Sadly enough, all people age, sooner or later. The process is influenced by a number of factors like environment and ecology, genetics, lifestyle, nutrition, disease, and even state of mind. But after all aging seems unavoidable: just a few months ago you felt energized, youthful, healthy, and beautiful, and today you see these annoying tiny wrinkles and creases, feel joint pain, and often experience tiredness and fatigue. However, this process can very easily be slowed down and even stopped for a very long time, if you take reasonable precautions. Organixx Collagen dietary supplement is claimed to be one of them. How it works and if it really prevents aging, read in this review.

Why do people age?

People start to get older right after they finish growing. Approximately, our bodies start to fall apart at 25. Terrible, isn’t it? When you are 25 years old, the life seems only to begin, as you build career, make a family, or do science, arts, whatever. However, the body function start to deteriorate – very slowly, very gently, in most cases. You don’t even notice it until the evidences get really clear. Why do people age?

There are many factors contributing to earlier senility. Some of them are:

  • Sedentary lifestyle.
  • Bad nutrition.
  • Lack of proper night rest.
  • Smoking and drinking alcohol.
  • Lack of essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.
  • Neglecting physical exercises.
  • Stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • Bad environment.
  • Regular sun exposure (especially in the midday and without any sunscreen cream).

So, there’s a question: if you eat proper foods, do sports, get enough sleep, and drop down bad habits, will it stop aging and help you keep young? To some extent: yes, sure. However, the matter is not that simple.

Sad but true: science cannot yet explain why people age. If it could, the aging process would have been stopped already, totally and globally. Most likely, the reason is that body cells are in fact programmed to age. And that’s what we cannot change so far.

But the thing that science and researchers can do is slowing the process and giving people decades of youth and joy. How is it possible? Well, they got really deep: the secret lies in a substance present in each human organism.

What is collagen?

It is a protein serving as a basic component of the connective tissue. It is naturally produced in the body, and it is present in human skin, bones, muscles, and joints. It has numerous functions adding to youth, health, and beauty.

Collagen can:

  • Provide skin elasticity and renewal. Collagen is responsible for skin nutrition and helps it to regenerate. This is the reason why this protein is so widely applied in cosmetics. It prevents aging and helps to look younger. The fact is proved by many clinical studies: women who took collagen supplement noted that their skin got more hydrated and fresh, as this substance restored water balance. The number of wrinkles, in turn, decreased significantly.
  • Burn body fat and reduce cellulite. Almost every woman comes across this problem. Cellulite is observed when body fat starts to press against connective tissue. Regular collagen intake helps to decrease the amount of body fat, thus reducing cellulite in separate areas. It happens because collagen itself is aimed to build muscular tissue and burn fat.
  • Heal joints, ligaments, bones, and tendons. Have you ever seen sportsmen doing sit-ups with a huge weight? This is possible thanks to a big amount of collagen in their musculoskeletal system. Besides, the protein prevents joint diseases like arthritis and osteoporosis. Elder people are most vulnerable to them.
  • Improve digestion. Collagen is present is gut lining. It makes a natural barrier preventing harmful toxins from getting into the bloodstream. So, it protects you from allergic reactions, skin irritation, and food intolerance.

In other words, collagen is an essential component if you wish to avoid aging and look young, strong, and beautiful. Unfortunately, its level starts to decrease with age. To restore it, you have to find some other sources. The most popular way is animal collagen intake. It is often produced from animals and issued in the form of dietary supplements. But not all of them are beneficial.

Organixx Collagen: what is it?

Before you learn about this supplement and its unique qualities, let’s find out about collagen types to understand the mechanics.Organixx Collagen: what is it?

There are 28 types of this protein. They all differ in amino acid sequences and degree of modification. For people to look younger and age more slowly only 5 types are demanded. They include:

  1. Type I. It is crucial for hair, teeth, and bone health. Type I makes 90 % of all the collagen in the human organism.
  2. Type II. This one is necessary for joints.
  3. Type III. The third type protects your skin, organ lining, and cardiovascular system.
  4. Type V. It is observed mostly in human hair and placenta.
  5. Type X. It prevents joint diseases like arthritis.

The problem is that most of dietary supplements do not contain all 5 necessary types! They usually have only one or two of them. This will not be enough to protect the body from aging process.

