Did you know that almost 2 billion people all over the world have troubles with the overweight and obesity? Yep, if you have been struggling against those excessive pounds, you would be happy to know that over a quarter of the Earth’s population is having the same problems as you at a random moment. Still, the fact that you are not alone with the problem of overweight is not too motivating when it comes to the tenth attempt to lose at least 10 pounds and keep that weight for just a few weeks.

Don’t you know why you fail all your dieting trials and why workout sessions don’t bring the result? The point is the vicious circle you are in. Here is what we mean.

At first, you start dieting. No matter what your diet plan is, the main point is always the same. The organism starts receiving less food than it is used to get regularly.

Metabolic Flora Review

Then, you start feeling hungry. The longer you go in for a dieting plan, the stronger that striving feeling inside your stomach becomes. Finally, it brings some result but it is invisible and the hunger is unbearable already.
And at last, you think that “just one chocolate plate” or “a single sweet donut” won’t hurt. And one more. And again. Here you go, the diet is broken and the weight increases again. Weeks of starving are wasted.

Metabolic Flora: What’s That?

Fortunately, there is a trusted company able to give you a helpful hand with that tough life-changing quest. Here we mean the authority diet supplement manufacturer from the US – Simple Promise.

They have been remaining on the market of weight loss supplements for a while by now, and their experts do know how to make worthy products. The principle of 100% natural ingredients and the exclusively safe approach are kept when researching, balancing and manufacturing every additive produced by this firm.

And the solution by them we are going to review in this text is the probiotic mix called Metabolic Flora. And the name of the product does actually reflect the point of action it uses.

The effect of this wonderful supplement is grounded by the principle of the metabolic “reset”. It is just like pressing the appropriate button of a computer to relaunch it by force when it is lagging heavily.

Metabolic flora is strongly recommended to purchase it from the official website of the manufacturer to guarantee the product’s authenticity and 100% safety along with effectiveness. Effectiveness based on the intestine health restoration and the regrown microflora inside one’s organism to reboot the weight balancing system, fix metabolism and digestion issues.

Among all other solutions provided by the entire industry, there is the single kind of diet additives most people definitely try at some period of their lives. Of course, those are the supplements helping to get rid of excessive pounds.

Throughout one’s life, they will most probably understand that various ways to lose unwanted weight and to melt fat tissues do exist. Still, not every way you can potentially find online is properly explored, researched and explained to guarantee positive impact over possible negative consequence. However, after Metabolic Flora entered the scene, the market of weight loss assistance solutions gained an extremely efficient player. The amount of user feedback available online and being exclusively positive speaks for the product in the best way possible.

So, why is Metabolic Flora unusual? What makes it so special? Is it even possible to purchase a supplement able to assist you with melting dozens of pounds of your fat tissues quickly yet without causing any additional consequences and unwanted side effects?

The main feature of Metabolic Flora is its point of impact. Instead of causing the systematic detox only or launching the fat melting boost, this solution by Simple Promise goes deeper. It takes control over the metabolic reaction by exploiting the crucial function of one’s digestion and energy exchange. More details will go further.

The most remarkable thing here is that the focus component of Metabolic Flora was found in the human breastmilk and baby organisms. Along with that, other supportive components of the solution by Simple Promise do not contain genetically modified organisms, potentially toxic elements or other artificial chemicals and harmful substances. It is a 100% natural, eco-friendly and causing no side effects.

The Supplement Explained In Short

Metabolic Flora is the name for a totally useful and safe dietary addition solution created with the aim to assist people in melting the fat tissues that don’t want to wipe out in other ways. Additionally, the goal this additive serves secondly is the promotion of slimness and fitness for everyone’s body through fixing the metabolism and supporting that healthy digestion processes via regulating the intestine microflora after the weight is normalized.

Basing on the manufacturer’s statements, the solution is called to reset one’s metabolism through the use of a featured microflora bacteria strain discovered in the intestines of newborn babies. That strain effectively reduces the amount of fats stored in one’s organism in a natural and safe way.

Metabolic Flora: How It Works

Metabolic Flora goes in for metabolism adjustment procedures to fix the metabolic reactions inside a woman’s organism. Those internal “calibrations” are especially critically required for females in their 30s and older trying to lose unwanted weight.

