Do you think your body is a bit overweight and requires putting efforts on fixing that issue? Did you try multiple diets, supplements and wonder-pills? Well, if you started reading our Nutrisystem review, then most probably you weren’t satisfied with the results they brought.

But what is it? Can Nutrisystem fix what all the alternative solutions couldn’t? Let’s see.

Nutrisystem stands for the title of the quite famous dieting program. This diet can be called a service one. Why? Nutrisystem logistics and principles have the structure of a special food delivery service.The main goal is to let clients get rid of excessive kilograms in a simpler way

The client just gets the premade portions at their threshold and keeps up with a developed plan. Variants for male and female persons, for elders, diabetics and even more are present.

The focus is empathizing on:

Additionally, “regular” fruits, dairy containing lesser fats, suitable proteins again and other critical components get included into the dining schedule along with premade meal packages that are delivered.

The Point

The main goal is to let clients get rid of excessive kilograms in a simpler way. The decision on dishes suiting the goal is not your trouble anymore. The job and responsibility of counting carbohydrates and calorie amounts correctly is not yours anymore as well. Additionally, you mostly don’t need to check if sizes of your meal portions are correct and correlating with the diet plan. At the same time, Nutrisystem does not let you include random products into your ration.

Just because the dominating part of your food is delivered to your threshold by Nutrisystem. The regular, everyday menu includes four premade meals divided into:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Dessert

Additionally, products like fruits bought from your nearby shop also should be present to maintain the complex and variety of everyday ration.

What is not so good news? There is a point of discouragement in eating out. Drinking alcohol is not recommended while you keep up with the schedule, too.

History and Science Background for Nutrisystem

The creator of this program was Harold Katz, an entrepreneur. At the very beginning of 70s, it made a focus for liquid proteins. Then, that transformed into a firm of premade food shipment till 90s.

The impact point: a person willing to get rid of excessive kilos feels it simpler to reach his or her target at times when responsibility of planning and preparing correct dishes is delegated to someone else. The process of losing weight here is caused by the simplified access to premade calculated low-calorie portions of food along with snacks.

The Diet Principle: How Does It Work?

There are some various preplanned programs concerning the kind of a dieting person and their budget. Female and male persons receive different diet plans because of natural differences in metabolism. The firm also developed special propositions for customers with special food needs: vegetarians, diabetics, 60+ aged persons, teenagers from 14 to 17, etc. Everyday plans have three suitable food portions with snacks added.The Diet Principle: How Does It Work?

There exists a possibility to build a meal pack for each program individually or to pick the “Favorites” option to let the firm’s specialists offer foods instead of picking the menu by yourself. Actually, the second option is highly recommended by Nutrisystem for beginners.

Mostly, the plan begins with 7 “activating” days to allow the organism launch the required process of losing weight. The version named Turbo 13 predicts getting rid of 13 pounds of weight within first 30 days.

There are three plans with various service and assistance levels included:

  • Basic – the first month goes with Turbo 13, and later you switch to premade calculated portions of food along with accessing online assistance instruments and diet trackers.
  • Core– Turbo 13 for a month again, then calculated portions, trackers and instruments. Plus, phone diet consultants ready to assist.
  • Uniquely Yours – all the benefits of previous 2 plans but additionally you can choose the preferable menu to get as delivery foods from Nutrisystem.

Type-2 diabetic disease sufferers can also find plans above adapted for them, though there won’t be “Turbo” programs added due to additional loads they cause on human organisms.

A Nutrisystem subscription choice results in meal delivery at the threshold. One can also choose signing up to use automatic shipment options, which mean paying for meals and receiving them every month until you refuse the subscription.

Making Nutrisystem Effective: Things (not) To Eat

Suitable food:

  • Nutrisystem-packed premade calculated portions
  • Lean proteins
  • Frozen or fresh vegies

Unsuitable food:

  • Foods cooked in restaurants
  • Food available in stores but not marked as suitable by the company
  • Dessert or sweets not marked by the company’s brand name

Mainly the dishes included are made and shipped by the company. Regular dishes are fine to transport them and reheat when needed.

As mentioned before, there are food variations in programs for male and female persons.

Timing and Calories Calculation

Here is some pleasant news: no precise timings or fasting are necessary to keep up with plans.

When following guidelines, you will experience dynamic calorie amount variations in the way. For instance, during first 7 days, it is recommended to take nearly thousand calories daily to kickstart the required slimming processes inside the organism. Tuning it up to losing weight earlier will assist you in keeping it up as intended for long enough to reach your perfect body goals.

First 7 days end, and the norm changes for up to 1500 calories daily for males and 1200 of those for females. Plan adjustments will work for those who have 100 and more pounds of weight to get rid of: these persons should calibrate the intake. It is required to get additional 200 calories daily for them.

As we mentioned in the very beginning of the review, Nutrisystem bets on low-glycemic products and meals to guarantee results. The calorie gain list would look like the following here:

  • Nearly 50% – carbohydrates
  • About 25% – proteins
  • The rest 25% – go to fats.

In case you don’t use additional salt, the daily program predicts consumption of not more than 2300 sodium milligrams.

