Farmhouse Style Painted Kitchen Table and Chairs Makeover


Farmhouse style painted kitchen table and chairsI'm super excited to share with all of you my latest project because it's been something I have been planning since last fall. As much as I loved the large farmhouse table that we scored for a super good deal at an Amish auction last summer, I have plans for it in another area of our house (you can see that table and the benches here). In the next few weeks we're going to be starting our deck and I'm eager for that to happen because it's going to be an extension of living space (for a month or so out of the year since we do live in Minnesota - har har har). Our new deck space will have an upper and lower deck and my plan right now is to use the old rectangular farmhouse table and benches on the lower part of the deck. With our daughter's high school graduation party coming up, having the farmhouse table and benches will be great for extra seating. And just a month after that I turn 40 so we might just need extra seating for another party. :) 

These past few months I have been keeping watch on Craigslist and Facebook for a used kitchen table and chairs. I knew I wanted a pedestal table and I knew I wanted 6 chairs. I occasionally found sets that I was interested in purchasing and ended up disappointed because they were either already sold, or the seller never responded to my email. After dealing with that for awhile, my husband suggested buying the table and chairs separate since I had planned on painting them anyways. Duh. Why didn't I think of that?! 

Farmhouse style painted kitchen table and chairsSo I ended up purchasing this pedestal table for only $75 and it was just what I was looking for. I'm sure this table looks very familiar to many of you since this shade of stain was all the rage in the 90's. Remember when everyone decorated with country blue and little wooden people and houses that were hand painted from the craft fairs? 

Farmhouse style painted kitchen table and chairsThe table top required the most amount of prep work since I wanted to stain the top. The rest of the table top and the pedestal were going to be painted so there was very little prep work involved. That table top was a bit of pain though. First we used a stain stripper and then an orbital sander. My friend Maggie and I took turns using the orbital sander and when our arms got tired, my husband took over and finished it all up. 

Farmhouse style painted kitchen table and chairsNow before you send me hate mail about painting these chairs, please understand that they did in fact need a bit of work and look much better in the picture than they did in person. Also, this just isn't my style. When I found these chairs on Craigslist, I had crossed my fingers that they were not already sold. Within an hour or so we were on our way to pick up 5 press back chairs. I know what you're thinking, only 5? Yes, the seller only had 5. Since I love the look of painted press back chairs, and the price was just oh-so-right ($120 for all 5 chairs), I decided on using the 5th chair in the guest room and purchasing 2 additional chairs for when we have guests. I don't feel the need to be matchy matchy (anymore) so I went with black metal cafe chairs which by the way were under $50 each shipped! 

Farmhouse style painted kitchen table and chairsOne of the reasons I was drawn to these chairs was the absence of chair back spindles. The thought of painting around those....yuck. The only thing we had to do was remove the hip rests and lightly sand the seats. My husband did also strengthen some of the legs with wood glue and tightened the screws that were loose. 

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you may remember me posting a couple of the pictures I took while I was in the process of painting. I decided against using chalk paint for this project and instead used a high quality latex paint & primer in one from Menards. I went with a bone color but honestly I can't tell the difference between white and bone. On the chair seats and the table top we used Minwax Interior Wood Stain in Ebony. 

Farmhouse style painted kitchen table and chairsAfter the chair seats were dry, I hand sanded the seats with a fine grit sand paper to remove the sheen because I wanted the chair seats to look worn. In the photo above, the two chair on the left are sanded, the chair on the right is not. 

Farmhouse style painted kitchen table and chairsI am so, so, so happy with how it all turned out!

Farmhouse style painted kitchen table and chairsI did distress the chairs with a fine grit sandpaper in random areas to give them an aged look but before we sealed the chairs with Minwax Satin Polycrylic Protective Finishes, I brought them inside to the space so I could see in the daylight if any areas needed more paint or more distressing. 

Farmhouse style painted kitchen table and chairsNormally I don't like too much distressing on painted furniture, but on these chairs I did want to highlight the press back design by distressing a little extra in that area. 

