The main rules of using the website

  1. Terms

When you visit the website you should clearly understand that you must take into account that you must agree with all the terms of using the information. All these terms are based on the principals fixed by the Federal Laws. If you have any doubts and are going to disagree with it, it is better not to use the following website. All the material given on the website are protected from copying. It also important to state that trade mark law also regulates the terms of using the website.

  1. License usage

You can use all the materials temporary. And it is limited to one cope, no matter what it is: information from the website or any kind of software or codes used in them. The website was created for personal and non-commercial using. You just get the permission to visit the website and not to use it as a property. You can’t do the following actions there:

  1. Change or copy the information
  2. Use the materials form the website for commercial purposes and show it to the audience
  3. Steal the program software or codes from the website
  4. Use the information from the website to publish it on the certain page that belongs to you, or create the copy of the website

If you violate one of these pints, your license will have been cancelled. In this case you must remove all the materials that are connected with the website no matter what form you possess: printing materials or electronic copies. All the actions are controlled automatically by the means of the website. If any violation happens, you will get to know about it at once.

  1. Disclaimer

The website provides the information about the usage of the information. It doesn’t guarantee that the information will be precise and accurate. also state that it is out of its ability to control the information. It means that the information given in other different sites can be inaccurate and have nothing in common with the original website.

  1. Limitations

In any case and its suppliers couldn’t be blamed for the inability of using the information and the inability of using the website If the site is blocked, or you can’t get the permission to visit it, you will get a notification in any form available. But, the core fact is that some jurisdictions aren’t responsible for the certain warranties. In general, it means that you won’t experience the limitations because of unexpected expenses.

  1. Revisions

All the materials on could have any types of errors. doesn’t guarantee any accuracy in the information. The information can be irrelevant or it can cover something partially without a complete description. can edit the information at any time without any notices. is not focused on regular updates.

  1. Links doesn’t look through all the links connected with the website. We don’t promise that any kind of link is accurate. We don’t take the responsibility for the content provided by our partners. Any kind of link doesn’t include endorsement by The user does any actions with these links at his own risk.

  1. The changes in term usage can edit the terms of using the website. It can be done without any notifications. If you start using the website, it means that you agree with current terms connected with the information protection that are described in the following section as “Terms and Conditions”.

  1. Governing Law

Any claim that is connected with is regulated by the law of Wisconsin State. It is regulated without taking into account any collisions that may appear during the process of investigation.

All the terms of using the website and possible consequences are available on the website.