Petco gift card is a card with a certain amount, thanks to which you will please your pet. This Petco gift card is apportioned by CashStar (Delaware incorporation). Besides buying something you can exchange for nutrition and commodity at conventional places.

How to buy and how to use it?

You can purchase a card in the following ways:

  1. To print out at home.
  2. To get a card using a phone (eGift card).
  3. Send by Electronic Mail.

You can use it by calling the customer service (1-800-853-70-55). They’ll help you to purchase the necessary product/gift, to monitor the balance of your Petco Gift card.

Where goods can be bought?

You may find addresses on our site and the exact location on the map will be shown. Your current location will also be taken into account and the nearest stores from you will be indicated.

What are the benefits of this card?

Firstly, this card exists in different pecuniary variations (for example, $25 and so on). Secondly, you can buy different things online using this card (you will get 10% off due to buying in-store and also buying online!).

Does it make sense to purchase a Petco gift card?

As the employees of this Company, we would certainly want people to purchase our cards, but do everything at your discretion. Before buying a card, familiarize yourself with the site and examine the products to understand whether you need it or not (the assortment is large and varied). We have indicated the advantages above, so the choice is yours 🙂

More information about «Everyday Free Shipping on $35»?

Free Shipping will be automatically adapted if the cost of your things is $35. This free shipping is founded on conventional delivery tariffs. You don’t need to use promotion codes.


  1. Cat’s and dog’s litter.
  2. Frozen food.
  3. Food for wild birds.

These goods can be needed and additional fees for supply and for cargo handling.

Several places have an additional shipping charge (more details on our site).

What is a repeat delivery and how does it work?

A repeat delivery is a season ticket that delivers different things for pets directly to your house.

What is a repeat delivery and how does it work?

It works so easy and you need to do the following steps:

  1. Find the necessary product.
  2. Pick up how often it would be delivered.

That’s all! Just wait for your 1st booking, it will be delivered immediately.

What are the payment methods of Petco gift cards?

The following payment methods:

  1. A valid VISA.
  2. Diners Club.
  3. American Express.
  4. Mastercard

Is the information protected after buying something at Petco?

Definitely yes! The giving information of yours when you buy Petco gift cards or something else is controlled by the Privacy Policy of CashStar. Also, Cashstar and Petco can give you information about the card’s balance or the condition of repayment.

Are returns available?

If you received your Petco gift card, you cannot annul or return it. You can cancel a purchase of Petco credit card before delivering it to you (a client should contact Customer Support).

Are there any restrictions on the use of this card?

There are several restrictions:

  1. This Petco gift card can’t be used if you want to buy other gift cards.
  2. The complete sum of acquisitions for a person can’t surpass more than $10.000 (in one calendar day).
  3. Gift cards can’t be transmitted if you didn’t use it.
  4. Petco gift cards can’t be resold, bathed for money or transmitted for value besides the cases required by law.

What to do if the gift card has been lost or stolen?

If you get into such an unpleasant situation and you don’t have a check that confirms the purchase of a card, it won’t be replaced for a new one. Also, if you have suspicions about the situation, that some kind of personality stole your card, for example, you need immediately write or phone to Customer Support! They will help you in solving the problem.

IMPORTANT: our company isn’t responsible for lost or stolen Petco gift cards! The purchaser is responsible for a gift card after buying it! Be careful, please!

All bookings of these gift cards are subordinate to a technique that includes next: info provided about a purchase on the web site and information about the purchase envisaged by the fiscal organization is compared with each other. If the information from our site and the info from financial organizations differ from each other, the Company has all the rights to delay an order of gift card.

Are eGift Petco cards convenient?

Each person has his own convenient way to purchase a card, but in this case, supply may be unsuccessful due to the following reasons:Are eGift Petco cards convenient?

  1. The e-mail was blocked by a spam strainer or was routed into a bulk.
  2. The unavailable email address was indicated.
  3. The firewall of recipient frozen your email.
  4. The mailbox has an increased limit.

If you need to solve such problems, write or call to Customer Support! (Your indent number or your email address may be required depending on the situation).

Additional important information:

  • If a gift card code is un-functional, the only way out is the replacement of your card.
  • You can read more about the conditions of the buyout on our website.
  • You’ll always get the lowest available price at the rime of your order from Petco.
  • These cards have no limit in using.
  • We always provide a different discount and make sales for our clients.
  • You don’t need to buy an additional sum for including personalized messaging. Please, be polite! If you’ll write bad words, we have all the rights to cancel an opportunity of buying this card.
  • We provide a large quantity of Pharmacy:

– Heargard Plus

– Sentinel

– Vetmedin

– Bravecto

– Thifexis

– Gabapentin

– Revolution

– Proin and so on.

All these medicines are available on our site. Sometimes discounts apply, so, be careful and track the site as often as possible so as not to miss this opportunity! Before applying these medicines to your pets, consult a specialist to avoid the trouble! (Discounts can be both minimal and highly beneficial; it all depends on the drug).

Besides buying a Petco gift credit you can use the following services:

  1. Dog grooming.
  2. Pet sitting.
  3. Veterinary care.
  4. Dog self-wash.
  5. Dog training.
  6. Pet insurance.


Judging by the reviews, customers are satisfied with the purchase of the card because they write the next words:

  • An easy gift.
  • No difficulties at checkout.
  • The right amount of money and so on.Besides buying a Petco gift credit you can use the following services:

Petco is a leading Company that wants to give the best for four-legged friends and not only them. These friends give us a smile, which means we need to do this in return!

So, if you want to get free shipping, to get a supply on your schedule (you can change the time of delivery anytime), to be always awarded (you can earn automatically 5% back with Pals Rewards), to get 10% off when you buy something online, to get information about discounts, buy different goods from us for your favorite and faithful pets and make them happy!