Farmhouse style painted kitchen table and chairsI wanted the table top to be consistently one color throughout so I did not do any distressing. I also wanted the table top to be really dark so we did put several coats of stain on. Once the stain was dry, I lightly sanded the top to remove the sheen from the stain (it was just too glossy). 

Farmhouse style painted kitchen table and chairsI did notice that I have a few "oops" spots on the seats by the chair legs. I have a stain marker that I could use, otherwise I think I will use a Q-tip and apply the stain to cover the white spots. It's not too noticeable so I'm not worried about it. :) 

Farmhouse style painted kitchen table and chairsIf this is a look you would like to duplicate on furniture that could use some updating, here is a list of supplies that we used:

Orbit Sander

80-Grit Orbit Sander Sandpaper

Stain Stripper

Fine Grit Sandpaper

Minwax Interior Wood Stain in Ebony

High Quality Paint & Primer in One

Minwax Satin Polycrylic Protective Finishes

High Quality Paint Brushes

Disposable Gloves

Old t-shirts cut up in pieces used for staining

Farmhouse style painted kitchen table and chairsA big thanks to my handsome handy husband and my friend Maggie for helping me with this project! Even my 17 year old daughter wanted to help with this project (until a friend called and they left to go shopping....)! This was Maggie's first experience with refinishing and painting furniture and I hope I didn't scare her off from tackling a project of her own. :) 

