Throughout his career and public live, the star of Hawaii Five-0 Jorge Garcia became widely loved because of his great acting talents as well as for the reality of impressive weight loss trip he showed. This man who is close to his 50’s had to rethink his habits in eating after they asked him to get rid of some excessive unwanted pounds for that Lost role character.

People totally appreciate and love Jorge Garcia because of those characters from Lost and Hawaii Five-0 series. Still, he also became famous because of his promotions for healthy lifestyle and dieting during the process of losing unwanted pounds he came through recently.

This person is 47 years old and the stable popularity and demand came to him right after his coming to TV. Additionally, the example he gave turned into an inspiration for numerous people all over the United States and the world who wanted to get rid of excessive weight before their health turns unrecoverable. He inspired multiple fans because his stable and visible progress in getting rid of excessive pounds within recent couple years was actually amazing.Lost Cast: The Turning Point

The size became the reason for him to become known as the largest one in a cast group according to media throughout some decent time. That once made Jorge, his relatives, colleagues and buds to think over some changes.

It became the turning point for Jorge because he claimed to rethink routine habits and menus to help himself become significantly healthier, and get rid of risks of getting some serious organism malfunctions like cardiovascular problems or diabetes.

Lost Cast: The Turning Point

Today, TV series admirers think that it is normal and usual to know that screen stars go in for the full set of necessary measures required to make them good-looking, fit, even “iconic”. It is also big truth that there are actors not actually paying too much attention to that aspect of their personality. Jorge belonged to that second category, he didn’t really care first.

Generally, the star of TV series preserved normal health, but he became addicted to eating. It became the exact reason for him to gain many additional pounds. At some life moment, Garcia reached the mark of over 180 kilograms (400 pounds). That’s really A LOT, isn’t it? He was not the one in control of his life but his harmful and unhealthy habits about drinking stuff and eating were.

Things turned upside down when he received a request to go in for some weight loss directly initiated by members of the Lost filming crew. It became the alarm bell ringing! Garcia began rethinking, revolting routine habits while being assisted by experienced nutritionists as well as gym coaches.

Currently, Jorge Garcia’s weigh loss trip made him try out many different approaches. For instance, Nutritional Yeast (aka Nooch) which is thought to be among the most effective solutions to get you rid of excessive pounds. There, they tend to use the deactivated yeast to melt fats inside your organism.

To be honest, that solution mentioned above is as severe as it sounds. Someone might think that it is a diet for men who need quick results regardless of potential harmful impacts. That is not true, but still, here is the mentality guide that might work for women: the example of Chrissy Metz.

  1. The star of “This Is Us” show has been an icon for body-positive movement activists for a while. However, she also faced certain health problems and had to change both her mental perception of her life and her diet. Check the link above to see more.

Jorge Garcia: The EXACT DIET HE USED

Rapid and rough rethinking and change of everyday habits, especially eating ones, may frustrate you a lot and become a real challenge. Jorge really had that frustration with him after he had several bad and unsuccessful weight loss attempts. However, it becomes much, much easier to keep things up after you pass through that accommodation period to let the body understand and accept your new routine.

Jorge Garcia’s weight loss recommendations are relatively simple but actually effective. He began with eating vegies and fruits instead of all those greasy meals from fast-food restaurants. The next step was a gradual switch to high protein and low carb dishes mainly.

Of course, it became an additional requirement to quit drinking alcoholic beverages and start working out regularly.

As all the Jorge’s comparison pictures available online show, his results were really shocking and long-lasting.

So, here goes the dietary recommendation to those who have their types of bodies somewhat similar to Garcia.

The Dietary Tricks

First, the short guide through the most critical points:

  • Drink eight to ten water cups daily
  • Go in for exercising every single day
  • Exclude or at least avoid eating these things frequently: beef, cheese, milk, butter, potatoes and soda.

Now, here is the weekly guide on meals. Prepare for some shock. Still, we do recommend trying it out yourself. If Jorge could make it, why shouldn’t you?The Dietary Tricks

The 1st day is for fruits. Only fruits. The dietary plan does not actually prescribe particular amounts or weights of fruits to eat. The fibrous content of fruits is the fat-burning assistant, so eat as much of them as you wish.

The 2nd day is for vegies. This one is equal with the previous day by conditions and recommendations, just switch to boiled or raw vegetables instead.

The 3rd day: mix up the previous two. Eat what is allowed for them without prohibitions.

The 4th day probably is most awkward one: during 24 hours, you only can drink four milk cups and eat eight bananas. Does that seem scary? Check further.

The 5th day: menu includes only 6 large round red tomato vegies mixed up to single fish steak or chicken filet. In case you are a vegetarian, rice (the brown one) is your choice to replace meat.

The 6th day goes same to the 5th divided by 2: only fish or a filet, or vegies plus the rice.

The 7th day: rice again, combined with juice or vegs.

As you might notice, this recommendation is pretty severe, especially when combined with regular physical exercising. So, you should obligatory consult the specialist before starting to use this plan. Actually, seeing the doc or nutritionist is a required measure to take before any diet.

Jorge Garcia’s Weight Loss Journey Summed Up

There was a certain point in the life of Jorge Garcia when he almost reached that 400-pound mark on weights. That became a huge health risk that doctors recommended him not to ignore. Additionally, a potential addiction to food could have place.Jorge Garcia’s Weight Loss Journey Summed Up

It was necessary for Garcia to act. There was no option to go on living the way he used to do previously. Obesity put him on the edge of facing significant potential troubles like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, or even death threats like stroke.

As a result, Jorge started the weight losing process and succeeded in it.

And you can do that as well!

Choose your diet and keep up with it. Don’t give up to early, and the results will come to impress you and improve the quality of your life significantly.

Have good luck, friends! Know that you are not alone in your quest.

And always remember: the most difficult step on the way to weight loss is the first one!