Mini Fall Home Decor Tour 2020
Fall décor composition with the basket, the dough bowl and the sign

Home décor is undoubtedly an amazing deal. Especially when we say of Fall Home Décor. Muted fall colors, some vintage finds, blessing signs on the wall, warm drapery — all this can be used to make your home fascinating even if you are a minimalist. Do you go along with me on that? If yes, so we shall begin right now at the drop of a hat.

You know that we were moving in this year, so I expressed concern over the performance of my fall decoration. Naturally, it requires some time to feel the occupancy — as a rule, décor successfully used in the old home doesn’t fit the new one. Here it is. But even we are here only for a couple of months one can say that I’ve brought it about. It is a startling result for me. And I want to share it with you and put you in touch with my new taste and decor style. Besides this, I’ve cleared up that I am a minimalist. It is another important revelation here (please, see Where to Buy Cheap Throw Pillows (under $12 each)!).

To find new ideas for my Fall Décor I’ve made a go to the store and scanned Internet flea markets. Lighted grass pumpkins, the rusty red stool, the signs, old vintage books, white pumpkins, home caramel & salt candle and other crazy things have been bought there with great love and pleasure.

So let’s begin with our entryway, look at the hall and kitchen at the end.

I’d chosen beloved muted colors for my fall décor this year. They are my favorites this season. One can see the mirror and the cabinet with a simple fall vignette below it. Near there is the board with the tasty inscription — for certain I could not help getting it, which I’ve rested near the basket, filled with dried hydrangea, and dough bowl with fruits against the wall in the entryway. And please see at this lighted grass pumpkin, perfectly rested on the rusty red stool. Exclusively, isn’t it? Why bright yellow, orange and red colors are there? My conception with muted colors has been subject to change in this area by the virtue of the front entryway needs some complimented signs to be more expressive. But it’s time to go along with it again.

Let’s go to the hall. Warm drapery on the wall, soft gray rug on the floor, light curtains, wood shelves — it conveys my season muted color mood. The pride of mine here is those vintage books on the lower shelf. They all, except for the Little Women book, are dated to the period of the Civil War. A keen admirer for certain notes delicate and elegant handwriting in the books.

Home caramel & salt candles placed on the round table give another pretty note to the interior and smell all over the house. Delicious aroma!

The kitchen is decorated with white pumpkins. It fills the occupancy completely and catches your attention since the first minute. Pumpkins express the beauty of the fall season in the perfect way (if you want to see another way of faux orange pumpkins update, please, check out DIY Rustic Pumpkins).

Faux pumpkins shading in white in rustic style

I am very grateful for your attention and believe you’ve encouraged me to make Fall Décor in your Home. So do not hesitate to do it. It pays to be for certain!