As you know, “McDonald’s” is the most popular fast food restaurant over the world. I’ve never met people, who have never heard about. I guess you all tasted their famous burgers, French fries and drank it by Cola. But have you ever heard of McDonald’s Gift Card? And have you used it? If your answer is “no”, this article is for you. I will reveal to you the secret of the magic card and help to save your money. Does it really exist? How will it be useful for you? And the most important information, how to become a gift’s card holder?

McDonald’s gift card: What is it?

Officially McDonald’s gift card (or arch card) – allows customers to make payments quickly and conveniently at McDonald’s. Archival cards are issued from 5 to 100 dollars. Using Arch Card, you get discounts and free coupons. It is important to note that there isn’t only arch but also an exclusive gold card that gives you an unlimited amount of free food. But there is a limited number of such cards.McDonald’s gift card: What is it?

How does it work?

You ask me: “But why do I need it? Can’t I also pay for the order with my credit card?” No, my dear friends, you can’t. If you use a gift card, you will get cash back, French fries or ice-cream for a promotion that applies to card users. Is it really profitable? McDonald’s gift card helps you to save money. But if you are a lucky gold card’s holder you’ll be feed on absolutely free food. Imagine: once a week, everything you want! I think you definitely interested in such offer. Am I right?

McDonald’s gold card: Is it possible to win?

McDonald’s representative told that gold was new black! What is it? Read attentively! This year, McDonald’s launches the Monopoly game. Only in the US! Why does it mean? They will launch 1 000 VIP gold cards for winners. The only one way to get is to play and win. He stressed that if Stormzy and Ed Sheeran want to get one, they’ll have to play Monopoly!

What are the benefits over the analogues?

I’m sure, that everybody has seen gift and discount cards in shops and restaurants many times. What’s more, everybody has such discounts. They help us to buy something cheaper and make a purchase for points.

But what advantages does the McDonald’s gift card have?

  • One advantage of using McDonald’s gift card is the opportunity to acquire corporate cards. If it necessary to buy more than 25 cards, you’ll go to McDonald’s website and fill the Corporate Form. A nice bonus is the free shipping.
  • Have you lost your card? Don’t worry! You should call the number indicated on the website, and McDonald’s will be happy to help you recover lost, stolen or damaged Archive cards.
  • Good news! It’s not necessary to buy new one every time. It hasn’t Expiry Date. All you have to do is reload your Arch card with your personal card. See detailed information in the official website.
  • Another advantage is possibility to win McDonald’s gold card! This card gives you opportunity to get food absolutely free! Of course, if you manage to win.

McDonald’s gift card: How can you use?

As I have already said, McDonald’s gift card come in any whole dollar denomination $5- $100 on the card. You can pay for your order with card. You can present this one to friend or somebody else with a certain amount. If you are the gold card’s holder, ordering you will need to show it to the cashier. Everything is simple, isn’t it?

Are there any limits?

Be attentive! There are some limits for card’s users. One of the main limits is the arch and exclusive cards are valid only if you are live in the USA. According to the official website, it is impossible to exchange these cards. If you make a purchase, payment methods will not be returned. McDonald’s Archival Cards do not expire, no fines.Are there any limits?

Don’t forget! If you lose your gift card or it is stolen, you will need activation to replace it. It is better to go to McDonald’s website in the Arch Card Balance section or call the phone number listed on the website. This will help you find out the balance.

McDonald’s gift card: Where can you buy it?

If you want to become the arch or gold card’s user, I’ll ready to share with you. McDonald’s gift card giveaway takes place on the Internet. Only shh, check social networks more often! If I’m not mistaken, official web provides the opportunity to order a card online or you can find a card on the net and rebuy it. Then you should reload it for usage or presenting card as a gift. So, as I have already mentioned, if you play Monopoly you’ll have a risk to become winner and get McDonald’s gold card!

Is there any point in buying?

If McDonald’s is your favorite fast food restaurant, if you are interested in saving money and profit coupons, gift or gold card will be great thing for you! In my point of view, it’s a great opportunity. There are cash backs, reward points and free dishes as the bonus. Don’t we love it? McDonald’s representatives call arch cards the way to say “Thanks”. Thanks to the consumers, consumers say “Thanks” to their friends, family and romantic partners.

McDonald’s gift card Reviews: What do people think about?

In early March, there was posted on Twitter that the Monopoly McDonald’s was launched on March 25. This means that the limited number of lucky men will receive gold cards and feed on free food once or twice a week! Just look at the excitement in the comments! People look forward a start to try and make a fit.McDonald’s gift card Reviews: What do people think about?

As you know, only famous persons got VIP cards before. Ordinary people could only purchase a gift card to save on dinners in their favorite restaurant or give a free lunch to their friends or family. All these privileges will undoubtedly find positive emotions and feedback in the hearts of customers.

What is the effect of using?

What is the effect of acquiring a card from McDonald’s? First of all, good mood! What could be better than delicious burgers and dessert? And if I say that all this is also at a discount or even free? The mood is not just good, it is becoming wonderful! Secondly, advantageous offers come in. The users receive coupons, discounts that they can use. There is also an accumulation of points that can be spent as you like. I think you have already heard enough about the effect of the golden card. Indeed, the most surprising bonus of this winning is a free menu in your favorite McDonald’s restaurant! The simplest conditions! Play Monopoly since March 25 and win! Good luck!

To summarize, I want to say that the McDonald’s gift card (or arch card) is nothing more than a way to thank the consumers for our trust, to make visiting McDonald’s more comfortable and profitable. Without any doubts, such actions attract a large number of people. I hope this article has helped you to learn more about the gift cards, whether you should buy it and how it will be useful. I want to stress that you can find any information you are interested in on the McDonald’s official website or contact them by phone, mail or even a social network.