Organixx Collagen, unlike them, contains all 5 of them, as Advanced Living confirms. It makes the product really powerful and innovative. Taking this supplement you will provide your body with all the stuff it demands to stay healthy and young. But there’s something else.

Other ingredients

To help collagen absorb efficiently and do its best, you should intake some other vitamins and nutrients. Without them, collagen itself is hardly of much use. Unfortunately, most companies promising you beautiful and hydrated skin, healthy hair and teeth, strong bones, and better digestion, don’t add these nutrients into their supplements. Organixx Collagen producers took their colleagues’ mistake into account. Their product has all the crucial components.

Vitamin C

It’s a very powerful anti-oxidant. It inhibits oxidation processes and protects cells from active particles of oxygen. Without it, collagen won’t show all its potential, while body cells will get oxidized and destroyed. Some supplements do contain vitamin C. But in fact they get it from genetically modified corn extract in laboratories. It’s hard to imagine a person willing to have it.

Organixx Collagen also has vitamin C. But the manufacturer takes it from natural product without any genetic modifications. The two sources of it in this supplement are:

  • Camu Camu. This beautiful plant grows in wild Amazonian forests. Its sour berries and leaves are known for years for its anti-viral properties. Hard to believe, but this plant contains more vitamin C than, say, citruses.
  • Acerola cherry. It grows in tropical areas and is also extremely rich in vitamin C. So, it’s the most natural way to provide your body with this important substance.


Lack of this mineral brings various health issues, especially concerning heart and joints. Organixx Collagen is proud to have it, too, and to share its beneficial properties with you. The company manufacturers use a herb called horsetail to extract silica. It has strong healing properties and fights infections.


Enzymes used for collagen repairing are based on zinc. That’s why you should take this nutrient as well to boost collagen level in the body. Zinc is also contained in the supplement, so you don’t need to worry about it.

Organixx Collagen effects

So, what may you expect from this supplement? The effects are as follows:

  • Wrinkles and creases smooth, and they won’t reappear soon.
  • You are free from joint pains and aches and may no longer worry about age-related joint disease.
  • Your flexibility is improved.
  • Your hair, nail, skin, and teeth get stronger and healthier.
  • The immunity is improved.
  • You feel more energized, the sleep quality improves a lot.
  • The digestion and metabolism are much better than before.
  • The body is provided with essential nutrients.
  • You lose some weight.

How to take it

The supplement is produced in the form of powder. What you have to do is to mix one scoop in the water 3 times per day. The powder is odorless and flavorless, so you can drink it easily. But if you don’t want to have it dissolved in plain water, you may have it with any drink: juice, tea, smoothie, etc. It won’t do harm. After a month of regular intake, cut it down to 1 scoop per day and go on.

Organixx Collagen side effects

The product is perfectly natural and safe. It contains no harmful fillers, chemicals, and preservers. Moreover, it’s GMO- and gluten-free. All its components are certified clean. The clinical trials were held by independent laboratories. So, you don’t have to worry about side effects: there won’t be any. Still, you may have individual intolerance to some components. In this case, you should see your doctor.Organixx Collagen side effects

How to buy it

Order Organixx Collagen from the official website. It will be shipped to you in no time. You may order not only 1 but 3 or 5 bottles at once to get a good discount. Besides, the manufacturer gives you 1-year money back guarantee: if you are not pleased with their product for some reason, send the bottles back, and the money will be returned.

Organixx Collagen customer reviews

Helena B.: ‘I’ve been taking the powder with a glass of plain water or juice for 3 months, and it’s really wonderful! I don’t have these nagging pains in my knees, and I do feel much more flexible. Organixx Collagen, thank you!’


Valerie H.: ‘I’m 45, and you can imagine how a woman feels when she’s 45. I felt old, weak, and miserable. Each time seeing a new wrinkle on my face or neck I was about to cry. But Organixx Collagen supplement has changed everything. I look like in the mid-30s, and even my husband seems to fall in love with me again. Thanks so much to all of you!’



Organixx Collagen is a 100% natural, safe, and efficient dietary supplement. It slows aging and makes you forget about wrinkles and age-related pains and health issues. The product contains not only collagen but other substances boosting its properties. Don’t hesitate and make an order: you won’t regret.