Neutral Fall Tray Vignette
The decorations of the fall

What do we know about the celebration of the touches of fall? Sure, we can say that this celebration of the season gained popularity over the years. It even became more popular than preparing for Halloween and Thanksgiving. The decoration of the fall might be very spectacular. You will have a journey from September or late August to the Christmas weekend. Just about the time when the Christmas tree rises from the ground.

Imagine that you can move from autumn to Halloween and then to Thanksgiving! This is the benefit of fall decorations. All these gorgeous decorations we see in the stores, starting in July, can attract us, but it’s expensive. We have a solution for this problem- you can adorn for the fall and the other two will be ready to celebrate.

What do you need to create this vignette for the coffee table in the living room…

For a while, I was looking for a tray for the coffee table. My coffee table is large and all I had was a caged candle holder, but it certainly wasn’t enough. The black metal tray, that I tried didn’t interest me. The zinc metal tray was too shiny, so I discarded this option as well. I thought that maybe I can try to make a basket out of natural material. A basket of sea grass that I usually keep in our guest room or office gave me this idea. So I went to the Hobby Lobby– the best place to buy a basket. The shape and size of our coffee table are specific, so I choose a seagrass tray instead of a basket. I gave my preference to the surface and the ideal height on the sides.

Fortunately, this tray was on sale in Hobby Lobby, so I bought it with a 50% discount. I paid $14.99 instead of the regular price- $29.99. If the product you want is not on the market, the Sunday paper has a great opportunity for you- a 40% discount coupon. And don’t forget about the Hobby Lobby app that also might help.

Dimension, texture, height, color, and material. These things are important if you’re styling the sea grass tray. The zinc mini pitcher, that I bought at a flea market a few years ago, fit ideal into the neutral interior. The patina and height of the jug perfectly combined with the sea grass. You probably know that the color of aged zinc is soft and gray, so it and neutral decor are a perfect match. Goodwill and other charity shops may be able to boast of a similar range.

You also may notice a burlap banner that can be seen under everything- this is a part of the tray that I want to talk about. I bought it at Target just for $3. If you want to add dimension and layers to your basket, feel free to use the banner.

A soft orange candle is perfect for adding a little color. So I add a candle to a galvanized bucked, that was in another part of the house. It is possible that this bucked is also from Hobby Lobby and can still be on the market. The price more than $7 I can’t imagine.

Real white or creme colored pumpkins look good on this neutral background. This is why it is my favorite part of the vignette. These pumpkins were auctioned on Facebook, but no one put a bid on them except me. It is a pity because these pumpkins add a natural effect to the whole vignette. It was hard to believe! Does no one need such beautiful pumpkins? Finally, 9 small and medium-sized white pumpkins were mine for $9! So when you buy pumpkins in stores, you forget about the local farmer’s market or vegetable stall, so check them too. I think the stores are charging too much for pumpkins! So, instead of contributing your money to huge corporations, support your local farmer.

You can see the other pumpkins I used in the background on the half of the wall. The dried hydrangeas, that I’ve found in the Fall Home tour, and pumpkins on one side of the tray are a great combination! Also, add a texture to the vignette.

In Target, you can find white wire pumpkins that cost just $1 a piece. When painting with a spray in a different color, remember about your color scheme. Everything depends on it. Wire pumpkins are another material that unexpectedly added a little more flair. If you want to highlight the darker color then use the sea grass tray. It is necessary to use it from part of the picture frame to the table-top. So it is another advantage of this sea grass tray. ( Please, don’t pay attention to the fading flower in the background…) 🙂

While doing decorations for a season, the neutral decor ceases to be boring,. That’s because of texture, size, natural elements, flair. Let’s put it bluntly- some autumn decorations there are gaudy and kitschy. 😉

I would also like to tell you all how much I love our cornfield in the backyard, even though it’s off the topic. Now, when I am surrounded by cornfields, I realize that I love farm fields and pastures the most. Sure, it wasn’t always like this: when I was younger, I thought the woodlands would be better for me, but now I don’t think so. And I can’t get enough of the view outside our windows in the new house. From our windows, you can see miles of farmland, connected to the city of Rochester and I love it. We want this field to stay that way for a long time, so we cross our fingers while looking at it. But now no one has plans for this field and it is still working.

And here’s what was the best thing for us- moving from Wisconsin to Minnesota. I have never felt so calm as here. My husband no longer has to work overtime, the children have made great friends and are happy to go to school. This is the part of “Minnesota Nice” passed on to me. The people we met were courteous, polite, gentle to us- “Minnesota Nice”. It was Minnesota that became our home.