Every girl and woman dreams of having a perfect skin for as long as possible. Actually, even men do care about their appearance much nowadays. However, it is difficult to get and maintain healthy skin tone when living in a modern world of megacities and plants. The state of one’s skin suffers from polluted environment, unhealthy eating, constant working or studying stresses, etc.

Regular consultations with the cosmetologist and dermatologist, good and regular sleep, correct and healthy diet and balanced water consumption help people get rid of eye blackouts. And of course, all these measures cannot guarantee that your look remains untouched after a single schedule breakage.

Mostly, usual concealers are called to mask eye blackouts and other small issues with one’s face skin. However, Instant Erase is an unusual concealer. It is the entire cosmetic complex able not only to mask unwanted blemishes in a short-term period, but to heal your skin and to bring its natural beauty back with anti-aging measures.

But let’s start from the very basics in this review. As experience shows, not all people really know the definition of concealers and how to use them. We’ll explain that in our review first.

What Is a Concealer?

As we mentioned already, a concealer is a necessary instrument for today’s girls and women. A usual concealer allows to get rid of face skin lacks in seconds. You can hide eye blackouts, pigment spots or zits that appeared at night, too. Manufacturers release concealers in different shapes: pencils, sticks, creams, and liquid concealers.What Is a Concealer?

The pencil concealer is mostly comfortable because of its anti-bacterial properties, meaning you can not only hide the issue but start dealing with it at once.

Stick concealers are great for skin with problems: you can cover large face zones with it to mask pigment spots and freckles perfectly. Such concealers should be shaded additionally, so they don’t suit for direct, pointy usage.

Liquid concealers are perfect to apply to the skin around eyes or dry skin. They frequently use it instead of toner creams.

Cream concealers are universal products usually released as palettes.

Instant Erase: What Makes It So Special?

Instant Erase is not a usual concealer but a total complex developed by top cosmetology experts to help everyone look perfectly. Moreover, it has the anti-aging properties due to the ability to rebuild face skin tissue by empowering the production of collagen and elastin “from the inside” layers through careful peeling, moisturizing, and nourishing the skin. Your young look is supported by science with Instant Erase.

It will take you several minutes to remove under eye puffiness, zits, dangling skin issues and dirty pores from the face. The anti-aging solution actually works in the same way like professional dermatology solutions despite being much less expensive. It also doesn’t require any surgery or other cure to happen in order to show the result.

Instant Erase is also safe for any type of the skin tissue. It also provides any type with equally excellent effectiveness. The special color of this solution suits the skin color perfectly. The creators of this cream did care about their clients very much when working on it.


At this moment, you won’t find any relevant data on the Instant Erase components because the manufacturer uses the right of corporate secrecy to keep the formula proprietary. Nevertheless, the effectiveness of this concealer is guaranteed by the natural origin of its ingredients. Instant Erase does not contain any artificial chemicals, genetically modified organisms, harmful substances and toxins.

In fact, it cleans the skin tissue and pores of those toxins, dirt, dust and other unwanted materials that frequently stick to your face both when inside and outside. The antibacterial effect of the concealer also helps it work as a disinfector and inflammation reduction thread for zips or lumps.

Instant Erase: Relevant Customer Feedback

The official website of the product provides only some of the comments posted by satisfied clients. We decided to show them here below for you at once.Instant Erase: Relevant Customer Feedback

“Followed the directions and I was amazed at how fast and effective this product is. In less than four minutes the puffiness under my eyes was gone. Amazed!!!!”

This comment proofs the visible effect to appear very quickly. Isn’t it exactly what you expect from a quality concealer?

“I’m a 61 year old man and have moist skin. Use this every day and its absolutely great.”

Both young, adult and elder people regardless of their gender and skin type can use Instant Erase and be pleased with its properties an effects.

“I’ve been using this product for 5 days and I do notice an improvement in reducing the wrinkles. I am giving this product 5 stars!”

The five-day period was required here for the concealer to fix the tissue troubles and start rebuilding the skin structure with additional collagen and elastin produced.

