Apothecary Cabinet Ikea Rast Hack


DIY Apothecary Cabinet Ikea Rast Hack I don't mean to brag (too much) but I gotta tell you all that living just over an hour away from IKEA rocks. Before our move to Minnesota last spring, an IKEA trip would have been planned months in advance and would have most likely been an overnight trip. Now, it's nothing for us to decide a day or two in advance that a trip to IKEA in the Cities will happen. And even though we've been there a dozen times in the past year, I still get overwhelmed every time I'm there because the minute I walk in the doors my mind is flooded with ideas. 

So when I was invited by Hickory Hardware and PPG Voice of Color to participate in the IKEA Rast Hack Challenge I accepted immediately because although it's the middle of winter, and we're freezing our butts off here in Minnesota, I knew my handsome handy husband and I could handle it - especially since we sprung for a garage heater when we built our new house. 

After bouncing some ideas back and forth with my handsome handy husband, we decided to turn the IKEA Rast dresser into a vintage apothecary cabinet on casters. 

DIY Apothecary Cabinet Ikea Rast Hack

I was provided with the RAST 3 drawer dresser and my choice of hardware from Hickory Hardware and PPG Voice of Color. We chose the Windover Antique Caster Assembly and 3 In. Oxford Antique Windover Antique Cup Cabinet Pull. After all of that arrived, the only thing I had to do was visit my local PPG store. Lucky for me, a brand new PPG paint store is opening here in Rochester. The owner Scott was kind enough to invite us into his new store, Prairie Vista Paints located at 1720 2nd Street SW before it officially opens later this week. After we talked a little about the look we wanted to achieve with the RAST dresser, he suggested a few products and we decided on PPG Paints Break-Through! (more on that below). 

DIY Apothecary Cabinet Ikea Rast Hack The first thing we did was assemble the dresser leaving off the drawer fronts to the drawers because in order to give the dresser an apothecary cabinet look, the drawer fronts needed a slight modification. My handsome handy husband clamped a piece of wood to 1/3 of the drawer width to the fence of the saw blade to give a consistent cut.  Then he set the depth of the blade so that it would only cut about halfway through the wood. This way he was able to get a consistent cut depth and distance on each of the three drawer faces. To give more of a gap between the faux drawer fronts, he moved the piece of wood he had clamped to the fence down an additional blade width and passed the blade through again. This gave about a ¼” overall space between the faux drawer fronts. This could also be accomplished with a table saw or router as well. 

DIY Apothecary Cabinet Ikea Rast Hack Since the bottom of the dresser is open, he added scrap wood (1x3) so there would be a place to attach the casters. He then added short pieces of a 1-1/8” hardwood dowels to attach the casters to the scrap wood. 

DIY Apothecary Cabinet Ikea Rast Hack The above image is an upside down view of the dresser with scrap wood and hardwood dowel pieces attached. 

DIY Apothecary Cabinet Ikea Rast Hack Scott from Prairie Vista Paints highly recommended PPG Paints Break-Through! paint that ended up being fantastic to work with! This product adheres to just about anything including galvanized steel, masonry, laminate, concrete, plastics, and interior wood. The dry time was even quicker than chalk paint and clean up was simple with just soap and water. I didn't have to seal it afterwards either which is nice because it's one less step to deal with. 

DIY Apothecary Cabinet Ikea Rast Hack To give the faux drawer fronts depth, we taped off the lines and used the black PPG Break-Through! paint. After the black paint was dry, I filled the holes on the drawer fronts where the original hardware would have been placed. After the wood filler was dry and the excess sanded off, I then painted the entire dresser with the brown PPG Break-Through! paint. 

DIY Apothecary Cabinet Ikea Rast Hack Before the brown color was completely dry, I went over the entire thing again with the black. I made sure to have very little black paint on my brush and just lightly brushed over the brown. On the image above, the drawer front on the left is just the brown paint, and the other two have the black layer.

After everything was dry, the drawer pulls were attached.

DIY Apothecary Cabinet Ikea Rast Hack We also added a piece of butcher block to the top of the dresser to give it a more substantial and finished look. I added a few extra coats of the black paint to the butcher block top so it didn't blend in completely with the rest of the dresser. 

