Where to Buy Cheap Throw Pillows (under $12 each)!
Ornamental throw pillows

Do you want to add some decorations to your room? Decorative cushions are the best option for you. There are many ways to set such pillows and make your home cosier. Surprisingly, decorative cushions can turn a plain flat into a well-designed place with comfortable furniture. Such accessories will make your room unique, more colourful and inviting to the eye.

However, the first thing that stops people from acquiring throw pillows is their high price.

For some people, it may be acceptable to spend up to $50 on buying one cushion, but I don’t want to hold my purse strings this way. My great love for different handmade things isn’t enough for me to buy handmade cushions or pillowcases on popular web stores. I would make such accessories myself if I knew how to do it. To my shame, I don’t have much experience in sewing and doing anything with my own hands, though, such a skill would be very useful now.

Where to Buy Cheap Throw Pillows (under $12 each)!
An airtight packaging for the pillows

Fortunately, one day browsing Hobby Lobby, I found a section of pre-made accessories for decorating a room. I was surprised to discover it because I had been using the webpage for a very long time and I had never seen the amazing pre-made pillowcases and throw pillow inserts. That department with the fabric and different implements for sewing had never been important for me, so I had never looked into it. It’s obvious because I have no idea how to sew.

My attitude to Hobby Lobby is always different. On the one hand, when there are big sales on the website, I love it. Although I am full of hatred for it when in a while I want to buy an item that was on sale a week ago and it already costs a great deal of money as it was before. I really wish all the products could be on sale forever. I would also love it if the web store worked on Sundays. Well, it’s not hard to guess why they are closed on Sunday, but they could at least work fewer hours on this day.

There is a great variety of pillow inserts with the standard size 18×18 on Hobby Lobby. They cost $9.99. As for the pillowcases, their price varies between $7.99-$14.99. Yes, these prices aren’t low but there’s a great opportunity to pay only $12 per pillow if you decide to buy it when it’s on sale. For example, now you can acquire a pillow cover, which is 50% off, and a pillow insert, which is also on sale 30% off. Your final cost for a standard-sized cushion with a cover whose price is $9.99 without sales is $11.99. It’s wonderful, isn’t it? That’s so cheap for a decorative pillow and there’s no need for you to know how to sew. Besides, Hobby Lobby is very generous with such sales. There can be sales several times a month so you shouldn’t be upset if you miss this week’s sales.

Where to Buy Cheap Throw Pillows (under $12 each)!
Original pillow covers

Another important question that you may be interested in is the quality of the cushions. To tell the truth, these throw pillows seem to be much softer and more durable than the ones that cost several times as much. Every pillow-case has a very convenient zipper. Stuffing a 20×20 pillow insert into a smaller-sized cover (it’s shown in the photo), I thought the zipper wouldn’t endure such tension but it worked very well. You can see my Fall Home Tour 2020.

The low price of decorative cushions has an important advantage. You won’t regret buying them if their appearance starts to annoy you. You’ll be able to change their covers easily and it won’t be too expensive. For example, the striped chevron pillowcase will surely look boring to you in a few months.

Where to Buy Cheap Throw Pillows (under $12 each)!
A handmade pillow cover with the map of Minnesota

As you don’t have to spend big amounts of money on many cushions for decorating your room and putting on your sofa, you can buy the pillow that attracted you at once and that you wanted to buy so much. A handmade Minnesota cushion that I bought in Chatfield, Minnesota appeared to be that cushion for me. Since we’ve lived in Minnesota, I’ve been in love with this beautiful pillow.

Where to Buy Cheap Throw Pillows (under $12 each)!
Pillows with different designs

In my opinion, the compatibility of different throw pillows is not a worthy thing of being worried about. Your pillows don’t have to be a perfect match. The important thing is that the atmosphere the cushions create makes you feel relaxed. You should set your cushions according to your feelings. I like to combine colourful ornamental pillows with pillows of a neutral colour. I can create various combinations and it’s not necessary to put the same pillows on each side of the sofa. There’s the striped chevron cushion on one side of our big family sofa and the pillow of Minnesota on the other sides. It looks very cosy!

Where to Buy Cheap Throw Pillows (under $12 each)!
My favourite pillows

In case you have been putting off the purchase of decorative pillows for your home because you don’t want to spend a lot of money, I recommend you to visit Hobby Lobby.com where you’ll see a great collection of pillow inserts and pillowcases. You’ll find something attractive to you, especially on sale days when your purchase will be very beneficial – you’ll need to pay only under $12 for a marvellous pillow. See also my article about Christmas Home Tour 2020.

The last thing that I wanted to tell you is the weekly 40% off coupon. It can be used for buying things that are not on sale at the moment. One coupon is only for one visit so if you want to purchase more than one item, it is a good idea to ask somebody to join you and order another item separately. You can get the coupon in the Sunday paper or on the Hobby Lobby app, which is free.

How to spend less money on decorative cushions? Do you put off the decision of getting them because they seem too expensive?