How to use the internet without violations?

The following recommendations were written for those who care much about his personal information and the way it is used in the World Wide Web. This sort of data is used in the USA. It can be used for diverse reasons:

  1. Personal identification;
  2. Determine the location;
  3. Identification an individual in a certain context.

Be attentive while reading this guide to clear all the points about the way we use personally identifiable information. It is described how we assemble, use or guard data throughout your visit to the website.

What information is collected during your periods of activity?

Practically, we don’t gather any information no matter how often you visit the website.

When is the personal information collected?

It is obvious that any website gets personal information when you enter it, and our website works with the same principals.

The terms of using personal information

The data received from a user can be saved for different purposes. But first of all, we give you a brief description when your information becomes available. If you sign-up or log-in on the website, buy anything or taking part in surveys your data becomes accessible for us. If you make a subscription to anything or even surf the website, it also becomes accessible. We collect it for the following reasons:

  1. We must know what our customers are interested in to offer them suitable content;
  2. Constant renovations of the website make important changes;
  3. It also helps to regulate the content of the website, like contests and different kinds of surveys.

What measures are taken to protect our visitors?

We are against gathering any personal statistics or any payment IDs. For the same reason, we do not use diverse types of scanning like other websites. SSL certificates are also out of the question.

Why “cookies” are used?

The main principals of stability of any internet platform include using “cookies”. In a few words, you should understand what ‘cookies’ are. They are elementary and tiny files. They are kept on the hard-drive. The users get them when they access any internet site. It helps identify the browser and get some information about the user. The aims of using this type of information mainly include the preferences of the customer. It simply means that the website can understand what information is being looked for. And according to this fact, suitable content is offered. For example, if a user is looking for a certain good, the system will remember what he was looking for. It is important as it helps the website to find the right offer for the potential customer. It is also necessary as it helps handle the traffic on the website to see how it works and implement any improvement if it is necessary.

The aims of using cookies:

  1. It helps understand users’ preferences and save the information for future visits.
  2. Advertisement control.
  3. Collecting data about the traffic and functions of the site to improve its look and tools in the future.

If you are afraid of sending cookies, it is possible to turn them on. It is also available to switch on the notifications that will warn you about sending cookies. It can be done in the web-browser settings. No matter what browser you are using, it is almost the same in any kind of it. You can modify the terms of sending cookies through the help menu if you don’t understand how to do it.

If cookies are switched off, it won’t influence any functions. But at the same time, you should clearly understand that some features won’t be working. Even some service will be unable to work accurately. But nothing will prevent you from placing orders.

The policy of sending “cookies”

First of all, it is necessary to identify what cookie is. It is a small text unit sent to the web-browser by the website. It includes information about users’ preferences such as language and other minor settings. Collecting this information will make your next visit easier and more precise. Without cookies using the Internet would be rather difficult, every visit would look the same.
Cookies are also important for making suitable content for every user. It helps identify users’ needs. Due to this fact, the sites use the exact advertisement to pay attention to different goods and services. Cookies also important as they can be used by analytics to administer the website.

Using cookies involves collecting anonymous information about visitors to the website. It shows the pages you are visiting during your session. The main disadvantage of these files is connected with popular social networks. If you use any application connected with Facebook or Twitter, it can identify that you visit a certain website through their applications. It rather difficult to control them, but you should clearly understand that this type of information can hardly be viewed as harmful or dangerous. Be sure, that our website promises not to share your personal information with such services without your permission. 3rd parties can’t get this data from us.

Another important service that helps us administer our website is Google Analitycs. Without it, all the internet services and markets won’t be able to control their visitors and customers. The key point is what information is gathered by Google Analitycs? It leads the statistics about the ways users find this or that website. Except this, it provides some information about your PC. Don’t be afraid, that your personal information can be given to 3rd parties. It is impossible, as we exactly can’t identify the users through this service. It means that all the information collected is anonymous. The main aim of this instrument is to learn the users’ preferences and find out drawbacks in website stability. It helps improve the website organization. If you want to learn more, visit this link:

Modern social networks have special buttons that can help identify the personality of the user. We have the same functions, but they are implemented a bit differently. The programming code that is used on the website can’t control the user. If you use any services by social networks all the information becomes accessible for the admins. In any case, when you visit this kind of website your personal information is being collected. We don’t have any idea about your likes and dislikes and how many friends you have and even who they are. As our website is inoffensive, we think that collecting personal information and privacy interference is unfair. The information is kept only for maintaining the content and proper work.

