Silica, or organic silica, or silicon is a mineral very common for the planet Earth, and extremely beneficial for our health, too, as the amount of studies that show silica’s advantages for the human body only grows over time. It is found in various places and products, but very few food products contain it, let alone enough to be beneficial for a human. That is unfortunate, as it was proven that silicon has a positive effect on our main body functions like growth, regeneration, and development, maintaining which is crucial for an individual to live a full, happy life.

This is especially relevant in the modern world, where many historically driven factors influence our well being. The main is a fast-paced, busy lifestyle that everyone is leading nowadays, which among other things effects our diets greatly. Other factors, which also have an influence on our health, include environmental state and financial issues. Under such circumstances, it is very important to keep ourselves healthy.Silica on photo

Silica is essential no matter the age, sex, or class or food preferences – everyone needs it. However, it is vital to maintain its levels over the years because as we grow older and older, our body loses silicon naturally and, and at first glance, unnoticeable. While early development of our body’s silica is stored in it, making a human body flexible enough, resilient, and therefore more active, but then silica levels start to decrease until it has dissolved almost entirely. An interesting but unfortunate fact is that by the time we grow up most of the silica, which is up to 80%, is spent.

The general result of such an issue is a major decline in health. With the weakening of our bodies, we start to feel fatigued, which only accelerates the aging. Here comes the silica supplementing, which, if managed properly, supports all body systems. Hence you are stronger – your skin, bones, and heart feel great no matter what.

Advantages for the skeletal system

Despite calcium being the first element to come to mind when one hears ‘bones’, it’s not enough for the skeletal system to grow and develop. One more significant component is vitamin D, but neither D nor calcium can work properly without the aid of silica. Some studies suggest that, if deprived of silicon, our bone structure can deteriorate even if there’s enough calcium and vitamin D.

If the skeletal system was damaged by long-term low levels of silica, the patient is ought to seek medical help in order for professionals to help re-mineralize bones. Experts advise that organic silica supplements should be taken, as bones need not only mentioned elements (calcium, vitamin D) plus magnesium, but also silicon to balance them all out. One of the researches has shown that silica may serve as a calcium supplement. The process of it is that, when required, silicon may be converted into calcium through transmutation.

Advantages for Immune System

It is clear now that silica is healthy for various systems, and the immune system is no exception. This is the key to producing antigens and converting Lymphocyte B into Lymphocyte T, which helps our body to react to harmful stimuli. What’s important here is that this way silica helps to reduce swelling.

Advantages for Skin

The biggest body part that is first to ensure our inner safety is skin, so its safety, too, must be protected. The part that helps the skin to stay resilient is collagen protein, which makes up to 75% skin weight, and contains large silica amounts. One more organ that depends on resilience is connective tissue made of such elements as collagen, mucous, elastin, and others, which take part in liquids preservation.Advantages for Skin

All of them contain organic silica. The tissue capacity to preserve liquid is what makes it crucial for the skin’s resilience and, therefore, how gracefully we grow old. Combined, these factors make up the biological reason for our body to hold in one piece.

Advantages for the Brain

As the deficiency of silica is hugely responsible for aging, it isn’t surprising that elderly people are in more need of that. Scientists suggested that Alzheimer’s is intertwined with the levels of silicon in one’s body. That is due to aluminum, which is stored in the brain over the course of human life, and that affects cognitive function greatly. Silicon is scientifically proven to suspend the increase of aluminum amounts, thus improving the mentioned cognitive function. Some researchers connected silicon levels with the lowering of aluminum consolidations not only in the brain but also in kidneys, skeletal systems, and some other body parts.

Advantages for the cardiovascular system

All systems’ well being is vital for us to lead a healthy and happy life, but there’s one more that comes to mind as the most important. The one and only aorta, main heart vessel that pumps the blood to the heart every day, aorta, grows weaker over time because it loses vital silica resources, increasing the risk of heart or blood diseases. Lung safety also depends on silica, although lungs are not a part of this body system.

Another great silicon characteristic that is beneficial for everyone who wants to lead a healthy lifestyle is silica’s water solubility, that helps in its assimilation. One fact that should be remembered is that our body systems don’t store organic silica, so we must control its levels. But there’s a positive part – the studies show no harmful features of silicon. Its wide range of use makes it vital minerals for our body, the cautiously controlled supplementation of which can ensure you a long joyful life.