Nutrisystem for Men

The company understands that not only women want to lose some pounds and are ready to put efforts on their goal. Men also may suffer from excessive weight, and the physiological specialties of male organisms are significantly different than those of females. So, Nutrisystem offers a separate program line for men, and it is worth noting in a separate chapter of this review.

So, the company’s advertisements use to say that a male person can get rid of more than 18 pounds of weight within first 30 days of dieting with Nutrisystem. Is that true?

Yes, it is, if you follow the guidelines strictly and don’t allow yourself additional calorie loads in between daily meals. All dishes for men are also portioned and calculated beforehand, so you only need to heat them up on delivery and eat.

What is the point of this program for males?

Here are the key features:

  • A daily menu includes 6 smaller dishes.
  • Everyday ration also includes vegies and fruits
  • Dishes and snacks are brought to your threshold monthly
  • Additional four flexible dishes (personal receipt cooking or even some restaurant propositions) weekly
  • Two snacks daily

Is it healthy? Well, as much as frozen prepacked meals can be healthy, yes. Still, if you’ve got certain digestion or other chronic issues with your organism, it will be better for you to consult with a pro before starting to go in for this diet.


User Feedback

Actually, multiple clients comment online that they liked the food delivery solution combined with diet and weight loss services provided by Nutrisystem while their living conditions weren’t actually the best. In case your work demands constant living in hotels or separate rooms without normal kitchens, or if you don’t have time to cook for yourself but want to refuse high-calorie fast-food from McDonalds or KFC, Nutrisystem is your choice.User Feedback

On the other hand, in some comments people mention that it was relatively simple for them to keep up with the plan within first three to four months. After that, the dieter might risk feeling enough with those precalculated portions and especially their taste. Processed meals are not the tastiest, so you may feel the wish to add some freshness to the menu.

So, first, the system requires you to be patient after first results come and the euphoria falls off. The solution for that boredom is to blend the meals you get with “listed” products some more to create the effective and tasty mix of what you need and what you like.

No matter what the exact reason is, there is a small recommendation: if you decide to go in for Nutrisystem, keep your patience and follow the guidelines thoroughly for at least three months or better about a half of the year to get significant results.

After that time, combine the concept of controlling meal portions and calorie intakes with fresh products you desire to consume more.

In fact, you will lose your weight with Nutrisystem well, but there might be the need to add healthier foods to the menu later on, just because the premade and processed meals can’t bring the required amount of useful materials to you. And your organism wants to get them.

Actually, we can say that the company itself positions the system as a teaching course to prepare clients for maintaining their bodies correctly after they stop using Nutrisystem products. They teach you how to control portions and show which products are useful, healthy and fresh.

After that, it’s up to you. In case your patience and created habits will be strong enough AFTER the Nutrisystem, your excessive weight troubles won’t bother you ever again.


Yes, it works. In case you want to lose pounds effectively, this time-tested solution is a worthy way to pick and follow. You don’t need to count calories or create lists of products on your own. It will be a suitable option for those who work a lot and feel always busy because the provider calculates, cooks, packs and ships everything for you to save hours of your time.

However, it is a diet. And a diet can’t suit everyone without exceptions, because various people have different eating habits and organisms with various metabolism speeds and nutrition specialties.

Nutrisystem is without a doubt perfect for any person who always wanted to find a complex, convenient solution. To see the result, you don’t need to count calories taken daily, carbohydrates consumed from a meal or anything other to maintain balance and really see and feel the positive outcome.

What we should also admit is that getting used to receive food from any type of courier services is not an effective way if you aim towards changing your eating behavior and habits effectively. In case you would like to organize your life simultaneously with weight, Nutrisystem plans will probably require some adjustments.

Where to Buy It

In fact, you don’t buy a product here. You just subscribe for the service delivered to your threshold on a regular basis. All the required info, pricing plans and additional facts and tips are the best to see directly at the official website.

Don’t lose your chance to change your life! Nutrisystem actually works well. It does not only help you with losing a lot of pounds but gives you knowledge you can use permanently throughout your life. It’s definitely worth its price.

We hope this article was useful for you. Stay with us for further updates and other reviews, don’t miss news from the world of supplements and diets. Let’s make your body perfect together!

Pros and Cons

The conclusion wouldn’t be full without pointing on the main advantages and disadvantages of the system. The list below is a solution for those who want to see everything in one place after reading the review, or for people who don’t really have time to check the entire article.

See pluses and minuses of Nutrisystem and make it easier for yourself to decide whether the program suits you or not.

And of course, good luck with reaching your goals!


  • Prepacked portions delivered at threshold
  • Full convenience, fast cooking and no special cuisine skill needed
  • Diverse meals presented in the menu
  • Nutrition balance maintenance and food stability
  • Tasty snacks and desserts


  • Nutrisystem is not the cheapest solution one could find
  • Discourage on eating out may not be suitable for everyone’s patience
  • Nutritionist consultation is strongly recommended before starting the course
  • Delivered meals are packed and frozen, meaning they are not as tasty as fresh ones could be

*This is paid promotion on behalf of Nutrisystem*