DIY Apothecary Cabinet Ikea Rast Hack The result is a vintage look apothecary cabinet that fits perfectly in the space and was completed in just a few hours!

DIY Apothecary Cabinet Ikea Rast Hack Some time later this week, you will all be able to vote on your favorite IKEA Rast Hack on the Hickory Hardware Facebook page. When the voting is up, I will be sure to come back and update this post with the link!



1.0   Linda
1/12/2016 10:39:28 AM
I totally adore this Ikea hack! It's beautiful.
  1.1   Rose
1/28/2016 6:09:08 AM
Thank you so much Linda!
2.0   Tara
1/12/2016 5:45:36 PM
Turned out fabulous!!!
  2.1   Rose
1/28/2016 6:09:44 AM
Thanks Tara! I'm pretty sure it was that paint that made all the difference!
3.0   the cape on the corner
1/19/2016 11:50:55 AM
wow, i love that you put it on wheels, too. that's the perfect place for it, too. b
  3.1   Rose
1/28/2016 6:10:40 AM
Thank you! There is a cold air return vent on that wall and I wanted to make sure I could easily move it out of the way to vacuum the vent. Plus, when I saw the casters on the Hickory Hardware website I fell in love with them!
4.0   Angela Boone
1/20/2016 2:00:42 PM
I love this- this is quite possibly the best Rast Hack I've ever seen. I'm wandering over from Work it Wednesday.
  4.1   Rose
1/28/2016 6:12:06 AM
That is a HUGE compliment!! Thank you!!
5.0   Vineta @ The Handyman's Daughter
1/20/2016 8:23:16 PM
Wow, it's beautiful! I love the black paint overlaid on the brown. It gives it great depth and makes it look so expensive. Great job!
  5.1   Rose
1/28/2016 6:12:41 AM
Thank you so much Vineta! And thank you for stopping by!
6.0   Anika
1/20/2016 10:38:55 PM
Saw this on Wow me wednesday... Such a smart hack. It looks really awesome! Great job! Going to check out the rest of your blog now :)
  6.1   Rose
1/28/2016 6:13:47 AM
Thank you Anika! And welcome to the world of blogging!
7.0   Terry
1/21/2016 5:27:38 PM
This certainly has the WOW factor now! I love the hardware and casters you chose! I hope you have a great day! Smiles! Terry http://thecuratorscollection.wordpress.com
  7.1   Rose
1/28/2016 6:15:26 AM
Thanks so much Terry! And by the way, I'm totally jealous of that drill press on your mantle! Love it!
8.0   Anne
1/21/2016 10:09:33 PM
OMG I am obsessed with this! I love that you put it on casters!!
  8.1   Rose
1/28/2016 6:20:46 AM
Thanks so much Anne! And I love your blanket ladder hack! Clever!
9.0   Rena | Sloan + Milk
1/22/2016 8:59:38 AM
This is gorgeous! I've always had a weak spot for apothecary cabinets but finding one is another story. This might just be the push I needed to make my own. And I'm glad to hear about your success with the Breakthrough Paint. I am about to paint our cabinets and that's the paint I was going to get.
  9.1   Rose
1/28/2016 6:23:23 AM
I think the Break-Through! paint would work really, really well on cabinets! More so than chalk paint, that's for sure!!
10.0   Suzy @ Worthing Court
1/22/2016 9:40:53 AM
Wow - this turned out great! I'll be featuring your project at The Scoop this Monday night. Thank you for linking up!
  10.1   Rose
1/28/2016 6:30:31 AM
Thank you SO much for the feature Suzy!!
11.0   Natasha @ The Simply Inspired Blog
1/22/2016 6:13:10 PM
This is so amazing!! (and genius!) Great job!
  11.1   Rose
1/28/2016 6:31:50 AM
Thank you Natasha! And thank you so much for stopping by! :)
12.0   Amy @ StowandTellU
1/23/2016 8:19:57 AM
All around this is a fabulous makeover and I just love the paint and technique you used, it looks so much like stain. Pinned!
  12.1   Rose
1/28/2016 6:38:32 AM
Thank you Amy! The paint was so good to work with! It may be my new favorite repurposing paint!
13.0   Alicia E
1/24/2016 7:54:09 AM
Voted. I need two of those for my son's room. I wish Ikea wasn't 8 hours away.
  13.1   Rose
1/28/2016 6:41:46 AM
