An Easy Way to Extend the Life of your Cleansing Pads

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EASY TIP!! A super quick way to extend the life of facial cleansing pads!!
Wash your face before you go to bed at night. If there is one thing my mom drilled into my stubborn head when I was a kid (and actually stuck) it was making sure no matter how tired I was or even if I didn't wear makeup that day, washing your face before bed every night is a must. I've been doing this faithfully my entire adult life and here I am at 39 years old still shocking people when they find out my real age. I'm proud to say that aside from smile lines (I blame my husband for those), I have avoided crows feet, fine lines, and wrinkles. Being faithful to my skincare routine, which is simply washing my face and moisturizing day and night has been, in my opinion, the reason for my younger looking skin.

I started using cleansing pads after my daughter's dermatologist suggested them to her. I ended up really, really liking them because they are quite convenient and take eye makeup off easily without harsh scrubbing of having to use another product. The thing is, they can get a little costly. They range in price from $6 - $8 depending on where you shop. I like to get mine at Walmart for $6.78 and there is usually a $1 off coupon available. So for $5.78 I was getting a 28-day supply. 


After I started to use these cleansing pads I realized they were huge. I started to feel wasteful because after I was done with it, I was throwing away a cleansing pad that had lots more mileage left.

My quick and easy solution to this was to simply remove all of the cleansing pads from the container, cut them in half, and then put them right back into the original container. I made sure to use a clean scissor and put them on a clean plate. It's easiest to only cut 3 or 4 at a time also. Now I have a 56-day supply for under $6! This is one of my ways of saving where I can so I can splurge when I want! :)

Note: I only use these cleansing pads at night because I use a lighter face wash in the morning in the shower. These cleansing pads are perfect for removing dirt and makeup at the end of the day from your face. 


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