Metabolism processes are the head of calorie burning rates inside women’s organisms, so the research group of Simple Promise company led by Alex Del Pizzo conducted a study on ways to control metabolic reactions. This was the way for the expert group to understand the intestine microflora state to be the defining factor influencing the process, and the special bacteria strain is able to accelerate it when necessary.

The strain known as the “fat-fighting bacteria” is the B. breve B3 (Bifidobacterium Breve B3. It is that focus ingredient able to obtain control over the digestion process inside one’s intestine (actually, one of the metabolism points). The 2018 research by Minami et al., B. breve B3 showed the test group taking it to have noticeable successes in reducing the mass and correlation of fats inside their organisms compared to the control group. Additionally, the experts found out there were no unwanted effects caused by the strain on the research participants throughout 12 consequent weeks. Moreover, the bacterium is able to lower the amount of fat tissues for those persons being in the pre-obesity state. Pure miracle!

To say it shortly again, bad gut microflora state causes broken metabolic reactions. That is one of the main reasons for weight loss problems and the factor making your body gain additional mass instead of getting rid of fat tissues. Taking the B. breve B3 is the way to break that vicious circle of chained troubles.

Ingredients & Consumption Guide

The main components of Metabolic Flora are:

  • breve B3 (Morinaga);
  • Leaf extract of green tea;
  • Natural caffeine;

To make capsules, they used:

  • Veg stearates;
  • Hypromellose;
  • Inulin;
  • Silicon Dioxide.

The recommended daily intake dosage is two capsules, one in the morning and the other one in the evening. This works for adult women perfectly.

Additionally, taking the Metabolic Flora capsules will be much more effective when you have been going in for healthy and properly balanced diet, along with fixing your eating habits and going in for regular sports training. The supplement will balance your metabolism along with giving you additional energy impulse to work out more intensively and lose much more weight than you used to do ever before.

The visible outcomes actually appear after a continuous, relatively long-distanced dietary run. Losing weight is always a marathon, and you need to be prepared for it. Soon after you entered the regular dieting and workout cycles, you’ll see significant differences in the appearance and state of your body and face skin. Additionally, the inner improvements and adjustments of the organism will let you live a fuller, more intense and interesting life. The optimal state can be reached in 3-6 months depending on individual features of your organism and the depth of the weight gain troubles you have at the starting point of the marathon.

Metabolic Flora: Is It Safe? Can I Get Money Back in Emergency?

By the moment we completed this review, no side effects were noticed either by experts or direct users of Metabolic Flora. Everything makes us say that this solution is 100% safe for anyone.Metabolic Flora: Is It Safe? Can I Get Money Back in Emergency?

In case you are not satisfied with the result or the product didn’t suit your needs, the manufacturer provides the 1-year money back coverage for each client at no questions asked. To discuss the troubles and apply for money back policies, please contact the customer support representative via the official site.

To Conclude

Metabolic Flora supplement exploits the intestine microflora health issues to enhance one’s metabolism and launches the weight losing processes through that point. The decrease of body performance is normal for women after the certain age, work, stress and other factors influencing the organism for quite some time. Obviously, this may cause some hormonal misbalance. Still, that factor is frequently the consequence of the broken digestion, and Metabolic Flora exists to fix it.

The most interesting point of this elegant and effective solution is the extremely simple receipt. The Bifidobacterium Breve B3 is the component causing no unwanted effects and having the confirmed scientifically studied properties. One should not fear the potential harm of this supplement. What is natural can’t harm you. Additionally, the caffeine intake will boost your digestion and energy production to make you more lively and ready for new workout challenges.

Metabolic Flora is relatively cheap and affordable regarding its effectiveness. Order it now via the official website and guarantee yourself the 100% original, natural and effective weight loss assistance supplement delivery.


  • 100% natural;
  • Scientifically supported;
  • Expertly balanced and mixed;
  • No side effects;
  • Ultimate weight loss effectiveness;
  • Affordability;
  • High user recommendations.


  • Suitable mostly for females;
  • Should be purchased only via the official site.