That's the worst about IKEA. So far away for so many people!!
14.0   Emily
1/24/2016 7:10:18 PM
I love this so much! The stain, the handles, I love, love, love how you transformed this IKEA cabinet! I had to choose your makeover to feature at this week's Merry Monday party! We'd love to have you link up with us again this week :)
  14.1   Rose
1/28/2016 7:05:48 AM
Thank you so much Emily! I'll definitely be back this week! I also added the button for the party to this post!
15.0   Taryn @ Design, Dining and Diapers
1/25/2016 12:06:29 AM
This is absolutely gorgeous! Such a great job, I love the color.
  15.1   Rose
1/28/2016 7:13:44 AM
Thank you so much Taryn! And thank you for stopping by! :)
16.0   Karren
1/25/2016 5:17:19 AM
Coming over from Earlene's To Pin!! I love the hacks that can be created, if I hadnt read the whole post, I would have thought these a set of library drawers....Perfect!! Would love to have you add to my Friday Features party or WW. Have a great week! Karren Oh MY Heartsie Girl ♥
  16.1   Rose
1/28/2016 7:17:17 AM
Thank you so much Karren! I will stop by tour Friday Features party for sure!
17.0   Cami
1/25/2016 4:56:27 PM
What an amazing transformation! It really stood out to me at a link party! I just am speechless with how you transformed that piece. I host a link party every thursday and would love to have you link up so we could feature you! My site is http://tidbits-cami.com
  17.1   Rose
1/28/2016 7:18:17 AM
Thanks so much Cami! I will be sure to stop by your link party!
18.0   Connie
1/26/2016 9:05:56 AM
Great hack! Now I have to make one like it. Could you tell us where you got the perpetual calendar? I have been looking for one for a while.
  18.1   Rose
1/28/2016 7:21:51 AM
Hi Connie! The perpetual calendar is from Kirklands! http://www.kirklands.com/product/Metal-Flip-Calendar/196888.uts
19.0   Mila
1/28/2016 7:48:50 AM
You made my day with this post! I was looking for a nice apothecary cabinet. Great hack and color is lovely :) You have been featured this week at Idea Box. Hugs, Mila
20.0   Cynthia Chilson Finger
1/30/2016 8:35:13 AM
What an awesome project. You did a really great job with the tutorial, as well. Thanks so much for sharing and good luck with the competition!
21.0   Lori D
1/31/2016 4:21:59 PM
Rose, where did you get your calendar? I <3 it!
  21.1   Rose
2/1/2016 8:09:22 AM
Hi Lori! The calendar is from Kirklands! http://www.kirklands.com/product/Metal-Flip-Calendar/196888.uts
22.0   Lori D
2/6/2016 3:54:16 PM
Thank You Rose. I just checked and it's temporarily sold out (I'll keep checking back though :) )
23.0   gzfkg@stu.ca
3/18/2016 3:10:55 PM
What ize is the butcher's block and where can one be purchased?
24.0   Anonymous
4/4/2016 3:34:35 PM
I followed your link to the contest page and was shocked that your hack was not featured, it is a clear winner in my book
25.0   Island Girl
4/12/2016 9:09:43 AM
Well done you! What a fabulous result. This has to be the best IKEA Rast hack I've seen yet. I think I might well borrow your idea if you don't mind. I used to live just 15 minutes from an IKEA store and I so miss it - I have to take a ferry to get to one now :(
26.0   Amber
7/28/2016 8:12:03 PM
What an awesome result! Can you share the steps for securing the butcher block top?
27.0   Kristine
8/7/2016 3:01:50 PM
This looks amazing! Can I ask where you found the calendar?
28.0   Amanda
8/31/2016 5:28:01 PM
This is such an awesome hack! i already have two rast dressers and I'm about to buy two more to make a big dresser. I don't have that paint store near me...what color brown is it painted?
29.0   Anonymous
10/13/2016 8:44:47 PM
Where di you find the handles? Great project!
30.0   Jill
2/9/2017 3:12:03 PM
That is the best Hack I have ever seen! just beautiful!
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