And there are many, many more customers who are happy with Instant Erase but don’t find it important to leave a positive comment. You know that: the thing that really works does not get much feedback. In the Internet, people are more likely to post negative reviews. Instant Erase does not have them at all.

Unbiased Photo Proofs

The official website of the product provides direct comparison photos of clients before and after they began using Instant Erase. Skin differences are clearly visible: less zits, clearer colors, no inflammation areas noticed after the use of the concealer. The refreshment of your face skin is real with the advanced pack of collagen regeneration materials and moistening solutions contained in the Instant Erase formula.

Why is Instant Erase Unique?

Even though there are countless dozens of concealers available on the market nowadays, they all mostly require special behavior when it comes to applying them. Users frequently make mistakes, forget and even don’t know the guidelines of concealer usage.

Here below, we discuss the most frequent mistakes and explained why you don’t need to care about them when using Instant Erase.

Toner After the Concealer

The most widespread mistake girls and women make is applying the concealer BEFORE the toner. Makeup specialists are tired to repeat: you need to prepare the skin with the toner first, and then mask the lacks it failed to hide with the concealer.

With Instant Erase, things work much simpler. You do not need a toner at all. This concealer does not simply hide the issues, it also neutralizes them.

Toner Instead of Concealer

They frequently try to use a toner instead of concealer. It really can cover the blacked zones around eyes, but then the cream shade should be lighter than that of the skin and the main face tone. Many forget about that and apply the same shade to the entire face. If you don’t use Instant Erase, it is required to go in for correct concealers and toners.

But using the Instant Erase, you don’t actually mask those blackouts, you get rid of them within a few minutes. And the cream itself gets absorbed with the skin to rebuild it from the inside.

You don’t fix the beauty with Instant Erase. You get your natural look back.

Wrong Technique

Practice shows that mostly women don’t know how to apply the concealer in the necessary points only. For instance, when masking a zip, they start putting the concealer directly on the issued zone and then try shading it. But that does not really work!

When not using Instant Erase, you will apply concealers one layer after another with no result if not using the brush and shading it. The reviewed solution works the other way: it is fast, it is easy to apply and does not require special treatment or equipment to bring effects to life.

Around Eyes

Women may apply the concealer to the eye zone wrongly, too. Before using the usual concealer, it is better to put the base cream there to fill small creases in there and prevent the corrector from getting into them.

With Instant Erase, there is no need to waste time on preparations too much. You apply the cream directly to the issued skin zone and wait till the effect shows up. Why is Instant Erase Unique?

Dry Skin

In most cases, females try shading concealers on dry skin. It works when you are a pro. Makeup experts advise watering skin before using the concealer. And here, Instant Erase works as usual. You can apply it without water, but the effect will be much better with the additional moisture dose.

Cold Hands

Shading concealers with cold hands is another mistake. Specialists don’t recommend shading it with hands at all, but if you don’t have another choice, warm your hands up directly before. The process will go much easier after that.

In fact, Instant Erase does not care if your hands are cold or warm to be effective, but following this professional tip may increase your comfort level when using the product.

Instant Erase Application Guide

We decided to go through the guide explaining how to use the Instant Erase concealer once again. It is as easy as breathing. And it does not require any equipment or preparations.

To apply, shake the container well first. Then, take a tiny spot of the cream onto fingertips, and then apply it to fine lines, creases and zits with a light elegant move. There is no need to rub it. Also, make sure not to overuse the cream to use the single container for longer periods and avoid streaking.

Then, wait a bit before the cream dries in a natural way (this usually takes a minute or two). Relax the face and try not to fall on emotions during 4-5 minutes to let the cream dry totally.

After that, it is okay to use powder and whatever makeup threads you need. Reapplying the cream to clean the skin during the day or at night.

To Conclude

So, we’ve got the totally natural, balanced nourishing and absolutely effective concealing cream safe to use for anyone to get clean and young skin for long. The number of satisfied customers speaks for itself, so we totally recommend this product.


  • Absolute effectiveness in skin care and fixing issues
  • 100% Natural
  • Tested by pros
  • Recommended by experts
  • Has proven effectiveness and multiple satisfied clients


  • Only available at the official website
  • The exact formula of the product is secret