In a modern world, obesity and excessive weight became quite common troubles of people in the USA, all over Europe and in other countries. Actually, the WHO has always been warning that sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical activity will lead to weight gain, potential muscle problems and cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and even lethal cases. No wonder people suffering from excessive weight and obesity constantly strive to find a working and fast solution to their problem.

As we all know, celebrities like actors, singers, bloggers etc. have always attracted much attention from press interested in their private life and health conditions. Especially, journalists and fans care about the outlook of their idols. That is why Kelly Clarkson’s weight loss results gained such a popularity and became a topic for big discussions all over the online and offline space. So, What’s the Deal? Kelly

What does Kelly herself say about this process? How exactly did she get that noticeable and worthy weight loss outcome? Was it a special diet, an extremely intense workout program, or any special supplement?

We decided to review the topic in detail. Here below is the analysis of all the Kelly Clarkson’s interviews to media and some thoughts along with recommendations from the celebrity who demonstrated great power of will and dedication on her way to clearly visible weight loss outcomes.

Here we go!

So, What’s the Deal?

How did Kelly Clarkson make her unwanted pounds disappear? Was it a secret method or something simple and available for everyone?

Kelly Clarkson definitely has a lot of job to do: she is a mother of four children, a hostess of her personal show on the TV, a coach of The Voice candidates, and a singer in a non-stop process of creating new great things. Yes, popularity demands lots of time and efforts, so there won’t always be enough time to take care about eating, exercising and just resting with oneself peacefully.

Still, each time she appears in public, no matter if it is a stage or screen recording camera, there is a theme that comes out on top at any case. Of course, we mean her weight here.

Clarkson has been standing on the side of body-positive ideology for a while already. Still, no matter what her size is, she has remained a stunning lady all the time. Nevertheless, she cared about her excessive pounds to appear and had a successful experience of wiping them out. To say more precisely, Kelly got rid of 37 lbs of unwanted weight.

Of course, her fans and just interested people were wondered a lot with the result. Fortunately for all of them and those who just want to know more on weight loss, the celebrity did not hide this part of her private life and tough trials which other stars might want to keep secret.

Here below, there is all you might want to hear and find out on the weight loss, working out, mental approach and dieting from Kelly herself.

To intrigue you here at once, here is a short tip: Clarkson says it all happened after a special book appeared in her life.

Is Working Out a Reason for Kelly Clarkson’s Weight Loss?

In most cases, when it comes to some serious weight loss successes, people think something like “Wow, that person must have had tough gym sessions or running programs”. And their following thought mostly goes this way: “I wouldn’t be able to do that”. Was it your exact way of thinking? If yes, we’ve got some good news: don’t worry, the point was different for Kelly.

Clarkson herself confirmed that her excessive pounds wiped out not due to heavy working out. To say honestly, she did not work out at all. In one of her interviews (the one for Extra, if you need preciseness), Kelly clearly said that she hadn’t been working out. She even called her fans to stop thinking that she used to be going to play sports ever.

To conclude, Kelly has never been the exercising admirer. She did not like to spill gallons of sweat, to get red without carrying out any weight loss results. Looks like her physiology does not let her get rid of significant amounts of weight quickly, no matter how heavily she works out. The fact that working out was useful for the body and heart didn’t impress Clarkson. We can mean she had the right to be skeptical, as scientists also say red or white wine to be good for one’s cardiovascular system prophylactics.Is Working Out a Reason for Kelly Clarkson’s Weight Loss?

Now, before we proceed to the exact answer on Kelly Clarkson’s weight loss, let us make a step beyond the topic. It’s not a secret that male and female organisms are different. That is why, the solution that worked for Kelly may work for women but is not guaranteed to be suitable for men. We’ve got something to offer here as well.

Check the story of Jorge Garcia. At some point of his life, the star of Lost and Hawaii Five-0 TV series almost reached the weight level of 180 kilograms (400 pounds!). For him, it became not just a problem but a health and life threat. Jorge, who had never been caring about his lifestyle and eating habits too much, had to change everything.

You’ll wonder how cool his results were!

…Any Weight Loss Guide, Kelly?

Actually, the very first disclosure on Kelly Clarkson’s getting rid of unwanted pounds appeared in 2018 at CMT Awards and the Today interview.

As Clarkson herself told Hoda Kotb, it was a problem connected with thyroid and autoimmunity that began bothering the celebrity since the year of 2006. The game changer for Kelly was the book created by Steven R. Gundry, MD titled “The Plant Paradox”. Clarkson didn’t guarantee it to be effective for anyone else but her results were impressive: she got rid of 37 pounds.

Still, the truth that the celebrity disclosed about her threads to get rid of pounds didn’t seem to be enough to prevent fake gossips telling of her special dietary plans. Kelly reacted rapidly to switch them off though.

In her Twitter post, she mentioned fake statements about herself consuming scary weight loss supplements or going in for severe dieting, and then ruined all the guesses. She told that any changes never happened to her regular menu which usually includes various ingredients, sugars and flours.

For more info, check Clarkson’s Twitter account or on the link below.

Once, one of her fans asked about a “decent plan” to “stick with. Actually, Kelly mentioned the Plant Paradox by Gundry again. As she then explained, the author of the book shows what to go and not to go by along with explaining the reasons to keep out of particular things. At the very basic level, inflammation and lectins are the point.Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss: Any Advice on Body-Shamers?

Clarkson also noticed that the book is full of details and sometimes seems to bring the reader back to the science class, but remarked once again that the writing made huge assistance in her success.

Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss: Any Advice on Body-Shamers?

The celebrity is still true to the idea of body-positivity despite the fact that her new appearance might make people think that she doesn’t need that anymore.

She said the weight was not the point for her to deal with. Kelly’s main motivation was to stop taking regular pills and medication.

Kelly was very candid on body shaming she had to go through within all those years. Among all the American Idol cast people, Kelly was “the biggest”.

And people sometimes called her “big”, though Clarkson said that she later understood ignorance was the best solution there. The point is to be happy with who you are.