 & 3 collagens, gelatin acts as a rejuvenating agent that replenishes the acquired throughout the lifetime shortages. It reconstructs the impaired resilience of skin and inner organs and promotes healthy digestive and immune systems.

Aside from collagen compounds, the Collagen Complex formula is supported by a few additional ingredients with stunning properties. Among them are:

    • Aloe Vera leaf extract that is included in the formula for its anti-oxidative abilities. It protects cells and tissues from free radicals and oxidative damage promoting tight skin and the innards’ cellular health. Anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties make Aloe Vera a perfect aid for a liver, IBS, digestive disorders, fat metabolism, and blood sugar balance.
    • Vegetable magnesium stearate is used for Collagen Complex capsules coating. It is produced from pure and natural raw materials and is used as an unrefined “flow agent” to ensure the quality and consistency of the capsule’s ingredients.

How safe is it to use Collagen Complex?

Intrinsic safety and credibility of Collagen Complex are ensured by its natural composition that includes nothing but organic ingredients of biological origin. Its rational formula and carefully balanced proportions are the results of extensive research and abundant clinical trials.

Vita Balance is a blazing manufacturer of over 35 high-quality natural supplements. Since 2016 the company has worked tirelessly to bring high-quality FDA-approved products to the pharmaceutical market. To safeguard the quality of Collagen Complex the company’s experts choose only the finest ingredients from the purest sources. This is why the intake of this natural product does not induce any adverse reactions.

As to the product’s taste factor, its capsule form makes it absolutely tasteless, and, therefore, more preferable compared to collagen powders and emulsions. Nevertheless, on very rare occasions some sensitive people may feel mild digestive disturbances such as a feeling of fullness. Persons with a history of allergic reactions are advised to consult their GPs prior to the usage of Collagen Complex.

Directions for adult usage

Collagen Complex is very easy to use: the recommended daily dosage of the product is one to three capsules a day with an ample amount of water. It is preferably to be taken with meals. Otherwise, follow your physician’s directions.

You also should keep in mind that, as with any other remedy, consistency is the only way to the success, and, therefore, the regular usage of Collagen Complex at equal time intervals will ensure the best results. These recommendations are designed for generally healthy adult individuals over the age of 18 without any chronic medical conditions.

Health benefits of Collagen Complex

Continuous intake of Collagen Complex in accordance with its instructions guarantees definite health improvements. The beneficial impact of the supplement will be felt through the following properties:Health benefits of Collagen Complex

  • steady improvements in collagen metabolism and synthesis;
  • increased cellular hydration and elasticity;
  • visible reduction of aging signs: tighter and rejuvenated skin, nails, and hair;
  • simultaneous improvements in muscular, nervous and digestive systems;
  • balanced blood sugar and reduced exposure to heart-related problems;
  • successful resistance to bone and joints issues
  • possible support to weight management and even its loss

Unlike other collagen supplements, Collagen Complex is not only an absolutely unrefined, secure, and less expensive solution but is also a more efficient one.

How much is a bottle of Collagen Complex?

If you consider purchasing Collagen Complex, it is better to do it through the official website of Vita Balance. The great thing about the product price is that you can opt for different packages that meet your budget and your needs.

If you wish to have the most affordable option and save about $20, take the current producer’s offer and pay only $79.20 for a 5-month supply (or about $16 per each of the five 60-capsules bottles). This will become $18.80 per can, or $37.60 in total if you choose a 2-months option. If you want to try a one month supply, it will cost you $19.80.

Customer opinions

Lidia. Customer opinionsLike many of my friends and coworkers, I started having problems with my hair and nails ages ago. I’d made my research and decided to give Collagen Complex a try. Much to my surprise, not only my nails and hair got thicker, but the skin on my face became noticeably flawless, tighter, and smoother. I’m over 40 and had had a few fine lines, but after 3 months of product usage, I could hardly find them on my face. It’s nice to be able to find a solution that not only promises but works up to their promise. Huge money saver too!

Arthur. Customer opinionsMy joints had often been aching because of my autoimmune issue, and it was really annoying when it came to exercises with squats, lunges, and jumping. If I did a workout with too much knee bending, the pain in my knees and joints was keeping me up at night sometimes. It drove me mad and made me feel old. After I started using Collagen Complex my life has changed. Now I can do much more than I did before, as it allowed me greatly to increase my workouts’ intensity. All my pains and miseries have filed as a history.


As you grow older, connective tissue comprising the main part of your organism is getting older with you. This means that the correct functioning of the body’s organs and systems is disrupted due to the lack of collagen, the basic bio-material that scaffolds your interiors and exteriors. The experts from Vita Balance have contributed to the solution of this serious problem. They have developed a user-friendly and remarkably effective supplementation that restores your collagen balance and promptly improves your overall health and appearance.

Collagen Complex supplies your body and skin with top-quality and highly absorbable collagen, which makes all the difference and ensures the maximum result. Investment in Collagen Complex is a safe bet that is backed by its affordable prices and the trust of chiliads of grateful users.