If the terms of using cookies are changed, you can read the information on this page. We inform you as soon as it happens. It can be done because of technological changes.

3rd party participation

We don’t share or trade personal information as we think that it is illegal. We can share it only in several cases, if we want to do it you will get a notification about it. It is also connected with all the partners we are working, if they agree to follow the same rules. But your personal information can be released if we want to protect ourselves or your actions can be observed as illegal. If you are going to break the law, your data can be released and transfer to 3rd parties if it is necessary.

In some cases, information received from the user can be shared with other parties for marketing or advertising. But be sure, that all the information is anonymous as we don’t know who is sitting behind the monitor.

The importance of different links

Our website has the right to place links from our partners. When you click one of them, you are going to another website. We can’t promise that they have the same terms of using your information. We are not responsible for their administration. But we try to find partners with the same terms. We will be glad if you send us comments about these links if anything was wrong.

The role of Google

Google’s Advertising Principles are important elements of the advertisement. Google can offer different positions according to your interests and previous visits.

For the same reason, we use Google AdSense Advertising. It is important because Google sends an advertisement to the users through our website. It becomes possible since it uses DART cookies. The principals of its work are rather simple. The advertisement is forming according to the history of your web browser. It helps provide you the exact and necessary information. If you dislike it, you can switch it off.

All these instruments are used to learn the collaboration of users with the advertisement. For that reason, we are collecting different types of cookies. They are important to specify the peculiarities of the functions implemented on our website and how they work together with Google elements or other vendors.

How to switch off DART cookies?

If you are not content with the way Google is using your personal information, or you dislike the way of advertisement made by Google, you can visit a page where you can switch it on. There is also an add on for the web-browser that helps opt-out sending DART cookies.

The most important law about privacy protection

The law that was worked out in California made a revolution in the world of personal information. We try to clear up what are the most important facts about it. The appearance of this law made the websites and some services to publish information about the use of personal information. As a result, lots of websites have had the button, called “Privacy Policy”. Due to the title California Online Privacy Protection Act, the users may get the impression that it is working only in this state. But everything is much more complex. The law has its influence on the whole territory of the USA. But the main advantage of the law is that it covers all the points that users may doubt. It explains precisely what information is collected and for what reasons. More information is available here:

The results of using CalOPPA

  1. All the visitors can be sure that their security can’t be broken
  2. There is a link on any website, that describes the policy of using personal information (In most cases, it is written on the main page to attract the users’ attention).
  3. The information can be found with the keywords. It includes the word “Privacy”.
  4. In case of changing the terms, you will get a notification or an e-mail, where you can read the current updates.

Do Not Track signals on the website

Our obligation is not to use any DNT signals if the user is against it. If this mechanism is working you can be sure that we get no track signals. An important addition must be mentioned that behavioral tracking can be done by third parties.

Children Online Privacy Protection Act

When anything concerns children, the parents must take responsibility for the usage of the Internet by them. The document describes what every organization must do to prevent children from harmful content.

The notion of the law “Fair Information Practices”

This law is the core of the law created in the USA in the sphere of data protection. It played an important role in the development of that notion. It is very important as it regulates all the terms of using personal information. If any trouble happens we can do the following actions:

The user will get a notification about the violation. It will happen for a week.
It is also guarded by the federal law. Anytime, if the violation occurs, the user will have the right to protect himself by the means of the Federal Law. The users can apply to the court to clarify the reasons and the consequences of using their personal information.

The role of the CAN-SPAM Act

The act gives the recommendations about the relations between the users and those admins who are in contact with personal information. It has the rules for commercial messages. If any violation happens, the user has the right to take necessary measures kept by the law.
E-mail addresses are collected to prevent users from getting inappropriate content. According to the law, every user has the right to ask to stop getting emails. We promise to remove all the messages if the user asks for it. If you have any problems with the terms of the privacy policy, you can send all the questions to the following address: support (at)