DIY Rustic Pumpkins
Faux pumpkins shading in white in rustic style

 It is clear for me that fall is a wonderful season. Rich crops, strawberries and mushrooms, muted colors in nature, rains all around — it is time to think things over and, of course, to decorate the space.

DIY Rustic Pumpkins
Faux pumpkins painted white: a new look for some old décor

Today I suggest using pumpkins in your home decoration. Such décor can be up for Halloween and also for Thanksgiving Day so that it fits it completely. Do you see these white pumpkins at the photo? Does it feel good for you? As for me, I like the way they turned out. If you hold the same point of view and are interested in the details of my décor, I share it for you with great pleasure.

So let’s start!

  1. Prepare a spray acrylic paint on water base, a container of wax, a paintbrush, a clean cloth, a pair of gloves, and, of course, pumpkins;
  2. Spray the paint onto a pumpkin;
  3. When the paint is dry, apply the wax to the pumpkin. Avoid the stem;
  4. After a few minutes take a clean cloth and wipe back the wax;
  5. When the wax is dry, paint the wax onto the stem.

That’s it! Your décor is ready!

Now I want to point some details of the process which can be useful.

I consider spray paint to be the most suitable for such cases because it is very convenient in use. The main advantage of acrylic paint is the universality: you can apply it in diverse projects. Moreover, it is cost-effective, dries quickly, has a faint smell and perfectly combines with other materials. Please, don’t forget to use gloves when spraying and keep in mind that it’s better to work outdoors due to the acrid smell of acrylic paints.

My choice is the white-colored paint because, firstly, I enjoy the color white and, secondly, it works well on our rustic console table. You are free to choose any color you admire.

The décor wax used fits me by the virtue of deep brown shade, creme texture, fast-drying formula and, successfully, low price. As long as a big container of wax has been bought, it will last me through many other projects.

Depending on the look you are going for, you should consider the thickness of wax coating applied and the necessity to wipe the wax from most of the pumpkin or only from the part of it. In this case, the wax has been heavily applied and thoroughly wiped back from most of the pumpkin (except stem) so that I decide on a mat finish for my pumpkins. At the same time, I kept the wax on the stem to make it glittering. Sometimes I leave more wax in the grooves, for example, or from one side of a pumpkin. It is often recommended using a clear crème wax under all wax colors to make it easier to control the intensity of the colored wax. My decision was not to do it as I thoroughly wiped back the wax from most of the pumpkin. In general, wax fuses with the paint to provide a layer of protection against daily use. You can use multiple layers of wax to achieve your desired look. If you need to reach a high-gloss sheen, buff up a pumpkin with a clean cloth. Take into account that it allows seven days to cure before heavy use. See also Where to Buy Cheap Throw Pillows (under $12 each)!

To break up the color of your pumpkin you can add some things to your composition. I choose the black mason jars. It looks good here.

A bit pricey rustic décor can be it is worth spending time on giving an old décor a new pretty look. So I am happy with the result.

Try it as well. I have no doubt that you will succeed!