Many individuals prefer to buy and use alcohol sanitizers because they destroy microorganisms which can cause various illnesses. The disinfectant spray is necessary especially for those who have children. That’s because children often fall ill in seasons like autumn and winter.

It is obvious that you can buy disinfectant spays in the store and save your precious time. But sanitizers from stores usually have a high price and unpleasant alcohol smell. It is usually hard to breathe while using sanitizers and it also contains a lot of harmful chemicals.Natural Homemade Disinfectant Spray

The most important thing is to find the best products for the spray which will be less expensive and, what’s important, it will have natural composition and pleasant smell. It is quite exciting to make something cheaper and good for health, isn’t it? Furthermore, the spray should be really disinfecting. It should kill bacteria.

It may sound surprising, but medical alcohol is the main component of homemade sanitizing spray. Medical alcohol can not only help you with scratches and cuts but it kills germs and prevent various illnesses too! People often fall sick in rainy and cold seasons like autumn and winter. So, the sanitizing spray with medical alcohol can help to prevent germs and save some money.

This article will tell you how to make natural sanitizer which will protect you from bacteria. Let’s get started!

Ingredients & Supplies of Disinfectant Spray:

Every person can find ingredients for a homemade sanitizing spray with medical alcohol at home.

This is the list of the ingredients you need for natural sanitizer:

  • Half a cup of white vinegar;
  • Half a cup of medical alcohol (70%);
  • A cup of distilled water;
  • 4-5 drops of lemon aromatic oil;
  • 4-5 drops of lavender aromatic oil;
  • A glass bottle with a sprayer.

You should remember that citrus oil listed above can corrode plastic, so this material is inappropriate for a sanitizer. Moreover, metal containers are also inappropriate for alcohol disinfectant sprays.

The best idea is to choose a glass spray container for the sanitizer. Firstly, you can take a new glass sprayer bottle. Secondly, there is a wide choice of sprayers in the shops. They are usually of different sizes and materials.

There is also a nice trick. You can take an empty bottle of apple or white vinegar, wash it and use it for sanitizer.

Now it is time to know the secrets of making a disinfectant spray which will help you to fight all of the harmful bacteria.


First of all, you should mix all of the ingredients (water, alcohol, vinegar) in a glass container. The next step is to add citrus and lavender fragrant oil to finish this homemade completely natural sanitizer.

Then, just shake all the ingredients to get a mixture. This sanitizer can be used to disinfect door handles, light switches, electronic gadgets like cell phones, and washrooms.

You can keep sanitizer in different rooms of your house. For example, a bottle in the washroom and some sanitizer in the kitchen. It is also useful to have a small bottle of the sanitizer on hand to use it in the shop or when you eat something on the street.

What’s interesting, this sanitizing spray with medical alcohol is a nice alternative to the air purifier. Lavender and lemon aromatic oil is a pleasant mixture, but you can also try to mix different scents like cinnamon, orange or lemongrass. There is a wide choice of aromatic oils in local pharmacies.


  • Half a cup of white vinegar ~ 10¢.
  • Half a cup of medical alcohol (70%) ~ 30¢.
  • A cup of distilled water = $0.
  • 4-5 drops of lemon aromatic oil (price is different).
  • 4-5 drops of lavender aromatic oil (price is different).

Total cost is about 40¢ per bottle

You should understand that the cost doesn’t include the price of bottles and sprayers.

In case you don’t have purified water at home, add about 85 ¢ to the total cost. This is the price for a bottle of purified water in the usual supermarket.Total cost is about 40¢ per bottle

Despite the fact that you need to buy some ingredients such as fragrant oils, a sprayer, a bottle, you should remember that you save some money. The thing is that these sprays cost much more at the shops. Moreover, don’t forget that you also keep much plastic out of the dumps and contribute to the preservation of the environment.

This homemade sanitizer consists of natural ingredients and everyone can make it at home without any special skills. There is no need to go to the store to buy a new bottle of spray because you always have all the necessary ingredients at home. What’s more important, it doesn’t take a lot of time to combine all of the ingredients.

You should remember that there are millions of germs around us and this kind of disinfectant spray is the best decision for all the families.

If you want to save money and get a useful product, the homemade disinfectant spray is the best choice for you. It also has a pleasant smell comparing with those chemical sanitizers from the supermarkets. It means that you don’t have to hold your breath while using it. Homemade sanitizer is also good for children because of its smell and composition. We hope that the article was useful and inspired you on making your own disinfectant spray.

NOW IT IS YOUR TURN: What are different ways of using homemade sanitizer? What oils you can mix to create a perfect scent? Share your ideas in the comments below.