Farmhouse style painted kitchen table and chairs

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1.0   Vineta @ The Handyman's Daughter
4/13/2016 8:15:57 PM
What a difference! I love the contrast of the white bottom half with the dark stained top.
  1.1   Rose
4/26/2016 5:39:06 AM
Thank you! At first I was going to paint everything white and I'm so glad I changed my mind!
2.0   katrin
4/17/2016 1:28:18 AM
Wow, what a beautiful change, I love the white with the dark top! Your living/dining room looks gorgeous! I'd love for you to come and share this at our Sweet Inspiration Link Party, it's now live! Have a great Sunday!
  2.1   Rose
4/26/2016 5:43:09 AM
Thank you Katrin! I'll be sure to add it this Sunday!
3.0   liz
4/18/2016 8:13:22 AM
Table looks fantastic - but this post has caused me to toss & turn at night!!! I have the exact same table, and my kitchen is painted the same as yours - gray with white trim, white cabinets, etc. I finally decided (after several weeks) to makeover my table by painting the base white and staining the top in a driftwood gray color, this after agonizing (several weeks also) over making it all white (Zevyjoys post). Now I see this post and I love the way the ebony stain looks, so I am back to agonizing and sleepless nights!!!
  3.1   Rose
4/26/2016 5:44:12 AM
Oh boy Liz I sure hope you've been able to sleep again! I think my stain choice had a lot to do with the color of my floors. I hope you were able to decide and I would love to see the finished product!
4.0   Mary - The Boondocks Blog
4/24/2016 8:17:55 AM
Rose these turned out really great and they fit in so much better with your home. I also have a table that I want to finish in a similar manner. Let's see how long it will take me. I hope you will drop by and join us for a new party we are hosting, Sweet Inspiration.
  4.1   Rose
4/26/2016 5:46:13 AM
Thank you Mary! I know the large barn wood farmhouse table I had there before is much better suited for our covered deck and the painted set looks soooo much better! I will stop by Sweet Inspiration this Sunday!
5.0   Chelc | Inside the Fox Den
4/24/2016 1:22:10 PM
I love this so much! I need to makeover my dining table and this is awesome inspiration. Thanks for sharing at Merry Monday, you're going to be my feature at tonight's party! I'll be sharing this on my social media so I'd love for you to follow me! Hope you'll link up again!
  5.1   Rose
4/26/2016 5:48:15 AM
Thank so much for featuring me Chelc!
6.0   Jenny @ Refresh Living
4/25/2016 8:13:03 PM
Oh Rose, your table and chairs are gorgeous!! I have a set of 8 press back chairs that I am planning to paint, but they have spindles, so I think I'm going to need to just finish them in one color. I wish I could stain the seats like yours, but I just don't have the patience!
  6.1   Rose
4/26/2016 5:49:24 AM
Thank you Jenny! I know what you mean about the spindles. As much as I love the look of them, I knew that trying to paint the spindles and stain the seat was going to be rough. If I did end up with spindles, I would have painted the entire chair white and maybe distressed the seat a bit more than the rest of the chair. Good luck and I'll be checking often to see if you post the chairs made over!
7.0   Tammy
4/25/2016 8:25:41 PM
Your Table came out just beautiful!
  7.1   Rose
4/26/2016 5:52:17 AM
Thank you Tammy!
8.0   Tone
4/28/2016 12:11:58 AM
Hi Rose! I just had to stop by and say that your furniture makeover is STUNNING! And I LOVE the chairs! They are so unique! I have never seen anything like them! I actually just got rid of a diningtable like this my self (that I had gotten for free). Well, actually, we only removed the oval tabletop, because, unfortunately it was to big for our small diningroom, and our little family of four. I loved the oval shape, but it just wasnt doing it for me. So we replaced it with wooden boards. I now have a rustic, smaller countryhouse table. I am so glad you shared yours, and I would love it if you would stop by and take a look at mine. Have a lovely day:)
  8.1   Rose
5/12/2016 2:38:50 PM
Hi Tone! Thanks so much! I will definitely stop by and check yours out!
9.0   Kim
5/9/2016 9:30:27 AM
Love this and getting ready to start mine too! Quick you put the Minwax Satin protective finish on just the painted surfaces? or do you put it on the wood stained surfaces as well? I assume since it is satin you do not need to sand after this application because the sheen is a satin and not high gloss sheen? thanks so much!
  9.1   Rose
5/12/2016 2:41:38 PM
Hi Kim! I did put the Minwax poly on everything, including the stained table top and seats. I did however sand the Minwax because it was just a bit too shiny still and I wanted the table top and chair seats to have a worn look.
10.0   Brandy
7/1/2016 11:11:05 AM
Gorgeous! Love the entire room. I am about to paint my kitchen table. Looks a lot like yours but it's made from rubber wood. Not sure it will look good stained (was going to paint it but love the stained look). I'm about to start sanding to see what's underneath. Thanks for the inspiration. I must ask! What is your wall color in the breakfast nook? I love it!!! I'm looking for a nice greige and this looks great.
11.0   Allison
7/19/2016 7:44:59 AM
Gorgeous! I found your blog on Pinterest. I am in the process of doing a super similar refinishing job to yours, I have 4 chairs and a table to do. I've already stained all of the chair seats and was planning to spray paint the spindles but I don't know how to cover the stained chair seats so they don't get white spray paint all over them. Do you have any suggestions?
12.0   Melynda
10/10/2016 1:05:42 PM
I love this look. I just found a nice oak table on Craigslist and will be doing something similar soon. Is there a reason you decided not to use chalk paint on the chairs?
13.0   Christy
1/12/2017 2:22:38 PM
ON the chairs did you stain first then paint or Paint and distress first then stain? I want to do the exact same thing to my table and 6 chairs! =)
  13.1   Rose
1/12/2017 2:43:20 PM
Hi Christy, I painted first and then stained and distressed. I figured it would be easier to remove paint from the seat with sandpaper if there were drips or anything. I'm excited for you that you are giving yours the same look! You'll love it - I promise! I still very much love mine!
14.0   Kelli
1/13/2017 3:04:59 PM
What paint color did you use? There are soooo many whites, but really like this one. And did you use flat, satin or enamel? Thanks!
15.0   Anonymous
2/6/2017 7:51:57 AM
Hi. I stumbled across this through Pinterest. Your house looks beautiful!! We need a new table and I am thinking of going this route. My house is set up like yours, except we have a sliding door where your large clock is. Would you mind sharing the dimensions of your eating area and the width (not length) of the table (I need at least a 48" round table but am concerned it will be too large for the space)? I currently have a rectangular table, but think I would like to go with a round/oval one. We have 6 people who will eat there regularly, though, so I don't want it too crowded. Thank you :-)
16.0   XRumerTest
3/20/2017 3:50:05 PM
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17.0   XRumerTest
4/21/2017 3:22:51 AM
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18.0   XRumerTest
5/6/2017 11:23:36 PM
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