Have you ever dreamt about this unique opportunity of dressing yourself at the lowest cost? Haverdash offers you such a chance. This is the best way to change your clothes every day without overpaying and going through those multiple stores trying to find something that will suit best to you.

About Haverdash

What is Haverdash and why it is so popular among customers? This is the way for you to have unique clothes for casual wearing. Moreover, you don’t need to buy them first. You can receive a package and wear those closes for some time and if you think that you can’t live without this or that accessory, you can buy it at a discounted price.About Haverdash

By choosing Haverdash you can find lots of various clothes starting from tops and ending with skirts. There is a special catalog where you can click on a particular item you want to order. This looks like if you visit a store to buy something. There are also some other benefits like free shipping and dry cleaning of clothes.

How it works

There is nothing easier than ordering something via Haverdash website. This is a unique opportunity to have clothes for rent for just 59USD. To make your order you have to browse the website first. The big advantage of using the website is that you are able to build your online wardrobe online without visiting an offline store.

Once you have chosen something to order, you need to do the following steps:

  1. Order three styles maximum that will be shipped to your door. You can wear them once or many times depending on your preferences.
  2. Return your package to Haverdash. If you are ready for something new, you can give back your previous package to the company. You don’t need to clean the clothes, the company does it on its own.
  3. Do your next order. Once you have returned your box, you can repeat the order to have something interesting in your closet every day.
  4. If you liked some items you can leave them by purchasing them at a discounted price.

That’s all. As you can see, it is very easy. Browsing the website is a true pleasure for those who are looking for something unusual.

Is this really working?

There is no doubt it is working as there are plenty of positive reviews about the company on the Internet. We are going to cover them later in this review. The positive news is that you don’t need to buy anything. You can try all those clothes and return them if you don’t like them. Otherwise, if there is something you think you can’t live without, you are able to purchase them at a lower cost. A good bargain, isn’t’ it?

How to make the choice of your box

This is a very important question for all those who are here for the first time. Haverdash offers different types of filters to help you and make your website trip even easier.

What are those filters?

  1. You can choose your size. The options are XS, S, M, L, XL. If you need to choose another size, you can clear your previous search.
  2. Color. There are plenty of colors available on the website. This will significantly help you to find something you will be interested in.
  3. Brands. There are various popular brands that you can choose from. Some of them are available and some may be closed for the moment.

How to add and remove items from the online wardrobe?

Another great feature of this website is that you can easily browse add and remove items from your online wardrobe. To add them, you need simply to choose something you really need. Once you have found something suitable, you need to click on the item and go to the item page. There you can select the size and click on a button Add to Closet. The item will be transferred to your online wardrobe automatically.How to add and remove items from the online wardrobe?

Remember that before you can order something, you need to reach a minimum of eight items. This will lead to quicker shipment.

What to do if something you have chosen already should be removed? There is a special hanger icon. Go to your rack and delete the item you don’t want to be included in your box by clicking on the Delete button.

There is a special section where you can see your removed items. It is necessary for those who may delete something by mistake or want to return to their removed items to revise them.

Another important thing to remember is that you need to return all your items from the previous package to get the next one. If you find something that you don’t desire to get rid of, you need to buy this item. The positive news is that the cost will be discounted!

Advantages of Haverdash account

Those who are thinking about opening an account there must consider the following advantages first:

  1. Large choice of items. There are plenty of things you can find on the official website. The selection of items is impressive from tops to bottoms.
  2. Easy ordering system. The website looks like an average online store of clothes. The only big difference is that you don’t need to buy anything there. You can order a box of clothes, wear them and return if you don’t need them anymore.
  3. Free shipping. You don’t need to pay for shipping. This service is offered for free to all clients. Moreover, there is no need to clean the clothes once you have to return your box.
  4. Multiple filters to improve your user experience. In order to find something that suits you, you can use multiple filters including color, size, and brand. They will help you to find the most interesting items in minutes.
  5. Discounted prices. If you have decided to purchase an item or several from the box, you can do it for a lower price. You don’t need to return those items in this case and order a new box.
  6. The box size is great. In order to get something from Haverdash you need to choose eight items at least. This will help you to keep your closet full for a long time.
  7. Low order price. You can get the box for 59USD only.

Where to order the box?

The only place you can order your clothes’ box is the official web page. The cost of the box is 59USD only. This means that you can find anything you want and pay this small amount. Before you get access to your account, you need to create the profile. The system offers several questions about the brands and sizes you want to receive.


Before you try the service, it is better to learn about the opinions the other users of Haverdash share with the world. We decided to thoroughly analyze Trustpilot testimonials and have seen that the majority of clients are happy with the service and they continue to order their clothes’ boxes. By the way, you can find out more there.

However, some of the subscribers say that the shipping is slow. It is to understand that the time of a shipping depends on how far you are from their warehouse. If your location is close to it, you will get your order faster Another important thing to remember is that they recommend taking at least eight items per box for faster shipping.


If you have read this review down to those words, you are still interested in the service we have described. Haverdash offers an unlimited choice of styles that you can wear every day for different reasons including dating or important dinner. The web service offers an easy navigation system and provides you with all the necessary tools to make your trip joyful there.